Thursday, February 22, 2018

X-Solicits for May 2018

Astonishing X-Men #11
Charles Soule (W) • Ron Garney (A)
Cover by: Greg Land
Deadpool Variant Cover by: Leinil Yu
Xavier Versus Proteus!
In the penultimate issue of this high-stakes X-Men story, Proteus and Charles Xavier face off in a psychic battle for the ages with nothing less than the fate of all free-thinking people at stake. With Psylocke, Rogue, Gambit, Old Man Logan and Bishop by his side, will this team of heavy hitters be able to take Proteus down once and for all?

Hunt For Wolverine: Mystery in Madripoor #1 (of 4)
Jim Zub (W) • Chris Bachalo (A)
Cover by: Greg Land
Variant Cover by: Chris Bachalo
Connecting Where’s Wolverine Variant Cover by: Todd Nauck (4 of 4)
What mayhem has the return of the mutant with metal claws caused in Madripoor?
When Wolverine’s former alter-ego Patch is sighted on the streets of Madripoor, the infamous island of ill-repute, Kitty Pryde pulls together a group of Logan’s closest friends to try and find him: Storm, Rogue, Psylocke, Domino, and Jubilee. What they discover is a twisted cabal of crime and dark mysteries that will take these X-Men from the depths of Lowtown to the stars circling overhead in the Hunt For Wolverine.

X-Men Red #4
Tom Taylor (W) • Mahmud Asrar (A)
Cover by: Travis Charest
Headshot Variant Cover by: Travis Charest
Deadpool Variant Cover by: Brent Schoonover
• Jean Grey and her team of X-Men are trying to save the world…but one mutant could spoil that for everyone.
• When an old friend of Jean’s is corrupted and turned against her, will Jean have to do the unthinkable?

X-Men Red Annual #1
Tom Taylor (W) • Pascal Alixe (A)
Cover by: Travis Charest
Variant Cover by: Arthur Adams
Variant Cover by: TBA
After Resurrection. Before Red. Jean Grey was reborn in a world that had changed. Her friends and family had lived lives. Some had lost lives. This is Jean’s story of catching up losses and triumphs. Reconnecting with old colleagues, grieving for those lots, and meeting family members she didn’t know existed.

X-Men Blue #27
Cullen Bunn (W) • Marcus To (A)
Cover by: R.B. Silva
• With the Original Five X-Men lost in space, a new team of mutants has emerged to face the White Queen, Havok, Miss Sinister and Bastion!
• But while the new X-Men are away, the Marauders will play, striking viciously at Magneto.
• Magneto is forced to make a terrible decision, leading him ever closer to the darkness he has tried to put behind him.

X-Men Blue #28
Cullen Bunn (W) • Marcus To (A)
Cover by: R.B. Silva
• The conclusion of the Mothervine story! The ultimate fate of the White Queen and Havok revealed!
• Magneto reveals a secret plan – and secret allies – to counter the chaos caused by Mothervine!
• But some of the new X-Men will not make it out of this adventure alive!

X-Men Gold #27
Marc Guggenheim (W) • Michele Bandini (A)
Cover by: Phil Noto
Prepare for the Wedding of the Century!
• Lydia Lance, the anti-mutant lobbyist, and 0101, the most advanced Sentinel on the planet, have found each other.
• Their goal?
• Kill the X-Men — starting with Colossus

X-Men Gold #28
Marc Guggenheim (W) • Geraldo Borges (A)
Cover by: Phil Noto
The Countdown to the Mutant Wedding of the Century!
• Everything is going wrong.
• The X-Men are under attack from all sides…
• …and there’s still a wedding to plan!

X-Men Wedding Special #1
Marc Guggenheim, Kelly Thompson & Chris Claremont (W)
Greg Land, Marika Cresta & More (A)
Cover by: J. Scott Campbell
Variant Cover by: Terry Dodson
Chris Claremont Returns to the X-Men!
One of the biggest milestone events in X-Men history is almost here! Kitty Pryde and Colossus are finally about the tie the knot...but what’s a wedding without the respective bachelor and bachelorette parties? Join Marc Guggenheim and Kelly Thompson for two parties that can only be celebrated Marvel style! All this, plus, a Kitty and Colossus story by legendary X-Men scribe, Chris Claremont!!!

Jim Zub Talks 'Mystery in Madripoor'

Tumblr: Is Madripoor your first time writing the X-Women other than Rogue? What do you like most about each of them?

Jim Zub: Yup, I’ve been writing Rogue for about a year in Uncanny Avengers and Avengers: No Surrender but the rest are new for me, so that’s been a lot of fun.

Rogue is a complex package always fighting for something, inside and out. A southern scrapper who wants to be held but can’t touch other people skin to skin, she’s big and bold when she needs to be, but vulnerable and caring around those she trusts.

Kitty Pryde is the X-Man I grew up with. When I started reading X-Men in the mid-80′s she was a bit older than I was and now, thanks to the sliding time scale, she’s younger than me but has still seen a ton of growth. She’s a time-tested leader and caring friend to those near her.

Storm is the regal goddess with an empathetic heart as large and encompassing as the weather she wields.

Psylocke is an enigma - a prim and proper British girl fused with a Japanese ninja warrior. Mercurial, hard to pin down. She’s calm and stoic on the surface but full of turbulent emotion within.

Jubilee is the youngest of the group, but also one of the most grounded. Her power is full of flash even as she keeps her cool no matter how crazy things get.

Domino seems like she’s a sarcastic and heartless mercenary, but that carefree attitude deflects from deeper emotions boiling beneath the surface.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Astonishing X-Men #8 Art

Astonishing X-Men #8 Spoilers

Spoilers: When Proteus is set free, Rogue and Mystique are suspicious of X, but Psylocke asks them to stop arguing and deal with Proteus first. Elsewhere, Proteus is hungry and ready to feed on a family of civilians, but Bishop shoots at him and saves the family. X contacts Bishop and orders him to stop shooting because he’s just feeding Proteus and making him stronger instead. Proteus grabs Bishop’s gun and shoots at himself, becoming larger and stronger.

Back to the X-Men, Logan, Gambit and Archangel reunite with the rest. Rogue and Gambit hold each other, and Warren assures Betsy he’s in control even as Archangel. Logan is suspicious of X as well. X explains to the boys that he’s Xavier using Fantomex’s body. Logan knows Proteus is vulnerable to metal and wants to face him with Archangel. X wants to reason with him first and asks for Psylocke’s help to enter Proteus’ mind together.

Proteus feels his mind being forced into and allows X and Psylocke to enter his mental landscape. X and Betsy find themselves near a beautiful castle where they are welcomed by the young Kevin McTaggert. Kevin believes atonement and change are possible and remembers he was only ten years old at the time Colossus killed him back at Muir Island. He came back a few times after that, but the X-Men were always there to kill him just because he dared to see the world after ten years imprisoned by his own mother. When the Shadow King grabbed ahold of his psyche, he spent ten thousand years on the Astral Plane reflecting on what he had done to all the poor people he had possessed back then.

Kevin shows Betsy a image of her original body dressed in the pink uniform and asks her if she is still the same person she was when she started her journey. Psylocke says no. Kevin argues that just because he did something bad in the past, the X-Men want to kill him again. Proteus says if they leave him alone, he will leave them alone as well. X doesn’t want to risk, and attacks Kevin instead. In retaliation, Proteus merges the physical bodies of X and Psylocke and sends them back to London.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Astonishing X-Men #8 Preview

Astonishing X-Men #8
Writer: Charles Soule
Art by: Paulo Siqueira
Cover by: Mike Deodato Jr.

The Story: A Man Called X Part 2
• One of the most terrifying adversaries the X-Men have ever faced has returned.
• Charles Xavier may have made the greatest mistake of his life.
• Still reeling from their narrow escape from the Shadow King and the loss of a crucial ally, how will the mutant heroes face an enemy with the power to remake the world?

In Stores: February 21, 2018

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Happy Valentine's Day – Celebrating With Psylocke!

To celebrate Valentine's Day, let's take a look back at Psylocke’s most significant romantic relationships from the very beginning until now. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Godfrey Calthrop
Status: Childhood crush
Issues: Uncanny X-Men v1 #473
When Betsy was a schoolgirl, the voice of Godfrey Calthrop made her swoon. He was one of Jamie Braddock's friends.

Tom Lennox
Status: Serious relationship
Issues: Daredevis v1 #3 → Mighty World of Marvel v2 #9
Lennox worked for S.T.R.I.K.E. Psi Division, where he met Betsy and became her lover. When superbeings in Britain where rounded up in concentration camps, the pair went into hiding. They were telepathically linked when Tom was killed, which left Betsy traumatized for months.

Agent Gabriel/Matthew
Status: Serious relationship
Issues: Captain Britain v2 #13 → Captain Britain v2 #14
Agent Gabriel worked with the R.C.X. and helped Betsy during her tenure as Captain Britain. The pair took a vacation to Switzerland, where Betsy was kidnapped by Mojo, virtually ending their relationship. They haven't interacted on panel ever since.

Cypher/Doug Ramsey
Status: Flirtation by both parties
Issues: New Mutants Annual #2 → Uncanny X-Men Annual #10
Doug and Warlock merged in order to rescue Psylocke and free her mind from Mojo and Spiral's control. Afterwards, he developed a crush on her. Betsy felt the same way, but nothing ever came of it. They haven't interacted on panel ever since Doug was brought back to life.

Matsu'o Tsurayaba
Status: Brief relationship (mind control)
Issues: Uncanny X-Men v1 #255 → Uncanny X-Men v1 #258
Matsu'o brainwashed Psylocke into becoming the assassin Lady Mandarin with the help of Spiral and the Hand. It was implied that both enjoyed a brief relationship that lasted until Wolverine rescued Betsy. Years later, Psylocke killed Matsu'o.

Human Torch/Johnny Storm
Status: Flirtation by both parties
Issues: Fantastic Four v1 #369
When several heroes teamed up in Galactus' ship, Johnny Storm thought of Betsy as a living doll and considered flirting with her, but he backed off due to the recent death of his wife. Betsy overheard his thoughts and was disappointed he didn't take a shot.

Cyclops/Scott Summers
Status: Flirtation by both parties
Issues: X-Men v2 #8 → X-Men v2 #20
After Betsy was assigned to the Blue Team led by Cyclops, she started flirting with him. Scott seemed to respond, which caused problems between him and Jean Grey. After Betsy and Scott kissed, he decided to take a leave of absence. Psylocke later apologized to Jean and blamed Kwannon's influence on her.

Status: Brief relationship
Issues: Battletide v1 #4 / X-Men: To Serve & Protect v1 #4
Hercules and Psylocke teamed up with other heroes to defeat the entity known as Battletide. Betsy initially dismissed his advances, but it was later revealed that they had slept together. Years later, when they met again, Psylocke was upset Hercules didn't remember their time together.

Gambit/Remy LeBeau
Status: Flirtation on Gambit's part
Issues: X-Men Annual #2 / X-Treme X-Men v1 #4
During one mission, Gambit flirted with both Psylocke and Revanche, saying it was a naughty boy's dream come true working with them. Betsy thought he was obnoxiously incorrigible. Years later, Gambit revealed to Vargas that Betsy kissed better than she fought.

Angel/Warren Worthington
Status: Serious relationship
Issues: X-Men v2 #29 → X-Men v2 #109
Betsy and Warren soon became closer and realized they had much in common. After the Crimson Dawn touched Betsy, she became cold and their relationship never fully recovered, even though the pair took a leave of absence to work things out. Warren broke up with Betsy after he noticed her growing interest in Neal Shaara.

Status: Brief relationship (mind control)
Issues: Psylocke and Archangel: Crimson Dawn #3 → Psylocke and Archangel: Crimson Dawn #4
Kuragari, the Proctor of the Dawn, brainwashed Psylocke and transformed her into his Shadow Queen. In order to free Betsy, Warren sacrificed a piece of his own life force to replace what had been given, and the couple was reunited.

Thunderbird III/Neal Shaara
Status: Brief relationship
Issues: X-Men Annual 2000 → X-Treme X-Men v1 #2
Despite being in a relationship with Warren, Betsy wasn't ashamed of flirting with her new teammate Neal Shaara. Warren broke up their relationship as a result. Betsy and Neal were involved until her death at the hands of Vargas. They haven't interacted so far since she was resurrected.

Sabretooth/Victor Creed (Earth-295)
Status: Serious relationship
Issues: Exiles v1 #100 → X-Men: Sword of the Braddocks #1
As a member of the Exiles, Betsy met a very different version of Sabretooth. They found themselves attracted to each other and pursued a relationship, which ended when Betsy returned to Earth-616. Months later, Betsy and Creed crossed paths again, and appeared to be on good terms.

Archangel/Warren Worthington III
Status: Serious relationship
Issues: Wolverine: Road To Hell #1 → Uncanny X-Force v1 #18
Once Betsy returned to Earth-616, she and Warren rekindled their relationship. Betsy thought the last time she was truly happy was with him. When the Apocalypse seed corrupted Warren, Betsy was forced to kill him. Most recently, Warren resurfaced, and both seem to be on good terms.

Iceman/Bobby Drake
Status: Brief relationship (mind control)
Issues: Age of X: Alpha #1 → X-Men: Legacy v1 #248
When Legion's reality warp transformed Earth-616 into the Age of X. All mutants spent seven days under mind control taking on new personas. Psylocke was in a relationship with Iceman. When reality was restored, Betsy was reunited with Warren and Bobby chose to have his memories from the Age of X erased.

Status: Brief relationship
Issues: Uncanny X-Force v1 #1 → Uncanny X-Force v2 #9
Fantomex couldn't stop flirting with Betsy. After Warren's death, they took off to Paris, indulging in a life of thieving and sex. He proved to be her biggest mistake and betrayed her. They couldn't stand each other anymore. Most recently, Betsy bid him goodbye as his mind was trapped in the Astral Plane.

Lady Fantomex/Cluster
Status: Brief relationship
Issues: Uncanny X-Force v2 #7 → Uncanny X-Force v2 #9
When Fantomex' brains were separated, the one Betsy loved was placed into a female body. Betsy soon realized she loved Cluster instead of Fantomex and pursued a relationship with her. It ended when she found out Cluster and Fantomex were having an affair behind her back.

Dark Fantomex/Weapon XIII
Status: Flirtation on Dark Fantomex's part
Issues: Uncanny X-Force v2 #7 → Uncanny X-Force v2 #9
One of Fantomex's brains was the part of him that was evil, a man now known as Weapon XIII. Unlike the other two - Fantomex and Cluster, Betsy didn't reciprocate his feelings. Weapon XIII ultimately kidnapped Betsy and tried to convince her to stay by his side, but she declined.

Virtual Janissary
Status: Brief virtual relationship
Issues: X-Men v4 #4 → X-Men v4 #15
After Warren's death and the whole Fantomex fiasco, Psylocke created a boyfriend for herself in the Danger Room. He was a quartermaster, sort of a janissary type. When Hellion and other students invaded Betsy's Danger Room program, she was forced to kill her boyfriend to save them.

Cable/Nathan Summers
Status: Brief relationship
Issues: X-Force v4 #10 → X-Force v4 #15
Betsy and Cable were both members of X-Force. He was infected with a virus and forced to clone himself every day. For Betsy, it was a perfect arrangement, keeping a sexual relationship with the clones without getting attached. It's not known how they feel about each other after Nathan was healed.

In addition to the relationships above, less serious flirtations have occurred:
• Betsy has kissed teammates Havok/Alex Summers, Logan/Wolverine and Morph/Kevin Sidney (Earth-1081), but not for romantic reasons.
Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner, Beast/Hank McCoy, Cannonball/Sam Guthrie and Pete Wisdom have all flirted with Betsy at some point.
Mystiq/Raphael-Raven Darkholme (Earth-797) liked Betsy, but never admitted his feelings.
War/Decimus Furius was misdirected by Fantomex into thinking he was in love with Betsy.
Hawkeye/Clint Barton had erotic dreams about Psylocke.