Thursday, April 26, 2018

Astonishing X-Men #11 Preview

Astonishing X-Men #11
Writer: Charles Soule
Art by: Ron Garney
Cover by: Greg Land
Deadpool Variant Cover by: Leinil Yu

The Story:
Xavier versus Proteus! In the penultimate issue of this high-stakes X-Men story, Proteus and Charles Xavier face off in a psychic battle for the ages with nothing less than the fate of all free-thinking people at stake. With Psylocke, Gambit, Rogue, Old Man Logan and Bishop by his side, will this team of heavy hitters be able to take Proteus down once and for all?

In Stores: May 2, 2018

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Hunt For Wolverine #1 Spoilers & Art

Spoilers: Once Kitty Pryde learns Wolverine's corpse was taken from his grave, she enlists the help of Rogue, Storm, Psylocke & Jubilee to search for their fallen friend in Madripoor as she suspects Magneto may be behind this.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Marvel Teases Classified 'X-Men' Comic

X Classified #1
Classified (W) • Classified (A)
Cover by: Classified
Variant A Cover by: J Scott Campbell
Virgin Variant A Cover by: J Scott Campbell
Variant B Cover by: J Scott Campbell
Virgin Variant B Cover by: J Scott Campbell
Variant Cover by: Skottie Young
On Sale: 07/25/18

CBR: As Marvel’s “Fresh Start” initiative rolls into the summer, the publisher is teasing a classified X-Men comic for July. There is no creative team and title attached to the project, but it does have the ominous title of X Classified #1, variant covers by J. Scott Campbell and Skottie Young, and a release date of July 25.

For Marvel to keep any and all information regarding this X-Men comic a secret must mean it will have a tremendous impact on the X-franchise. It’s also not clear if X Classified will be a new ongoing series, miniseries or event, and if this encompasses the entire X-Men line of comics or individual titles.

However, earlier this month Marvel released cover art for Extermination, a new comic debuting in August 2018 from the creative team of writer Ed Brisson and artist Pepe Larraz, with covers by Mark Brooks. While the teaser doesn’t include any story details, Brooks’ artwork shows the classic X-Men team apparently re-merging with their time-displaced X-Men Blue counterparts.

Another possibility is this comic could spin out of The Hunt for Wolverine. An infographic for the event ended with a mysterious classified image, which could be alluding to a new ongoing series for the resurrected Wolverine.

X-Solicits for July 2018

Hunt For Wolverine: Mystery in Madripoor #3 (of 4)
Jim Zub (W) • Thony Silas (A)
Cover by: Giuseppe Camuncoli
Variant Cover by: Chris Bachalo
• Madripoor's secrets are worth killing for...
• ...and if Kitty Pryde fails to uncover them, another X-Man will die! Has • Domino’S luck finally run out?
• And what is the Soteira Project?

Astonishing X-Men #13
Matthew Rosenberg (W) • Greg Land (A/C)
Variant Cover by: Rob Liefeld
Variant Cover by: Mike Deodato Jr.
A New Era Begins Now!
• The Reavers are back, and they have a new weapon that only Havok knows about. It’s going to take a ragtag group of X-Men to save a world that hates and fears them! But after his villainous turn, can any of the X-Men really trust him? Can he blame them? Havok! Beast! Dazzler! Warpath! Colossus! It’s an all-new, all-different kind of X-Men story from the minds of Matthew Rosenberg (Punisher) and Greg Land (Incredible Hulk)!

X-Men Red #6
Tom Taylor (W) • Mahmud Asrar (A)
Cover by: Travis Charest
Headshot Variant by: Travis Charest
• From deep beneath the ocean, Jean Grey’s X-Men watch as waves of anti-mutant hatred wash over the world!
• Can the X-Men quell the tide? Or will they be swept away in its wake?

X-Men Blue #31
Cullen Bunn (W) • Jorge Molina (A)
Cover by: R.B. Silva
Magneto: Hellfire Hunter!
• After the events of “Cry Havok,” Magneto is on a mission of vengeance!
• His target? Emma Frost, the White Queen!
• But there’s only one group who will stand in his way…

X-Men Blue #32
Cullen Bunn (W) • Jorge Molina (A)
Cover by: R.B. Silva
• The Original X-Men’s worst fears about the Master of Magnetism may finally be coming true.
• Will Jean Grey and the others be able to save Magneto from submitting to his darkest instincts?
• Or are they merely preventing Magneto from being who he was always meant to be?

X-Men Gold #31
Marc Guggenheim (W) • Pere Perez (A)
Cover by: Phil Noto
• The cake’s been cut, the band’s gone home, and the biggest X-Wedding in history is finally a done deal!
• I’m not crying, you’re crying! And so is one of the X-Men!
• And those aren’t tears of joy: You won’t believe which X-Man calls it quits!

X-Men Gold #32
Marc Guggenheim (W) • Pere Perez (A)
Cover by: Phil Noto
Dark Rachel Saga!
• You may have known her as Rachel Grey... as Phoenix... as Prestige... but all of that is over.
• Only the Hound remains! And you better pray she hasn’t caught your scent!
• A seismic shift in status quo for one of X-Men Gold’s charter members starts here!

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Matthew Rosenberg Talks Psylocke

Ever since the new ‘Astonishing X-Men’ lineup was announced, fans took to Twitter to ask creators about the characters left without a book such as Psylocke, Bishop and Archangel. Yesterday, Charles Soule confirmed there were plans for Psylocke.

Now Matthew Rosenberg has confirmed that Psylocke is not part of the new ‘Astonishing’ going forward. He suggested she will be busy elsewhere: “I love Betsy, but I think she has other places to be.”

Rosenberg also talked about Bishop: “He will be around. Just not Astonishing.”

Friday, April 13, 2018

'Astonishing X-Men' Debuts New Lineup & Creative Team Without Psylocke

Writer Matthew Rosenberg and artist Greg Land are the new creative team on Astonishing X-Men, beginning with Issue #13 on July 4. The series will also see a new team lineup of Havok, Beast, Warpath, Colossus, Dazzler and a mystery member.

Astonishing X-Men #13 marks the return of the Reavers, who are bringing with them a secret weapon that only Havok knows about.

After the announcement, Rosenberg posted on Twitter, “For those wondering our team is Havok and Beast as co-leaders. Dazzler brings the firepower. Colossus brings the muscle. Warpath brings the knives. And *maybe* there is another team member we aren’t talking about yet? And no, I won’t spoil it.”

What about Psylocke?

Charles Soule took to Twitter to assure fans: "We have plans for Psylocke".

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Monday, April 9, 2018

Kelly Thompson Tumblr Q&A

Q: Are you writing a bachelorette party for Kitty [in X-Men: Wedding Special]?

Kelly Thompson: Yeah! Looks like a more detailed solicit went out. And I did indeed get to pen Kitty’s Bachelorette Party. I hope you guys enjoy it!

Q: How many X-Women roughly are at Kitty's bachelorette party?

Thompson: Quite a few. But off the top of my head those with speaking roles are…Kitty (obvs), Storm, Rogue, Stevie Hunter, Psylocke, Rachel, Meggan, and Illyana? I might have missed some! Or left some out on purpose. ;D

Friday, April 6, 2018

Jim Zub Tumblr Q&A

Q: Have you ever read Alan Moore's run on Captain Britain? Betsy Braddock really stood out for me.

Jim Zub: I have read the Alan Moore Captain Britain issues (and re-read them recently as part of my X-Men research). Writing Betsy in Mystery In Madripoor is a blast. Can’t wait for you to see what we have planned for her and the rest of the team.

Q: Other than Psylocke, which of the other X-girls have a central role in Mystery in Madripoor?

Zub: Kitty and Domino get the most panel time along with Psylocke. Storm, Rogue, and Jubilee are important, but not as central to the story.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Astonishing X-Men #10 Art

Astonishing X-Men #10 Spoilers

Spoilers: Aboard the Blackbird, the X-Men decide that Psylocke is going to lead the team as they don’t trust X yet. At Fetters Hill, reality is collapsing on itself when the inhabitants’ most insane thoughts are given life by Proteus. The Blackbird is taken down by a dragon and the X-Men regroup on the floor. Psylocke orders them to fight Proteus’ psychic manifestations to weaken him. Proteus emerges from the earth and tells the X-Men that he had granted powers to the townsfolks as an experiment to create a beautiful garden with many minds shaping reality all at once. Kevin says it was the civilians who killed one another, not him. Proteus asks X why he is so afraid of his garden if he believes that mutants and humans can coexist peacefully. Proteus won’t submit to the tyranny of reality and wants his garden to grow. Fetters Hill is then engulfed by a massive explosion.