Thursday, October 29, 2015

#tbt: Uncanny X-Men #246

#tbt: Uncanny X-Men #246 – She then meets up with Psylocke and they talk about the problems Carol is having with 'sharing' Rogue‘s body; she also shows her the costume she wore as Ms. Marvel. Carol and Psylocke are walking down a street when Betsy telepathically hears the screams from the workmen. Carol flies to the site and sees Master Mold repairing himself with the construction materials. Written by Chris Claremont and Art by Marc Silvestri. Read full summary here.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

X-Solicits for January 2016

Uncanny X-Men #3
Writer: Cullen Bunn
Art & Cover by: Greg Land
• With mutantkind in extinction's crosshairs once more, Magneto leads a team of the deadliest X-Men to fight for the fate of their species!
• But can the Master of Magnetism curb his killer instincts long enough to find out who's trying to speed up mutantkind's descent into the grave?
• Plus: Fantomex! Triage! And an X-Man you probably thought you'd never see again...

According to Bleeding CoolUncanny X-Men #1 has slipped from December 2 to January 6 and Uncanny X-Men #2 has slipped from December 16 to January 20.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A-Force #5 Art & Spoilers

Spoilers: Enraged after her failed coup, Loki blasted a hole in the Shield, the wall that protected Arcadia from the zombies of the Deadlands. Now, the members of A-Force are all that stand between paradise and total destruction.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

#tbt: Uncanny X-Men #273

#tbt: Uncanny X-Men #273 – Boom-Boom is chasing Iceman through the makeshift living quarters, hoping for some payback, when Iceman runs into a steely Psylocke. Boom-Boom uses this opportunity to drop a time-bomb down the back of Iceman’s shorts, before Jean Grey tells them both to leave. She showers, while Psylocke explains why she has not called her brother yet. Jean Grey attempts to use Cerebro to try and find some former X-Men, but on the Astral Plane, is attacked by the Shadow King, who revels in her presence. Psylocke is forced to use her psi-knife on Jean to free her, but upon returning to the real world, neither woman is sure who their foe was or what he really wants. Written by Chris Claremont and Art by Jim Lee. Read full summary here.