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X-Men Legacy #259 Art

Psylocke cameos in X-Men Legacy #259

X-Position: Victor Gischler Secures the X-Men

CBR: Victor Gischler has survived Black Friday and joins us to present you with a true holiday special: personal responses to all your emails.

With Psylocke, Domino, Ororo and Jubilee all having close ties to Logan, will he factor into this title in any way? Will we see his influence on these characters?

Victor Gischler: That's an understandable question, Renaldo, and I plan to discuss with Editor Nick Lowe how/if/when we talk about Logan and what that might be like. Don't look for a Wolverine guest appearance any time soon, but certainly his influence is felt in characters such as Jubilee. It's something that at least needs to be touched on, I think.

Cyclops describes this team as his security team, but what are they securing? Are there still residents on Utopia that aren't part of the X-Men?

Victor Gischler: "Security" is a loose term that covers a lot of things -- basically, any leaks Cyclops thinks needs to be plugged or any X-Men-related issue that looks like it's going to develop into a problem. For example, in the current arc we have some Sentinels in the hands of some people that might cause problems with them down the road. That's X-Men business and needs to be dealt with. But it's also a situation that bleeds over into the rest of Marvel U.

I love the first arc's lineup of characters. It's a great mix of very capable people who can be stealthy and strong with varied powers. Will the focus be on this team for future arcs? Or will certain members take the spotlight?

Victor Gischler: The Marvel U is a fluid place, so if there's one thing I've learned is that things can change -- sometimes in an eye-blink. But my thought is that these are the characters we'll be playing with for a while. Keep your eye on Jubilee for future spotlight goodness.

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X-Position: A Call for the Best X-Moments of 2011

CBR: X-Position's "Best X-Moments of 2011" is the column where readers tell us what events from Marvel's X-Universe made you cheer with glee (or possibly cry with emotion) over the past 365 days. From today through Christmas, either post your favorite X-Moments of 2011 at the X-Books forum or email ( with your thoughts on the matter. Put "Best X-Moment of 2011" in the subject line.

Let me know why you picked this moment and which X-issue it came from. Images help us out too, so either post them in the thread or send them to me in your email (not a requirement, but it's appreciated). We'll do a tally of the results between the forum posts and emails, and then expect one heck of a fun X-POSITION at year's end.

Notes: Remember, in 2009, Psylocke's return to the X-Books was picked the best moment of that year. In 2010, Psylocke and Angel getting back together was picked second best moment of that year. Let's all vote for Psylocke this year as well. Her confronting Archangel was one of her finest moments this year. Vote for her participation in the Dark Angel Saga! :D

The Best Ongoing Comic Books of 2011

MTV Geek's staff picks the best comics of 2011, and Uncanny X-Force makes the list! Take a look:

6. Uncanny X-Force (Rick Remender [w] & Mark Brooks/Dean White [a], Marvel Comics)
Like "Spider-Island," the long-running "Dark Angel Saga" should have more than worn out its welcome this year over in Uncanny X-Force, but the fact that it's 2011 and we're talking about a book with X-Force in the title with excitement means writer Rick Remender has been doing something right for the past year and change. Kicking things off with the steady corruption of Angel by his Apocalypse-created persona Archangel, Remender has shaped Warren Worthington into a calm, almost gentle villain who wants to see Apocalypse's terrible vision for the world to fruition.

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Super Hero Squad in game Psylocke cards

Super Hero Squad Online has their own in game card game. Here are the Psylocke related cards available so far.

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X-Men #21 Spoilers

Spoilers: War Machine fights Storm and Colossus, but is caught by surprise by an airspace violation by the Symkarians, which changes everything. Storm explains the Sentinel situation to War Machine, and he accepts the X-Men’s help. Meanwhile, Domino’s body is retrieved by the Puternicstans. Psylocke and her team tracks Domino’s location, and on their way, they find out more Sentinels and the details of some project involving the machines, however Betsy and her team are discovered by the Puternicstan soldiers. At the Puternicstan HQ, the Governor explains that by using Domino’s mutant bio-signature, they can get the Sentinel to attack anything they want by tricking it into thinking it’s attacking a mutant. She plans to use the robots against Symkaria and Latveria. At the medical lab, Domino regains consciousness and escapes. The Governor and her men spot Storm, War Machine and Colossus invading their airspace. The Puternicstans activate the Sentinel which was reprogrammed. Their plan works as the Sentinel attacks War Machine after detecting him as a mutant.

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X-Position: Rick Remender

CBR: Given that Psylocke is also on Cyclops' side post-Schism, are you going to address the tensions between her and Wolverine caused by her playing both sides of the field?

Rick Remender: The reason Psylocke doesn't go to the school with Wolverine will be clear in issue #19. Your assumptions are off-target. And I wouldn't assume that there is any upset between Psylocke and Wolverine based on her decision. Or is there? Or isn't there? Or... whatever.

With Wolverine running the Jean Grey School, fighting alongside the Avengers, and caught up in his (always interesting) solo escapades -- is he going to take more of a backseat in X-Force? He's on the cover for #19 and beyond, but I feel like you've been building up the rest of the cast to be potential field leaders in the event Wolverine has to step away...

Rick Remender: While Wolverine has many other jobs, X-Force is still his responsibility. While he sees the need for this team and their methodology, he is not willing to let anyone else call the shots. I don't think he's taken a backseat, he's just been beaten down a few times.

I like to be responsible when handling Wolverine, and while he's a beloved character who we all want to see win the day, I also have to be realistic about his power set in the face of certain threats. There's just certain things Wolverine cannot contend with. There are certain villains and certain threats that are beyond him in a physical battle. But when it comes to leadership, he's the one with the most experience and he's the one who set this thing up with Warren to ensure they could take down threats to the mutant population and humanity before they grew. Wolverine plays a giant role in the team and the upcoming stories; he is the lead dog.

I suppose this question is relevant pre- or post-Schism, but... how do you think Cyclops would react to Wolverine keeping X-Force around?

Rick Remender: I don't know if it matters at this point. They've broken apart -- they're no longer working together. While it might add more fuel to the flame, I don't see it leading to any action. It would give Scott a philosophical leg in their debate, but I don't think that Scott would take any action against X-Force if he learned of their existence -- especially given that Scott once saw the need for such a team.

Will AOA Nightcrawler experience cabin fever? I imagine it would be hard to explain his presence without revealing X-Force's secret, so he would have to stay hidden except to accomplish X-Force missions...

Rick Remender: Nightcrawler has his own set of objectives on our world to keep him busy when he's not helping X-Force. And given that he disappears in shadows -- and that he is one stealthy little devil -- I think he can accomplish them without being detected.

Are you going to bring Magneto back into the picture... possibly as a team member? Magneto could "pull a Psylocke," especially since he doesn't have compunctions about killing and would do anything to protect mutantkind...

Rick Remender: There are some conversations taking place about Magneto. It's too early to say anything, but we did seed that he is aware of X-Force for a reason. Now it's just a matter of finding the right time to pull that trigger.

Do you have any plans to deal with Magneto's knowledge of X-Force's existence, especially since he's chosen to stay with Scott and Emma? Do they need to "shut him up" before he sells the UXF out?

Rick Remender: Don't forget that Wolverine did Magneto a solid by killing one of the Nazis who tormented him during his time in the concentration camps. The bigger question to ask is if Magneto thinks what X-Force is doing is the right thing, and if so, why would he want to upset that? What would Magneto gain from telling Scott?

Considering the teasers for "Uncanny X-Force" #18, did you always plan on killing a character here that's integral to the team? And how do you feel about comic book deaths and their duration in light of death's "revolving door" policy in comics?

Rick Remender: If you're reading a story, especially an action-adventure story, and there is no threat that any of your cast members could perish during the story, it removes a good deal of tension. At that point, the only other people that can be in danger are supporting cast members, pedestrians, loved ones, etc.

That's not to say that the only stakes in the story have to be life-and-death, but in these types of stories -- if life-and-death is taken out of the equation -- it can remove a good deal of anxiety. So sometimes characters have to die to reaffirm that it can happen. As for X-Force, we have a mandate that this book has to have assassination in the team's objectives. The point of this team is that they go out and kill people that they believe will eventually kill innocents. So in terms of this title, there will absolutely be a body count. In every story. Without question.

How did you decide to make Fantomex the character that would challenge Warren, especially when it came to Psylocke's affections?

Rick Remender: [Matt] Fraction wrote a scene in "Uncanny X-Men" that showed Fantomex bringing flowers to Psylocke. It was a quiet moment that caught my interest, given how out of character it was for Fantomex. I began to try and logic through it, and as I did, I really liked the idea that he would be incredibly attracted to Betsy -- someone else who has a dark past and is a jumble of a person. It seemed like a natural fit. I had already cemented the Warren-Betsy relationship, and this was a nice wrinkle that gave me some nice soap opera beats. At this point, their relationship becomes a very large part of the story moving forward. More to come.

How do you plan on differentiating your "Secret Avengers" title from the other Avengers books out there? And what will help define the team as you take the book over?

Rick Remender: The Secret Avengers are born out of the same natural instinct that gave birth to X-Force. Steve Rogers became aware that there were threats bubbling under the surface that needed to be dealt with covertly before they rose to a boil. The team, as I'm building them, are going to have a different mandate. Hawkeye, a former villain himself, is becoming more and more convinced that in order to differentiate between heroes and villains the Avengers need to reconfirm their "no kill" rule -- especially on a team like the Secret Avengers where killing can be an all-too-simple solution.

It's a super slippery slope when superheroes take it upon themselves to assassinate people, making themselves judge, jury, and executioner. Hawkeye is trying to see himself and the Avengers as above this and wants them to operate in a different fashion. To help with this, Hank Pym has created a subatomic prison on their new satellite station, the Lighthouse, to store any of the threats that cannot be dealt with in other ways. So this series will have similar threats -- and tie into "Uncanny X-Force" -- but the team will use a different methodology. There are many malevolent and ugly things creeping under the crust waiting to rise up and attack us. Hawkeye and his Secret Avengers are in place to take them down before they do. Their missions will be international as well as interdimensional, and the stakes will be earth-shattering and widely felt.

According to teasers, it states that soon in the pages of "Uncanny X-Force" an Avenger will uncover the team's existence. Is this an Avenger that Logan can trust? Please say "yes!"

Rick Remender: You'll have to read "Uncanny X-Force" #19 to find out.

With "Venom," "Secret Avengers," and "Uncanny X-Force," you are writing three books that play a major part in the darker side of Marvel Comics. What draws you to this and any chance for an event (or two) between these titles?

Rick Remender: All three titles will interconnect in different ways. What I find alluring about the tone of these books is that I can basically write my version of an X-Men, Spider-Man or Avengers story with the additional tension that part of my mandate is that characters will likely perish. The darker tone allows me to sink my characters low into the muck so far down the readers will wonder how they could possibly get back up. So I look at it more as something that opens up my opportunities for storytelling, allowing for wider character arcs they can dip down into and potentially be dipped so low the character doesn't come back up out of it. Those stakes are what people are responding to, I think, and they definitely keep me excited about the work.

Assuming Warren survives "The Dark Angel Saga," could he be redeemed? Would Warren even think he's worth redemption? And, more importantly, would you consider bringing him back into the fold somewhere down the road? I'm really going to miss your Archangel...

Rick Remender: There's so many questions that I'm not going to answer right now. I hope you enjoy issue #18 and that the ending comes as a surprise...

Seeing that you'll be touching Otherworld both in "Uncanny X-Force" and "Secret Avengers," do you have plans to revisit the character of Sage, who was last seen left with all of Roma's knowledge and has ties with both Captain Britain and Psylocke (and Otherworld) as well?

Rick Remender: I had plans to use Sage in "Uncanny X-Force" #22, but didn't have space. To bring Sage back properly, I would need to have quite a bit of real estate to do her justice for old fans, as well as redefine her for new ones.

Apart from the Otherworld arc, is there anything else you can tease us for X-Force's second year? I think you've mentioned on Twitter a new second member (besides Nightcrawler) as well? Thanks for the first year -- it was truly an uncanny experience!

Rick Remender: Thanks for the kind words. Everyone's support has meant the world to us. We never anticipated such a reaction and it's very gratifying.

Issue #19 will answer your question. But if you guess who the new member is before it ships (other than Nightcrawler), I'll send you a no-prize. Twitter me @Remender to guess.

Tuesday Q&A: Rick Remender For writer Rick Remender, there’s more to the Marvel Universe than the bright heroics of Spider-Man and the Avengers. Writing both Uncanny X-Force and Venom, the California-based writer shows that heroes can have dark edges, and that those edges can cut—and sometimes kill.

In Uncanny X-Force, the team’s one-time compatriot Archangel threatens to bring about a new Age of Apocalypse. As Wolverine and company attempt to stop him, Psylocke feels the pull of competing loyalties. In December’s Uncanny X-Force #18, the finale of the “Dark Angel Saga” brings all that to a head. In Uncanny X-Force you’re barreling your way to the finale of the “Dark Angel Saga,” something you’ve been building towards since the series began. What can people look forward to in issue #18?

Rick Remender: As people who followed [my independent comic] Fear Agent know, I like long-form stories and seeding things so that it pays off later in big ways. There have been a number of those things seeded throughout the 18 issues leading up to Uncanny X-Force #18, such as Archangel becoming the new Apocalypse. There’s more waiting to come to the surface for this next issue. This arc has brought the Age of Apocalypse back into the mix of the Marvel Universe. What’s it like being able to revisit this classic event from the 90’s and make it work organically today?

Rick Remender: I’m a tremendous fan of alternate reality characters, and love the potential emanating from variations on familiar characters being raised in other worlds. It goes back to the “nature vs. nurture” debate and the question of if we’re cooked by our environment or if people are set in stone by birth. Alternate versions of characters help explore that. It’s exciting to take characters from post-apocalyptic worlds like Age of Apocalypse and see how different they are based on the hardships they’ve lived through.

In terms of the larger story, it was a natural extension of what was planned. Dark Beast was a natural go-to guy when it comes to exploring Apocalypse’s powers, and with his origins in the Age of Apocalypse universe we tied it back through to our team being stranded there.
Uncanny X-Force #19 cover by Rafael Grampa

It’s my responsibility to take these alternate versions of fan-favorite characters and make them three-dimensional and developed. For instance, this Nightcrawler isn’t just a wacky version of Kurt brought in for no reason. He’s a very different character than the Kurt Wagner we’ve come to know, and he happens to fit in well with the tone of the X-Force team as we’ll see in the near future.

As for the rest of them, we’ve extrapolated where they’d be and set about making that world relevant and interesting in a modern context. Both the fans and Marvel itself responded well to what’s been introduced, and they’re launching the new series Age of Apocalypse out of that, which you’ll see more of in December’s Uncanny X-Force #19.1. It’s a nice validation to see that springing out of our book and it’s invigorating that the fans liked it so much. After the “Dark Angel Saga” ends, the series dovetails into the line-wide Regenesis event and the Age of Apocalypse Nightcrawler joins the team. What can you tell us going forward?

Rick Remender: There are some new directives for the team, but it’s all still building off what’s gone down in the first year of the series. The second year builds into a very similar kind of thing; a mega-arc, beginning with issue #19 which is an epilogue to the “Dark Angel Saga” drawn by Robbi Rodriguez. This issue shows what happens to Nightcrawler and the Age of Apocalypse characters as well as sets up a new status quo—or a side-job at least—for X-Force. This ties in with Wolverine & The X-Men #4, and Jason Aaron and I have worked extremely hard to make our two books fit as neatly as possible. Both our books live in the same corner of the Marvel Universe and Logan leads both squads, so there’s a lot of connective tissue between the school and this covert ops squad.

After that and the Point One issue, the next four issues illustrated by Greg Tocchini takes us to Otherworld as Betsy’s family is concerned with her work in X-Force. We’ve also got Fantomex put on trial for what he’s done over the course of the book. I love the idea that dominoes from the first arc are still falling and things the team has done are still catching up to them. Hearing you mention Otherworld brings back memories to the classic Excaliburdays with Betsy’s brother Captain Britain. We saw Brian briefly in the last issue of Uncanny X-Force, so does that mean he’s playing a bigger role going forward?

Rick Remender: Definitely. I’m working hard to re-establish Captain Britain with Uncanny X-Force and Secret Avengers. I like Brian because he’s a conflicted character; a man of science who had to accept magic. He has a suit of armor powered by magic, tied to his confidence level. I love him as a character and for his history, and we’re going to put him back in the spotlight as the Lord of Otherworld and show his connection to Betsy and what’s going on in her life. Brian and Betsy’s brother Jamie plays a role as well. Speaking of strained family ties, the X-Force team has that given that they’ve been keeping their actions a secret from their fellow X-Men as well as the world at large. So far the secret’s only leaked out to Magneto, but how long can it last?

Rick Remender: I think it’s one of those things they constantly have to cover up. It’s like telling a lie; they try to hide it but it slowly grows and as someone calls you on it they have to elaborate on that lie and it becomes a web. Because of what they’re doing in Uncanny X-Force, the team has become sort of isolated from the rest of the X-Men. They can say they saved the day sort-of-ish, but they didn’t really save the day. Things are continuing to spiral and get worse, and at this point it’s like a vase that has been shattered but glued back together; the water keeps leaking out from those cracks no matter how quickly they patch it.

Magneto is aware of X-Force, but not necessarily aware of the whole scope of the team’s actions. In Uncanny X-Force #19, a couple other X-Men and an Avenger both discover X-Force’s actions and it will definitely have ramifications going forward. In addition to that, you also have the politics relating to the schism inside the X-Men. How does the split in the mutant race play out on the X-Force team?

Rick Remender: There’s a reason Psylocke doesn’t want to be at the school but remains on the X-Force team. This second year on Uncanny X-Force is a big development year for her as a character. That will be easily apparent to readers after #18 and #19. Moving forward into the next year, we have some fairly unexpected things planned for her. With that being said, the schism between Scott and Logan will definitely change the landscape of things but since the X-Force squad works in the shadows on their own and Wolverine is running the show, there’s not a lot of interconnectivity with Scott and his team.

X-Solicits for February 2012

Uncanny X-Force #21 & 22
Writer: Rick Remender
Art: Greg Tocchini
Cover by: Leinil Francis Yu
• Wolverine and AOA Nightcrawler face a strange and deadly new foe in Otherworld.
• Fantomex’s sentence is carried out and he is injected with an anti-reality serum…
• Psylocke becomes Lady Briton!
• Deadpool is decapitated!

Uncanny X-Men #6
Writer: Kieron Gillen
Art & Cover by: Greg Land
• Tabula Rasa Part 2
• Cyclops and his team delver further into a world where evolution has run rampant.
• A new foe is revealed, who will show the X-Men just how out of date homo superior really are!

Uncanny X-Men #7
Writer: Kieron Gillen
Art & Cover by: Greg Land
Tabula Rasa Part 3
• The secrets of the evolutionary jungle are revealed, as the X-Men face the Immortal Man, with the help of a brand new ally!

X-Men #24
Writer: Victor Gischler
Art: Adi Granov (#24) & Jorge Molina (#25)
Cover by: Jorge Molina
Issue #24
• Jubilee learns more about her vampire heritage.
• Featuring Raizo and the Forgiven!
Issue #25
• The X-Men will stop at nothing to find Jubilee, even if they have to kill every vampire on Earth to do so!
• X-Men vs. Vampires in a major way!

Astonishing X-Men #47
Writer: Greg Pak
Art & Cover by: Mike McKone
• The climactic conclusion to “Exalted”!
• Our world’s X-Men join the fight in an alternate dimension.
• How far will Cyclops go to save our world’s mutants?

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Marvel Teases Possible Death in "Uncanny X-Force" #18

CBR: In the final "Uncanny X-Force" teaser of the week, Marvel highlights team member Psylocke, hinting at a possible character death as Rick Remender and Jerome Opena's "Dark Angel Saga" concludes. The image itself shows Psylocke bringing her full telepathic powers to bore on Archangel under the quote "Goodbye Elizabeth."

Don’t miss the shocking conclusion to the critically acclaimed Dark Angel Saga from the blockbuster creative team of Rick Remender, Jerome Opeña & Dean White, this December in the polybagged Uncanny X-Force #18!

X-Men #21 Preview

X-Men #21
Written by: Victor Gischler
Pencils by: Will Conrad
Cover by: Adi Granov

The Story: Guest-starring Iron Man 2.0! The fallout of Schism pushes the X-Men and War Machine at each other in Eastern Europe as sentinels are being traded on the black market. But things aren’t as they seem and the X-Men and War Machine are going to have to work together to stop a truly horrible plot.

In Stores: November 16, 2011


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Marvel Teases Uncanny X-Force #18

CBR: Following up on yesterday's "Uncanny X-Force" teaser, Marvel has released a second "Dark Angel Saga" brain teaser, this time in an email asking the question "Whose death is it, anyway?" Featuring a pair of Jerome Opena images featuring Archangel and Fantomex battling each other, the teaser has a question of its own -- "You have no idea what's going on here, do you?"
Fans should expect all these questions to be answered in December's "Uncanny X-Force" #18 by Rick Remender, Opena and Dean White.

Marvel Unleashes "Dark Angel Saga" Teaser

CBR: With Rick Remender and Jerome Opena's "Dark Angel Saga" coming to a conclusion in just under a month, Marvel has begun releasing teasers, hinting at the ending of the storyline. Today's features what appears to be Dark Beast flying away from battle under the quote "You are a grave disappointment." "Dark Angel Saga" concludes in December's "Uncanny X-Force" #18. Don’t miss the shocking conclusion to the critically acclaimed Dark Angel Saga this December in the polybagged Uncanny X-Force #18!

In time, In seven short days, Rick Remender -- the writer of "Uncanny X-Force" -- stops by to answer your questions about his unique team of mutant mercenaries. Send your questions to and throw an "X-Position" in the subject line. :)

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Uncanny X-Force #17 Art


Uncanny X-Force #17 Spoilers

Spoilers: Betsy finally transcends into Death. Meanwhile, Wolverine is having a hard time fighting AoA Iceman, but fortunately for him, Fantomex shows up to the rescue with the Amazing X-Men (Jean, Sabretooth, Wildchild, Nightcrawler and Sunfire) as Jean-Phillipe had seek Gateway's help to bring them to the 616 world. Nightcrawler teleports Genocide's helmet away, which leads to an explosion. Afterwards, they realize what's become of Psylocke and Fantomex is left to deal with her. Archangel retreats but Wolverine, Sabretooth, Wildchild and Sunfire go after him. Archangel chops Wildchild in half and orders Iceman to deal with Sunfire, while he takes on the other three. Psylocke cuts Fantomex's throat, and while she lowers her defenses, Jean enters her mind where Betsy is reliving a memory that brings her happiness: the first time she met Warren at a Hellfire Club dress up party. Jean then contains her Death persona and brings the real Betsy back. Wolverine, Nightcrawler and Sabretooth aren't having much success fighting Archangel, so the Phoenix steps in. Archangel deals with them easily and retreats to his HQ, where Psylocke and Fantomex are waiting for him.

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Uncanny X-Force #17 Preview

Uncanny X-Force #17
Written by: Rick Remender
Penciled by: Jerome Opeña
Cover by: Esad Ribic

The Story:
The Dark Angel Saga: Part 7. Archangel is ascended. The betrayer has turned the tide. The World will be opened. Realities will clash. Life will be lost. Love shattered. Do not miss this or we will find you! The boss team of Rick Remender (Venom, Fear Agent), Jerome Opeña (Punisher, Fear Agent) and Dean White (Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man) are reunited to bring on the bad guys!

Teasers: Uncanny X-Men #4 and #5 & Wolverine and The X-Men #4

Our very own CmX scanned these preview pages from Marvel Previews #99 which was released this Wednesday. It looks like Psylocke will be very busy in 2012 since she's in all three issues previewed. Take a look:

Uncanny X-Men #4 art by Brandon Peterson and #5 art by Greg Land.

Wolverine and The X-Men #4 art by Nick Bradshaw.

Uncanny X-Men #1 Art


Spoilers: Psylocke cameos in the first issue of Uncanny X-Men and is supposed to be fighting Magneto in a teaser for upcoming issues.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

X-Men #20 Art


X-Men #20 Spoilers

Spoilers: The Chechens buy a couple of Sentinels on the black market in order to use them against the Russians. The Chechens are then attacked by an unknown military force which takes the Sentinels with them. Domino having spied the whole operation, reports to Cyclops. Scott wants Storm to lead a team to go after them and retrieve the Sentinels. Aboard the Black Bird, Storm, Psylocke, Warpath, Colossus and Jubilee are on their way to the Chechen Republic, when they are interrupted and questioned by War Wachine who wants them to leave and not interfere in the matters of the government. Storm plays it cool and tells War Machine they’re leaving when in reality she plans to reach their final destination by another route. We find out the people who stole the Sentinels are from Puterniscstan, a country surrounded by Symkaria and Latveria, two oppressor nations. One of the stolen Sentinels goes rogue and starts to hunt mutants, eventually tracking Domino. Neena contacts Storm’s team via Psylocke’s telepathy and warns them about the Sentinel. Before they can come to Domino’s rescue, the team needs to deal with War Machine who returns and tell them he has orders to secure the zone and will make them leave by any means necessary. Storm tells him he has bigger worries than the X-Men: the Sentinel who apparently has killed Domino.

X-Position: Nick Lowe & X-Editorial

CBR: This week we have Senior Editor Nick Lowe and his able Associate Editors Daniel Ketchum and Jordan D. White on hand to answer questions from the CBR readers about everything related to Marvel's uncanny heroes.

Given Psylocke's divided ties between the Uncanny X-Force team and Scott's X-Men, will she experience many moments of questioning her loyalties?
Nick Lowe: It’s a bit early to say whether she’s going to question her loyalties. The real fun of that will happen if the two sides ever come to blows.

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'Uncanny X-Men' Take On the World

Rolling Stone: Kieron Gillen talks about Uncanny X-Men's second arc which will feature Psylocke.

Though Gillen's first year of Uncanny X-Men stories will focus on the heroes taking on planetary-scale threats, he has one story arc planned in which the X-Men will confront a problem they can't solve with brute force in an alien environment known as Tabula Rasa. "It's a scientific conundrum that you can't just punch in the face until it goes away," he says. "It challenges the team on a philosophical and moral level. That's the main way I approach superhero comics – there's got to be some manner of human connection to the threat or it is literally just punching and there's no point in that."