Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nick Lowe Talks Psylocke/Angel

ComicVine interviewed X-Men editor Nick Lowe during SDCC. Nick Lowe talks about the future of the X-Books now that Second Coming is over. Here's what he said about Uncanny X-Force. And thanks Psychilde for the heads up :D

Who came up with the roster? Was this Rick's idea or your guys' idea?
Nick Lowe: Pretty much a lot of both. We had an idea of some of the characters we wanted in it and Rick threw a couple of suggestions of people he wanted in it as well.

Do you think we're gonna see any Psylocke/Angel... ?
Nick Lowe: You're gonna get some action. Don't worry.


Ps. In case anyone's wondering about Uncanny X-Men #526: Psylocke does not appear in Fraction's story, and she's only in the back up story in the two panels we have already seen. No lines. I'll post the Coipel's pages as soon as I can. :D

Monday, July 26, 2010

X-Solicits for October 2010

Uncanny X-Force #1
Written by: Rick Remender
Penciled by: Jerome Opeña
Cover by: Esad Ribic
Variant Cover by: Marko Djurdjevic
Variant Cover by: Clayton Crain
Variant Cover by: Rob Liefeld
"Ages," Part 1
Wolverine promised Cyclops that X-Force would disband -- he lied. A secret society has resurrected En Sabah Nur, putting into motion events that will turn this age of heroes into an Age of Apocalypse! To hold them back, Wolverine and Archangel bring together Fantomex, Deadpool, and Psylocke to form The Uncanny X-Force! Stained by their history, they are the only ones capable of making the hard resolutions necessary. A band of likeminded friends and mercenaries set to one purpose, one big ugly task -- kill Apocalypse by any means.

X-Men #4
Written by: Victor Gischler
Penciled by: Paco Medina
Cover by: Adi Granov
Variant Cover by: Paco Medina
Vampire Variant by: TBA
“Curse Of The Mutants,” Part 4
With thousands of vampires poised to attack Utopia, just waiting for the word from their leader, Xarus, the X-Men’s best hope for survival just might lie in a most unlikely new ally: the newly resurrected Dracula, who has more than a bone to pick with his traitorous son. But the problem cuts even deeper: The X-Men have lost one of their greatest warriors, fallen victim to a vampire bite. Brace yourself for Vampire Wolverine!

Uuncanny X-Men #529
Written by: Matt Fraction
Penciled by: Whilce Portacio
Cover by: Terry Dodson
Vampire Variant by: Mike Mayhew
“The Five Lights”
If “Light #4” registered in Kiev, Ukraine, then why the heck isn’t he there? The X-Men race to find the latest of the new mutant activations while things come to a head between Emma Frost and her prisoner Sebastian Shaw! Part 4 (of Four)

X-Men: Curse Of The Mutants - X-Men VS. Vampires #2 (of 2)
Written by: Various
Art by: Various
Cover by: Nick Bradshaw
We could tell one volume of heart-pounding vampire thrills weren’t enough for you, and that’s why we’re giving you four all new-stories to sink your teeth into! Your favorite mutants take on that which goes bump in the night in ways you never could have imagined! PLUS the conclusion to the classic Claremont and Sienkiewicz thriller, NIGHT SCREAMS, from Uncanny X-Men #159. The way you look at the X-Men will never be the same!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Uncanny X-Men #526 Preview

Cover by: Terry Dodson
Writer: Matt Fraction & Allan Heinberg
Pencils: Whilce Portacio & Olivier Coipel
Inks: Ed Tadeo & Mark Morales
Colored by: Brian Reber & Justin Ponsor
Lettered by: VC's Joe Caramagna

The Story:
“The Five Lights” After the events of Second Coming, the X-Men's world has changed. We can’t tell you much without spoiling the crossover, but here are some words to whet your appetite: Hope, Emma, Namor, Sebastian Shaw. Classic X-Men artist Whilce Portacio is back again for this story-arc of epic proportions!

In Stores: July 28, 2010

Friday, July 23, 2010

San Diego Comic-Con 2010: X-Men

Art by: Marco Djurdjevic
Marko Djurdjevic's X-Men poster will be dividing into covers of the X-titles over the next several months.

Uncanny X-Force
Art by: Jerome Opeña
With the launch of the new X-Force, will we see a rekindling of the Angel/Psylocke love story? Remender: Yes.

Wolverine: Road To Hell #1

Art by: Mico Suayan

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Psylocke by Humberto Ramos

I'm not much of a Ramos fan, but this is a pretty good piece. Plus I don't think we've seen his rendition of Betsy before. Enjoy!

New Kotobukiya Statue

Kotobukiya relesead images depicting the final product of the X-Men Danger Room Sessions Psylocke Fine Art Statue. No further details were given.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Nick Lowe Talks Uncanny X-Force

IGN wraps up their interview series with Nick Lowe with a look at the fallout of Second Coming and the future of the X-franchise.

IGN Comics: We saw the new X-Force roster in this issue. Can you go over how you guys decided who should be on the team from a tactical and team dynamic perspective?

Lowe: I don't want to get too much into that, because the book will answer a lot of that. Rather than go through one by one, how about this: some of the characters were already on X-Force, and we'll see their purpose for staying on the team. I don't want to let the cat out of the bag and ruin Rick and Jerome's story, but when people see why Fantomex and why Deadpool is there, they're going to find it quite interesting how it all works together.

IGN Comics: I believe in the announcement on you said that Warren is the co-captain and financial backer of the team now. Why does he see a continued need for X-Force?

Lowe: In the first arc of X-Force, you're going to find that he has a very personal investment in their first adventure. That's going to reflect a lot of his motivation for bankrolling and being a part of this team. It's going to come down to that. He's not quite in the same place that Cyclops and Wolverine were with the last X-Force, where it was a team put together to carry out the hard choices that needed to be made. This becomes a little more personal for him.

IGN Comics: As far as Wolverine's motivations, is he keeping Warren in that position in order to have someone to keep him honest and make sure they don't cross a line?

Lowe: I wouldn't say it's quite as cut and dry as that. He knows Warren has been a part of this conflict for a long time. Warren has been through some really terrible stuff and had to make tough decisions. Wolverine, in a lot of ways, trusts him, even though he doesn't always like him, as we've seen in the past. The two have never had a great relationship. I think he knows Warren is a good guy to have his back. That's mostly how it breaks down.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

X-Men: Second Coming #2 Spoilers & Art

Chapter 1:
After destroying Bastion and the dome, Hope floats while every mutant gathers around her. For a moment, Xavier thinks this feels like his dream again, until it passes and Hope passes out. 30 hours later, Hope wakes up at the infirmary, where the X-Club is checking on all the wounded: Colossus, Archangel, Iceman, Karma, Magneto and Hellion. Hope asks Magneto if they think she’s dangerous, to what Erik tells her that sometimes is quite beneficial to be thought of as dangerous.

Chapter 2:
It’s Cable’s funeral and everybody gathers around his coffin. Cyclops mourns the death of his son, crying. Hope says that her father lived as a true soldier, so nobody needs to cry for him, even though she cries too. Afterwards, the kids want to comfort Hope, but Prodigy tells them that Hope is all of them, so whatever they want to say to her, she already probably knows. Cyclops tells Rogue that because of her they could be burying Hope instead of Cable, and that Nightcrawler and Cable’s deaths would be in vain, so he demotes her: Rogue’s off of any strike team.

Chapter 3:
Storm finds Logan having a beer in Kurt’s room. They talk about X-Force. While Storm condemns their actions, Wolverine says they did what was needed to be done and had they killed more of them, Kurt would still be alive. Storm is sorry to hear that because that might be the last drink they share together. Afterwards, Logan meets X-23. He tells her that she’s off of X-Force and that it’s about time that she makes her own decisions. Finally, Wolverine meets Cyclops. Scott tells him about how Storm, Colossus, Iceman, and Xavier came to him to talk about X-Force. While Scott doesn’t have any regrets about what they did, he says there’s no place for X-Force in the future of the X-Men. Logan agrees with him, but as soon as Cyclops leaves, he gathers his new X-Force: Archangel, Psylocke, Fantomex and Deadpool. He says there’s only one rule: No one can know.

Chapter 4: Scott is writing a letter to Amanda Sefton, when Iceman tells him that Beast is leaving again. Namor accuses Beast of turning his back on his people. Meanwhile the kids start a bonfire at the end of the island. Emma watches Hope around the fire, when suddenly Hope displays the Phoenix raptor and stares at her. Emma immediately remembers the vision she had of Jean in the White Hot Room during the Sisterhood arc. She runs to Scott to tell him about it, but he interrupts her saying that they were right: Cerebro's picked up five new mutant signatures from around the globe. Five lights.

Rick Remender Talks Psylocke

"Uncanny X-Force" writer Rick Remender tells all about the new team!

Psylocke: "Betsy is conflicted. Her mind splintered and repaired, her life ended and renewed, and just in time to watch what is seemingly the end of days for mutantkind. She has been doing some deep soul searching within the team's new base, Cavern-X, and spending much time mediating on the severe turn her life and mind have taken since entering the Siege Perilous. She's looking for a way to reconnect with some part of who she was while using the abilities she has to save the world, and other mutants, more pain."

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More Uncanny/New X-Force!

CBR: Marvel is pleased to unveil the top-secret lineup of the all-new, all-deadly Uncanny X-Force, making their debut in X-Men Second Coming #2! In the jaw dropping finale of the critically acclaimed Second Coming, sacrifices have been made and now, the savior of mutantkind will rise! After the devastation from Bastion’s forces, the X-Men must band together and rebuild, but one group has other plans. When a secret society resurrects the feared villain Apocalypse, Wolverine’s brand new black-ops team is the only strong enough to take him down – by any means necessary. Be the first to get in on the non-stop, explosive action this October as red hot creators Rick Remender and Jerome Opeña bring you the all-new ongoing series, Uncanny X-Force!

X-Position: Nick Lowe

CBR: This week we have editor Nick Lowe on hand to answer questions about anything at all X-Men related, and you took the opportunity to cover a broad array of X-topics.

Are we ever going to see any serious panel-time for Dazzler, Psylocke, Shadowcat or Northstar?

Nick Lowe: You'll be seeing more of Shadowcat right away in "Uncanny" #526 and Dazzler and Northstar have a big part of the arc starting in "Uncanny" #530. As for Psylocke, make sure you read "X-Men: Second Coming" #2 this week!

I am excited to see Psylocke back in the main X-titles after a long absence and to see her involved in major story lines once again! Is there a possibility she would be getting a new costume anytime soon?

Nick Lowe: Psylocke still has a closet-full of them from the old-days, so once she works through those, she'll get a new design. Waste-not, want-not, right?

Marvel To Announce Uncanny X-Force At San Diego – Wolverine, Archangel, Fantomex, Deadpool and Psylocke

Bleeding Cool: What’s in an adjective? Looks like the “Uncanny”, added to X-Men in the mid seventies, looks like it will be added to an X-Force relaunch. Uncanny X-Force #1 by Rick Remender and Jerome Opeña will launch in October and you can expect to hear Marvel announce the project at San Diego.

We’ve already known that a “New” X-Force was coming. But not that it would take the “Uncanny” sobriquet or whom, apart from Wolverine, would be in it.

Well, the team will also consist of Archangel, Fantomex, Deadpool and Psylocke, up against the return of Apocalypse.

Yes, that’s right, another Deadpool monthly title. It also has an “Explicit Content” label, just to reinforce how bloody this book is going to be…

Monday, July 12, 2010

Mike Carey talks X-Men: Legacy

Mike Carey discusses the future of X-Men: Legacy at

Carey's affection for the next generation of X-Men will carry through the immediate future of LEGACY, with Hope and Hellion taking center stage following the current "Collision" arc, but the team's adult core will also drop by to keep things interesting.

"We'll see Psylocke, Colossus, Omega Sentinel, Danger and a whole bunch of people," he reveals. "We'll carry on dissolving and re-inventing our cast from one arc to the next; that's one of the things I love about writing this book."

Read the full article up on

X-Women #1 Art

Friday, July 9, 2010

X-Men: Second Coming #2 Preview

Cover by: Adi Granov
Writer: Zeb Wells, Mike Carey, Craig Kyle, Chris Yost & Matt Fraction
Pencils by: Ibraim Roberson, Esad Ribic, Greg Land & Terry Dodson
Inks: Jay Leisten & Rachel Dodson
Colored by: Matt Milla, Matt Wilson, Frank Martin & Brad Anderson
Lettered by: VC's Joe Caramagna, Clayton Cowles & Joe Sabino
Variant Cover by: David Finch

The Story: The end is here. Sacrifices have been made. The most dangerous and successful attempt at the extermination of mutants is upon us. Who will walk away?

In Stores: July 14, 2010

Thursday, July 8, 2010

X-Men #1 Spoilers

Spoilers: Jubilee and Pixie are hanging out in San Francisco, when a suicide bomber strikes. His blood is spilled all over the people who were around him, including Jubilee. In Utopia, Cyclops suspects there was more to the attack than just being the usual terrorists. Jubilee is brought to Utopia and tells Cyclops the bomber just tore off his coat and exploded. "Flesh burning in the daylight" makes Cyclops think they're dealing with vampires. Jubilee was infected during the bombing, an infection which is progressing rapidly. Dr. Nemesis reveals the virus was manufactured as they wanted to spread the virus and that there is no cure for the time being. At night, all the people infected with the virus during the bombing gather together in the woods, somehow hypnotized, to bring themselves to the Vampires in charge of the attack. The vampires are expecting Jubilee to show up at any minute, as she was the one "he" wanted. Back to the X-Men, Storm wants to check this story out, since she has history with Dracula. Scott forbids her, and sends Wolverine instead. Logan, Angel and Pixie find a safehouse full of weapons and fresh bodies, as well as a vampire woman who mentions the Lord of the Vampires being in town. Scott tells them to return, as it's time for the X-Men to hold a war council. Meanwhile, Jubilee tries to pretend she's okay, but she's growing paler and unconfortable with the sunlight by the second...

Notes: No Psylocke.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

X-Force #28 Spoilers

Spoilers originally provided by invisiblefive over at the CBR forums. All credit goes to him! :D

Spoilers: Thor tries to uneffectively break the dome from the outside, where thousands have gathered to pray for the X-Men to save their relatives trapped on the inside. Inside the dome, Cable, in full techno organic form, manages to keep the temporal door open long enough for the X-Force team to walk through it. He then looks at Hope and suddenly explodes, leaving only his metallic arm behind. Bastion, Lang and Creed watch from the top of a mountain as the time sphere collapses. Creed and Lang try to convince Bastion that the game is over. Bastion refuses to let the girl live, turns into battle mode, and flies towards the bridge. Hope remembers the moment she asked Cable how she would know when she's ready, and he told her she would know the same way she has ever known anything else. Cyclops tells Hope he's sorry and tries to put his hand over her shoulder, when she replies that if he ever put his hand on her again, he will lose it because it was all his fault. Suddenly Bastion destroys the Golden Gate Bridge passing through it. Most X-Men falls into the water. Hope emerges from it, only to be confronted by Bastion, Lang and Creed, all in Nimrods form. They attack her, when, suddenly, she forms an armor. Bastion realises that her mutant powers just appeared, but he can't classify them, nor calculate them. Hope then blasts him with an optic blast he can't adapt to. Her hand turn into metal, and she punches right through him. As she remembers Cable's words, Hope touches the ground and forms an energy shield. Bastion says she is not the messiah, but the adversary, and that if she survives, nothing will survive. Hope turns into the Phoenix and blasts Bastion. Wolverine, Colossus and Emma are shocked. Logan tells Emma there's nothing she can do now. Bastion manages to grasp Hope's neck, and states that despite his original programming, he will take great pleasure in killing hope. Cyclops blasts his arm, and Wolverine jumps on him, killing him "for Kurt". Hope touches the ground again, saying she's ready now, going full Phoenix Force, and blasting Bastion and the dome all at once. The Avengers rejoices that Summers managed to pull it, while, in Utopia, every mutant just stares at Hope, levitating, like a true Phoenix...

Sneak a Peek at the Uncanny X-Men #526 Backup Story Allan Heinberg and Olivier Coipel play in the x-sandbox! If the fallout from "Second Coming" wasn't enough to make you buy Uncanny X-Men #526, then how about a bonus story by two of the best talents in the industry? Allan Heinberg may be the busiest man in the world, splitting his time between television ("Grey's Anatomy") and comics (Avengers: Children's Crusade, Young Avengers) but he couldn't pass up an opportunity to write Cyclops, Magneto and Wolverine.

What does Magneto learn that sends him down a path that the rest of the world would rather he just stay away? And what does it mean to his relationship with the X-Men? Oh, and did we mention that the artist of Marvel's Siege event was drawing it? Olivier Coipel's first sequential work since illustrating the Sentry's death and the new formation of the Avengers is in Uncanny #526. Don't miss it!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Unused Uncanny X-Men Cover

According to the owner of the art, this is a unused cover for Uncanny X-Men drawn by Greg Land , and featuring the one and only Psylocke. :]

Friday, July 2, 2010

X-Force #28, X-Men #1 & X-Women #1 Previews

X-Force #28
Cover by: Adi Granov
Writer: Chris Yost & Craig Kyle
Pencils: Mike Choi
Colored by: Sonia Oback
Lettered by: VC's Joe Caramagna
Variant Cover by: David Finch

The Story: SECOND COMING, Chapter 13
The final battle begins here! It’s X-Force’s last stand in the future and the X-Men’s last stand in the present. Bastion has been one step ahead of the X-Men the whole time, but one X-Man’s sacrifice could turn the tide! Don’t miss the penultimate chapter of the X-Event of 2010!

In Stores: July 8, 2010

X-Men #1
Cover by: Adi Granov
Writer: Victor Gischler
Pencils: Paco Medina
Inks: Juan Vlasco
Colored by: Marte Gracia
Lettered by: VC's Joe Caramagna

When a suicide bomber strikes in downtown San Francisco, it gets the immediate attention of the X-Men. But this is not your garden variety terrorist – and he’s not acting alone. Vampires from around the globe are descending en masse on the City by the Bay, staking a brutal claim for the patch of land the X-Men call their home. What is their agenda? Who is their mysterious leader? The X-Men are about to find out, as they brace themselves for a war of the species that will wrack the Marvel Universe.

In Stores: July 8, 2010

X-Women #1
Pencils & Cover by: Milo Manara
Writer: Chris Claremont
Colored by: Dave Stewart
Lettered by: Tom Orzechowski

The Story: International superstar Milo Manara joins X-Legend Chris Claremont for X-WOMEN! Go on a high-flying, death-defying, globetrotting adventure with your favorite X-Ladies. Storm, Psylocke, Shadowcat, Marvel Girl and Rogue save the world and look great doing it. Don’t miss this prestige event

In Stores: July 8, 2010