Wednesday, March 9, 2011

X-Position: Rick Remender

CBR: We have Rick Remender, the writer of Marvel Comics' "Uncanny X-Force," here to answer some queries and many others in today’s X-Position. Let’s jump right in…

Uncanny X-Force #7 Preview

While Wolverine has established himself as X-Force's leader, his ideals don't seem to be in line with the others. In "Uncanny X-Force" #5, he was quick to brush off what Fantomex did to the kid Apocalypse. That didn't sit well with Angel, Psylocke and even Deadpool. How can Wolverine keep the team together if his teammates question the lines he's willing to cross?

Rick Remender: Let’s not overstate what happened. The team went to assassinate one of the worst monsters in the Marvel Universe, and ended up face to face with a young boy. If you don’t have a problem with that particular scenario, you’re no longer hero -- you’re a villain. The ethical questions that it brings are obviously something that I wanted these characters to be haunted by. How these characters deal with what Fantomex did -- how Apocalypse was dealt with -- is how you get into the gooey core of the characters. So, while you saw Wolverine in the room agreeing that they should not kill the boy, it is up to the reader to decide why he has suddenly changed his song now that they’re done, back at base, having done it anyway. Isn’t it nice to not have me spell every single thing out? The answer is there, but I try not to cram it down your throat (Axel taught me that).

Perhaps it is simply that the milk is spilt and Wolverine is mired in a rationalization. Based on the conversation, what do you think?

For the record, the team sees eye to eye. Nobody on the team has any question about whether or not they will kill a scumbag super-villain or somebody who’s going to put innocent lives in harm’s way. When killing said villain is the only way to stop them, that’s what this team is for. We don’t take killing lightly, we don’t treat it as if it’s trivial, we don’t relish in it as a thing that makes us "edgy," and we will very definitely be dealing with the ramifications of what happens to the people who do it and the hits will always have a twist they didn’t see coming.

Will Psylocke's time as a member of the Exiles be mentioned (or will the existence of the team even be acknowledged) when the Uncanny X-Force team travels to the world of Age of Apocalypse?

Rick Remender: Yes.

Given that Wolverine and Psylocke exist in the Age of Apocalypse, is there any chance the Uncanny X-Force members will meet their AoA counterparts during the upcoming story?

Rick Remender: What a huge part of the story that might be, right? If I were to say yes or no, it would spoil your enjoyment of what will be a nice, surprising reveal in the story. Or maybe by not telling you, I’ve already told you. I will say there are many surprising events to look forward to while we journey to the Age of Apocalypse.

Do you plan to explain how Sabretooth from the Age of Apocalypse escaped from the wall he was trapped in during the latest Exiles book? Also, will you address the relationship he had with our 616-Psylocke in "New Exiles?"

Rick Remender: I am going to make sure that Elizabeth’s relationship with AoA Sabretooth is acknowledged and plays an important role in the story -- wouldn’t want to overlook such a big piece of history.

The Shadow King and Psylocke have a rivalry dating back to the Psi-War. Can we expect some kind of rematch between them?

Rick Remender: Yes, you can, and this fight is a direct result of the Psi-War. Somebody wants some revenge.

Will you delve into what Psylocke is exactly? Is she an Otherworld-ly character, is she a construct of Jamie Braddock, or something else entirely?

Rick Remender: Betsy is a fledgling Omega telepath who could one day become the most powerful telepath in the Marvel Universe. That’s my take on her; I imagine there will be those who see it other ways. I have plans to take us to Other World and explore her past, how it links to her future, and her powers origins.


psyknight said...

Sounds exciting!

FSaker said...

Wow, his plans for Uncanny X-Force really seem to be promising!

And Remender does love Betsy, doesn't he? He will explore her Otherworld-ly origins, her time with the New Exiles, her relationship with AoA-Sabretooth, her rivalry with the Shadow King... Apocalypse may be the central focus of UXF, but Psylocke is a very big part of it as well (out of all the UXF members, she seems to be the biggest player in the stories). He said nothing about her past alliance with Lady Deathstrike in the Sisterhood, but after all this development she will get, one can easily forgive that (actually, I guess some readers will LIKE if Remender forgets about the Sisterhood...).

Not sure if I want her to become "the most powerful telepath in the world". I kinda like Betsy as a mid-level telepath and telekinetic who compensates her lack of greater powers with her skills in fighting and stealth...

Rahsaan said...

This is awesome. Looks like Remender is going to make good on his promise to me a few months ago.

I'd most certainly rather forget the Sisterhood Arc!

I'm still wondering who the newer members of the X-Force will be. Remender said the cast will expand. I hope not by much. We don't need more than two or three more members, because the five we already have click so well!

psyknight said...

Yeah, he really does seem to love Bets. I'm so glad. He's not like other writers, and even some fans, who seem to care more about her ass than her.

QKC said...

I love it. I knew from Universe X (or was it planet X??) that she would have become one of the most powerful telepaths in the world. It seems her telekinesis is being forgotten. Though I'm glad the entire Sisterhood mess isn't being mentioned. ALl the other things discussed here are wonderful to hear about!! She is in the hands of a great writer. (& why would they want to change the lineup when UXF is selling so well, let alone the critical praise that is being heaped upon the title?? I can't think of a single person - save Polaris. OMG THAT WOULD BE AMAZING - to join the team that would add anything more interesting for me)
OMG Polaris haha