Wednesday, March 2, 2011

X-Men MMXI: X-Men Legacy

X-Men Legacy: MMXI - Liveblog!

• After Age of X, X-Men Legacy will still be Rogue-centric, but it will be a little bit more of a team book. For at least the next 7 or 8 months, she'll be leading a team that will be dealing with the fallout of Age of X as well as other new threats

• Rogue's team is made up of a number of characters that have been weaving in and out of Legacy for a while now. Most of the team members will be around in the book for quite some time to come.

• Going into issue #250, Rafa Sandoval is joining the book as its new artist. Clay Mann will still be drawing the book as well.

• There's fall out after Age of X ends, both for individual characters and for the book.

• The arc that begins at 250 has quite a rogues gallery of villains who are all completely new. They all have something in common that makes it different from most X-villains. The team has to fight their way through them to get to their leader, Styx. The arc is called The Orpheus Effect.

• The arc following that isn't set on earth, paying off something they've only begun to set up in the very background.

• There are some very interesting and loaded relationships in the group, beginning with Professor X and Magneto; Professor X and Legion; and Rogue's relationships with both Gambit and Magneto. There's also some past history between Gambit and Frenzy.

• Rogue's role [as a mentor to the kids] is up for grabs, since she's leaving Utopia for quite some time. They'll be coming back to some characters later on, though.

• Gambit's role will be kicking ass, taking names. His death persona will be addressed.

• Iceman is a character to watch at the end of 2011.

• Issue #250 is oversized with a Rogue-centric backup.


FSaker said...

Even though this news has nothing related to Psylocke, I must say that I'm glad with this new stage of X-Men Legacy. Carey is a brilliant writer and I love Rogue, but it bothered me that a book with "X-Men" on the title was actually Rogue's solo book (plus, until Age of X none of the stuff happening in Legacy actually had any major impact in the overall X-verse).

This new core team seems very promising, lots of possibilities of interaction (Xavier and Magneto? Xavier and Legion? Magneto and Frenzy? Whoa!), and it also seems like their activities will have a bigger weight this time.

So far, all the MMXI announcements have been very promising! I just hope Uncanny X-Men doesn't ruin MMXI...

Rahsaan said...

Uncanny being as awful as ever is a very strong likelihood. With the way things have been going over at our illustrious flagship title for years now, Uncanny X-Men is nothing short a hot ass mess.

Rahsaan said...

Nothing short of... was what I meant to type.