Friday, March 4, 2011

X-Men MMXI: Year of the X-Men

Year of the X-Men: MMXI - Liveblog!

• As for the incoming "X-Men Prelude" series, writer Paul Jenkins will bring his own voice to the lead in to the next X-event. He's digging into the four main X-Dudes: Xavier, Magneto, Cyclops and Wolverine and each of their point of views. It really focuses on Cyclops and how everyone sees him.

• The books will dig into why Cyclops is the leader of mutants while also revealing new details about the past of each of the other characters.

• "X-Men Prelude" will have the full title "X-Men: Prelude to Schism" – news that came with a new teaser by Greg Land. It appears likely that "Schism" is the title of the incoming event.

• Classic villains return soon in the pages of "X-Men" as well as other places, and to keep fans interested, the editor said "Hellfire" will be a major key in 2011.

• Hellion continues to appear in "Age of X" and "X-Men Legacy".

• Sage won't be showing up in X-Men for a while. She's still dancing out in the multiverse.

• Domino is in "Age of X" in a minor role, but not too many plans lie ahead for her in the future.

• Elixir is still out in Genosha/Necrosha, and he won't be returning to Utopia in the future.

• Lockheed will play a large role in the Storm/Kitty/Beast thread of "Astonishing X-Men".

• Pixie will remain in the X-books but not in a major way for the next six months.

• Mystique continues her core role in Jason Aaron's "Wolverine" series.

• Prodigy has nothing major coming up, but he will appear in the "Uncanny X-Men" Annual.


jarim77 said...

Killing Scott would be very ballsy move but I don't think they'd have the guts to do it.

CmX said...

They're not. Schism tells us a lot. I think what's going to happen is the rumor of Wolverine leading his own squad of X-Men and Scott doing the same on Utopia.

That way if readers are sick of Cyke/Emma we can read Wolverine's X-Men! I'm down for that. :)