Thursday, November 19, 2015

#tbt: Uncanny X-Men #226

#tbt: Uncanny X-Men #226 – Freedom Force has the unconscious Rogue, Psylocke and Dazzler as captives. Both teams are unsure what to do. Dazzler comes around and blinding Freedom Force, she tries to get away with her teammates, though Spiral, unaffected by the blast, rushes over and magically attaches Destiny’s mask to Dazzler’s face, blinding her. Both Psylocke and Rogue attack Spiral, but neither is able to best her. Written by Chris Claremont and Art by Marc Silvestri. Read full summary here. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Cullen Bunn Q&A on "Uncanny X-Men"

Psylocke has often been crowned "one of he deadliest fighters in the MU" but it's honestly something we don't get to see a lot of. Is there a chance for some good combat sequences for her?

Cullen Bunn: You’ll be seeing a lot more of Psylocke as a combatant, but it will only be one facet of her character. That said, I just turned in an outline for a future issue where I described Psylocke in the middle of one of the most vicious battles we’ve ever seen. (source)

I was going to ask if Psylocke was going to have any stand out scenes because I feel she is not considered a strong fighter or telepath. But I just read some of your responses and I want to say Im highly anticipating your run and super excited about the first issue.

Bunn: You’ll love Psylocke even more once this book gets going. (source)

Will Psylocke still have her "addiction to killing" in Uncanny?

Bunn: You’re not going to see an “addiction to killing” but she is not opposed to it, either. She’s a little more grounded, I think, and she has some other things are becoming more important to her. (source)

With Magneto leading this team will Psylocke be acting as his second in command? They seemed to be forming a begrudged kinship in Gillen's Uncanny, can we expect to see that carried over?

Bunn: While this is Magneto’s team, I think he almost sees Psylocke as a co-leader. She has his respect in this series. That doesn’t mean he lets her in on all his secrets, though! (source)

If you could describe each member(that we know about) of Uncanny X-men with just one word what would they be?

Bunn: Magneto - Driven
Psylocke - Burdened
Sabretooth -  Penitent
Monet - Angry
Archangel - Enigma
Fantomex - Spy
Mystique -  Mercurial 
[Redacted] - [Redacted] (source)

Can we expect a crossover with Extraordinary at some point? How do you think Ororo, Bob, Kurt and Colossus will feel with Magneto, M, Betsy and Warren in a X-Force style team?

Bunn: It’s likely you’ll see the team interacting on some level, but don’t expect an immediate full-fledged crossover. (source)

Will the Uncanny X-Men team be a secret or not team?

Bunn: I haven’t said… but you’ll have your answer in the first arc! (source)

In terms of villains who'll be showing up in Uncanny X-men is there any chance of seeing Selene return? She's always been a favourite of mine and I was really happy to see her brough back in X-men recently, was wondering if there's any chance of her showing up here.

Bunn: There’s definitely a chance! I have loved Selene since Uncanny X-Men 189! I have a plan mapped out for the series, though, so it probably won’t be straight away. (source)

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Uncanny X-Men #600 Art & Spoilers

Spoilers: Psylocke appears briefly twice in today's big "Uncanny X-Men" #600 finale. Once, together with all the other X-Men at the Jean Grey Institute when Storm leads an intervention for Beast, who is confronted about his irresponsible actions concerning the space-time continuum. Then, Betsy appears with every other mutant in the world when Cyclops gathers them on the steps of the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. to show humans that mutantkind means no ill to any human.