Friday, March 18, 2011

X-Force in Fear Itself

From CBR's Cup o' Joe: Tom Brevoort column: Wolverine had almost no role in the main book of two of the last 3 big crossovers (there was no Wolverine in 'Civil War' or 'Siege'). Does he do anything interesting in 'Fear itself'?

Tom Brevoort: Wolverine has plenty of cool stuff to do during "Fear Itself," both alone and alongside both the Avengers and X-Force. Most of those events, though, are going to play out more in the tie-in series than in the central book. That’s the difficulty when you have so many cool characters and a limited number of pages to work with every month -- you need to constantly be focusing the story back on the characters who are at the center of it.


Rafa said...

OMG! Psylocke looks FANTASTIC! The whole team! They look heroic! Looks like they made it!
Love Simone Bianchi's art!

Long Live Uncanny X-Force!

Anonymous said...

It is a really cool image! :D

FSaker said...

Bianchi's art is usually hit-or-miss to me, but this time he indeed did an excellent job! All of the X-Force members look great, and Psylocke actually looks like a woman this time (he usually draws women looking like travestites).

Regarding X-Force's participation in Fear Itself... to be honest, I'm not excited at all about this new event. When the stories come out, I may take it back and think it is amazing, but so far it doesn't interest me.