Wednesday, July 31, 2013

X-Men #3 Art

X-Men #3 Spoilers

Spoilers: Storm and co. head to Budapest, pinpointing Arkea's location. Meanwhile at the school, the bomb doesn't go off. Kitty orders Pixie to teleport it to outer space. Arkea possesses Danger Room drones and battles the students. Kitty says they'll need to get to the server room to prevent the virus from escaping into the outside world, but the Danger Room keeps creating more Bots. Back to Budapest, the X-Men tracks Arkea's signal to a hospital institute, the same place where Jubilee found her baby. Turns out it's a hospital which provides medical cybernetic implants to humans. Jubilee's baby was one of the patients and that's how Arkea was able to possess him. The X-Men enter the institute, which is full of patients controlled by Arkea. The X-Men battle them until they reach Arkea. Back at the school, Kitty phases through the server, ending the Danger Room program. In Budapest, Psylocke aims her psi-blade at Arkea's head. Arkea knows the weapon may harm her for good. Rachel is against it as she fears Karima may still be saved. Storm says there's no other option. After Kittys disrupts the virus, Karima  regains consciousness and decides to take Psylocke's blade and stabs herself. The X-Men take Karima back home. Storm is proud about how they dealt with Arkea together, but Rogue reminds her about Rachel's reluctance. Storm says it's safer to assume Arkea it's not gone and to stick together until she returns.

Uncanny X-Force #9 Art

Uncanny X-Force #9 Spoilers

Spoilers: Paris, then – Betsy caughts Fantomex and Cluster sleeping together. She threatens to shot at Fantomex’s head, but Cluster sides with him and doesn’t let Betsy do it. Betsy swears she will kill him another day. Psylocke texts Storm, saying she’s leaving it all behind.

Madripoor, now – The Demon Bear is feeding into Betsy’s anger and she tries to calm it down. Weapon XIII reveals he’s been keeping Fantomex at the library. Psylocke meets him. Betsy and Fantomex argue and end up fighting one another. She gets the upper hand, but decides she won’t kill him and will have to live her life knowing he got to her same way she got to him now. Weapon XIII is upset about Betsy’s betrayal. Psylocke unleashes the Demon Bear on him. Weapon XIII is gone, out there somewhere. Afterwards, Fantomex and Cluster tell Betsy they want to be merged together again so things can go back to the way they were. They want to toast to a new future with all three together, but Betsy leaves alone and toasts to herself.

Los Angeles, now – Bishop wakes up and reveals he brought the Revenant Queen with him. Storm and Puck try to calm him down. A Revenant is spying on them and warns his Queen that Bishop is alive.

Monday, July 29, 2013

‘X-Force’ Movie Writer Talks Story, Characters & Rating

ScreenRant: Jeff Wadlow is a man on the verge. The writer/director behind films like Cry_Wolf and Never Back Down is tackling both writing and directing duties on his most high-profile project yet, this summer’s superhero sequel, Kick-Ass 2. He’ll follow that tough act by taking a page from Kick-Ass 1 writer/director Matthew Vaughn and jumping into Fox’s X-Men universe, writing (and potentially directing?) the studio’s recently-announced X-Force movie.

SR: For the average person who maybe doesn’t know: What differentiates X-Force from X-Men?

Jeff Wadlow: What ‘X-Force’ is – the way I talk about ‘X-Force’ is… ‘X-Men’ is about mutants, and not all the mutants get into the mansion. So I’m curious to tell a story about the mutants who don’t make it into the mansion.

We’ve heard that you may be working from different iterations of the X-Force team [that have existed in the comic books] – can you tell us who some of your favorite characters are?

I definitely can’t tell you the lineup – we want that to be a big surprise.

Well who are some YOUR favorites, like personally speaking.

Look, I’m a huge Deadpool fan, who doesn’t love Wolverine – but obviously Cable is an iconic character we haven’t seen onscreen yet. I love Psylocke, Domino is an amazing character – it’s a long list of characters that have appeared in ‘X-Force’ – Colossus is in the current lineup… There’s a lot of really exciting characters that you can use in ‘X-Force’ that have been in other movies, that haven’t shown up, or maybe there’s ways to re-imagine them, even though they might’ve shown up in other films.

Are you being given free reign to pick the characters you want – or does the studio have their own ideas of who they want? What’s the balance there?

Basically when they hired Mark [Millar] to oversee their Marvel properties, he started talking about some characters they were thinking about doing solo films with – that could maybe then lead to a team movie - sort of following the Marvel/’Avengers’ model. And I said, ‘Wait, wait, wait, that’s not what’s cool about X-Men! Marvel’s doing individuals who become a team; this should be about, like, other teams, and I want to make an ‘X-Force’ movie, and this is how I would do it.’ And I pitched him the idea, he got real excited and gave me some great notes that I incorporated, we took it into the studio, I pitched them, they loved it and they said ‘Let’s do it.’

After doing something like Kick-Ass 2, would your X-Force movie be PG-13 or R-Rated?

At this point, to be honest, there’s a lot of external issues that go into answering that question. Depends on the budget of the movie – if I wanted to make a smaller-budget film then the argument for allowing me to make an R-rated film becomes more compelling. Like ‘Kick-Ass 2,’ we made that for $28 million so that could be ‘R’; you make a movie for $200 million it can’t be ‘R.’ That’s just the economics of the movie business. So I think it depends on the scope of the final film – but we’ll see. [Smiles]

For X-Force, what kind of villain would you put them up against?

[Smiles Coyly] I can’t say at this point. I can’t say.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Vote Psylocke for "Marvel Heroes"

"Marvel Heroes" MMORPG developers are holding a poll to decide which characters should be added next to the game. Psylocke is among the most popular heroes compiled from various lists.

Let them know which you are most excited about so they can prioritize accordingly. The developers will be reading EVERY response in the thread, so feel free to take your time and make your feedback as detailed as you can.

Clicke HERE to vote for Psylocke. Remember, you have to be registered in order to do so. As of now, Psylocke is ranking 5th place right after Gambit, Silver Surfer, Nightcrawler and Ghost Rider.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Uncanny X-Force #9 Preview

Uncanny X-Force #9
Writer: Sam Humphries
Art by: Dalibor Talajic, Adrian Alphona
Cover by: Kris Anka

The Story:
• The Fantomex Love Pentagram explodes!
• With the truth about their sordid past fully revealed, can Fantomex, Psylocke, and Cluster look each other in the eye?
• Every psychic ninja needs a vicious animal with no impulse control and a short temper to back her up...right?
• Puck! Man, does that guy love jerky. Especially buffalo and bison jerky, dipped in Canadian whiskey.
• Plus: a terrifying surprise villain from the X-past is definitely playing chess, not checkers, across Los Angeles.

In Stores: July 31, 2013

Thursday, July 25, 2013

X-Men #3 Preview

X-Men #3
Writer: Brian Wood
Art by: Olivier Coipel
Variant Cover by: Kris Anka

The Story:
• The X-Men find out what Arkea is capable of, and the phrase “rampaging horde” comes to mind.
• Can Arkea be defeated? Can the X-Men take down one of their own, if that’s what it takes?
• Meanwhile, what’s up with Sublime and Rachel? What’s up with Bling and Cipher? What’s up with Jubilee and Bling?

In Stores: July 31, 2013

Monday, July 22, 2013

SDCC: Wood & Dodson Team-Up For The Return Of Lady Deathstrike

CBR: "X-Men" will join "Uncanny X-Men" and "All-New X-Men" for the time traveling crossover event "Battle of the Atom." And once the crossover wraps in Issue #6, Brian Wood begins a new arc with the addition of artist Terry Dodson. Wood spoke with Comic Book Resources about his next arc, which is highlighted by the return of Lady Deathstrike, and his plans to continue with the all-female lineup.

CBR News: "X-Men" and "Star Wars" fans are among some of the hardest to please, and you've taken on both. Did you intentionally set out to take on some of the most critical fans in comics? Have you been pleased with the reception for "X-Men" thus far?

Brian Wood: As it turns out, "Conan" fans are the most troublesome to please! I think "X-Men" fans get the worst rep, but in my experience, it's been fine. Wonderful at times, really. But no, when I took on these jobs it wasn't anticipating the worst, just felt they were jobs too good to pass up. Relaunching marquee titles like "X-Men," "Star Wars" and "Conan" and all in the same year -- it's been a writer's dream.

Lady Deathstrike is slated to be the new villain in your next arc, along with the New Sisterhood, and the current "X-Men" team is primarily female. Do you intend to keep the all-female lineup into the next arc?

Yes, there's no plans or even any intentions to add a male character to the lineup. As you can see already from the issues that have come out, men are present in the book, and in pivotal roles. I don't expect anything to change as far as that goes. And just because the next set of villains is the Sisterhood, that's not to say the next one after won't be male. It might be.

In the Ultimate Universe, Lady Deathstrike had a big grudge against Storm. Will that characterization carry over to this incarnation?

I don't plan on using anything from the Ultimate universe, but if there's any one thing that Lady Deathstrike is all about, it's holding a grudge. And exacting revenge. I think as far as that goes, Lady Deathstrike would look at the X-Men and see a target-rich environment, as the saying goes.

Your "X-Men" seems to have this timeless feel that is neither adhering to nor blatantly rewriting the character's continuity. It feels classic and modern at the same time, and I haven't seen any direct tie-ins to the other X-books yet. Is there any crossover planned beyond the big event in Bendis' X-books? Do you feel any editorial pressure to work within the other X-stories?

Yeah, "X-Men" is a part of the "Battle Of The Atom" event storyline. Issues #5 and 6 will be a part of that. I was flattered, actually, to be incl
uded in the event since it's only a few titles participating and I think it sends a strong message that "X-Men" is a book that 'matters' (in the comic book sense of the word), and is worth following.

And I'm glad you said the timeless thing -- when we were developing the series, my goal was to create an "X-Men" book that felt classic and timeless but without feeling retro, or too heavily keying into past events. Based on the reaction, I think we're achieving that.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Uncanny X-Force #8 Art

Uncanny X-Force #8 Spoilers

Spoilers: Paris, then – After their first kiss, Betsy and Cluster have built an intimate relationship. Cluster feels bad for Fantomex, but Psylocke is avoiding him. She says he’s right about her, that she does love to steal. Betsy breaks into the Louvre Museum and decides to steal the King’s Champagne for Cluster. As she takes the bottle, guards wearing masks similar to those of Fantomex surprise her. Her telepathy doesn’t work on them. Psylocke realizes she’s been set up and activates a sensor that releases a freezing gas within the champagne chamber. One of the guards is completely frozen and shatters into a million pieces. Betsy escapes and returns home, only to find Fantomex and Cluster kissing. He seems amused after setting her up.

Madripoor, now – Weapon XIII locks Cluster and Psylocke in a cell. Cluster urges Betsy to kill him so they can rescue Fantomex and the three of them can go back to Paris. She replies that she vowed not to kill ever again. Weapon XIII takes Psylocke to dinner, using his misdirection powers to create beautiful illusions to impress her. He says he loves her and that Cluster and Fantomex only want to use and manipulate her. Psylocke seemingly agrees with him and tells him she needs to kill Fantomex to tie one last loose end.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Uncanny X-Force #8 Preview

Uncanny X-Force #8
Writer: Sam Humphries
Art by: Dalibor Talajic, Adrian Alphona
Cover by: Kris Anka

The Story:
• The Fantomex Love Pentagram explodes!
• With the truth about their sordid past fully revealed, can Fantomex, Psylocke, and Cluster look each other in the eye?
• Every psychic ninja needs a vicious animal with no impulse control and a short temper to back her up...right?
• Puck! Man, does that guy love jerky. Especially buffalo and bison jerky, dipped in Canadian whiskey.
• Plus: a terrifying surprise villain from the X-past is definitely playing chess, not checkers, across Los Angeles.

In Stores: July 17, 2013

X-Solicits for October 2013

Uncanny X-Force #12-13
Writer: Sam Humphries
Art by: TBA
Cover by: Kris Anka
Issue #12 – X-Men 50th Anniversary Variant Also available
• Spotlight on Spiral!
• With the rest of the Uncanny X-Force in Madripoor, Spiral has devoted herself to finding new mutant Ginny.
• But is the cult Ginny belongs to more than meets the eye?
• Even six arms might not be enough to juggle all this trouble!

All-New X-Men #17
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Art by: Stuart Immonen
Cover by: Ed McGuinness
Variant Cover by: Stuart Immonen
Lego Variant by: Leonel Castellani
X-Men: Battle of The Atom, Part 6!
• Magik and Young Beast have a special mission!
• The X-Men and Future X-Men have Jean Grey and Cyclops and are going to send them back in time with the rest of the Original X-Men.
• But who is opposing them and why?

X-Men #6
Writer: Brian Wood
Art by: David Lopez
Cover by: Ed McGuinness
Variant Cover by: Terry Dodson
X-Men: Battle of The Atom, Part 7!
• CHAOS AT THE JEAN GREY SCHOOL as the X-Men and Future X-Men are attacked!
• Rachel Grey is the only X-Man qualified to defeat the mystery opponents!

Uncanny X-Men #13
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Art by: Chris Bachalo
Cover by: Ed McGuinness
Variant Cover by: Chris Bachalo
X-Men: Battle of The Atom, Part 8!
• Wolverine, who just lost his healing factor, takes a mortal hit!
• And a surprise ending that changes everything in the X-Men Event of 2013!

Wolverine & The X-Men #37
Writer: Jason Aaron
Art by: Giuseppe Camuncoli
Cover by: Ed McGuinness
Variant Cover by: Kris Anka
X-Men: Battle of The Atom, Part 9!
• All of the X-Men (present & future) and their adversaries are reeling from the events of Part 8!
• With the adversaries’ Plan A squashed, they turn to their far more sinister Plan B on the grounds of the X-Men’s first adventure!

X-Men: Battle of The Atom #2 (of 2)
Writer: Jason Aaron
Art by: Esad Ribic
Cover by: Ed McGuinness
Variant Cover by: Esad Ribic
X-Men: Battle of The Atom, Part 10!
• The biggest battle in X-Men history will melt your face off.
• All of the X-Men find their footing in the world much changed.
• The X-Men event of 2013 concludes and sets up the major X-Men stories for 2014!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

X-Position: Wood Explores Jubilee & More in "X-Men"

CBR: With "X-Men" finally launched and off to the races, Brian Wood joined X-Position to answer your questions about his work on both his new ongoing series and "Ultimate Comics X-Men," Jubilee's power set, his desire to create a new "Generation X" series and more.

In "Ultimate Comics X-Men," I thought the Phoenix force left Jean Grey. How did she pull that effect at the end of the last story arc? Will the Mothervine/Psylocke thing ever be revealed as well?

Brian Wood: The Mothervine/Psylocke thing is as explained in my title as it's ever going to get. Mothervine was a big part of the "Ultimate Wolverine" miniseries, which you may or may not have read. I'm not sure if editorial has more plans to explore it or not. I'm already wrapping up the end chapters of the "World War X" arc.

Note: It was revealed in Ultimate Comics X-Men #28 that "Psylocke" was an impersonator connected to the Mothervine Project. Nothing further was explained.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

X-Men Legacy #13 Spoilers & Art

Spoilers: Legion invites fellow British mutants to go to London and take a stand against Abdi, president of an oppressive country who's visiting the UK. Psylocke, Chamber, Pixie and the others decline David's request. Pete Wisdom wants to make sure Legion doesn't cause any trouble, but David isn't having any of it. Legion then mind controls the British mutants to attack Wisdom.