X-Men #22
Writer: Marc Guggenheim
Art by: Harvey Tolibao and Dexter Soy
Cover by: Terry Dodson
“EXOGENOUS” Conclusion!
• “Arrow” executive producer Marc Guggenheim wraps up his run on this critically acclaimed arc of X-MEN!
• Time is running out as the X-Men race to save the Earth from the alien monstrosities that have emerged from the depths of space!
• But will Rachel Grey forsake her teammates to get revenge on those responsible for the death of her family?

X-Force #13
Writer: Simon Spurrier
Art & Cover by: Rock-He Kim
• The fate of Hope Summers revealed!
• Fantomex takes on each and every one of the world’s secret intelligence agencies!
• And on the outs with the rest of his team, Cable hatches one last scheme…

Nightcrawler #9
Writer: Chris Claremont
Art & Cover by: Todd Nauck
• Bamfing to the aid of a friend in need, Nightcrawler finds himself in over his head when he runs afoul of THE SHADOW KING!
• And things go from bad to worse when the X-Men fall under the Shadow King’s sway…

Spoilers: While X-Force and MI13 are busy fighting each other, the terrorists known as the Quaddees show up and kidnap Agent Mel. After that, all teams start talking. Super soldiers reveal Agent Mel promised to turn them into gods, but never told they’d die inside the year. Super soldier says Agent Mel wanted the Quaddees to kidnap Tom, the rookie soldier, but that’s all he knows. X-Force, MI13 and the Super soldiers team up in order to track Agent Mel as she might know where Volga is. They all attack the terrorists’ headquarters; only to find out they have super powers as well thanks to Volga. Meanwhile, Psylocke and MeMe find Agent Mel. Betsy reads her mind. She finds out Mel doesn’t know a thing about Volga and that they keep Tom drugged because his powers manifest as a black hole which would swallow him and anyone around him. Psylocke and Meme decide not to rescue Mel and leave her there. The Super Soldiers decide to sacrifice themselves to keep the Quaddees nearby when Tom becomes a black hole and swallows all of them, leaving no trace of Volga’s tech. Meanwhile, MI13 and X-Force leave the place. After super soldiers and terrorists are sucked into the black hole, Wisdom warns Cable there’s an agency called The Yellow Eye being paid to spy on every single mutant alive.

X-Force #9
Writer: Simon Spurrier
Cover & Art by: Rock-He Kim

The Story:
• In the deserts of Afghanistan, X-Force has found a lead that could help them track down the villain who killed one of their own.
• But standing in their way is Britain’s own team of superhuman operatives: MI13!
• As the two factions come to blows, little do they know that a third player threatens to wipe them all off the board…

In Stores: September 10, 2014
Spoilers: While Jubilee, Storm, Brand and the crew members try to prevent everything from being sucked out into space, Psylocke, Rachel and Monet fight the Sidri hunters realizing they’re vulnerable to psychic attacks. The Sidrian retreat so the telepaths aboard Dr. Reyes’ shuttle and follow them. Meanwhile Storm manipulates the wind so as to counteract the decompression. Jubilee manages to seal all hull breaches by diverting all the station’s power to the shielding system. Problem is that is no power left to keep the station in orbit. The crew attempts to restart the power systems by using Storm’s electricity, which exhausts Ororo. Elsewhere, the telepaths lose track of the Sidri, but are approached by the Shi’ar. They are introduced to D’Keth, a member of the Shi’ar Weather Council who seems to know Rachel and her link to his species. They reveal they want to find out Deathbird’s whereabouts after her escape from confinement. For that purpose, the X-Men and the Shi’ar they form an alliance and track the Sidri’s trail, finding a structure composed of the carcasses of several Acanti. The telepaths realize it looks like what they saw in Deathbird’s mind. They split up in order to find out more about the place and what Deathbird was doing there. Psylocke and Monet come across a lab where species were experimented on and combined. Meanwhile, Rachel is followed by the Shi’ar and find out it was D’Keth who suggested the Grey family to be exterminated. But when they least expect it, the Sidri reappear before them.
X-Men #19
Writer: Marc Guggenheim
Art by: Harvey Tolibao, Dexter Soy
Cover by: Terry Dodson

The Story:
• With S.W.O.R.D.'s orbital headquarters, the Peak, literally hanging in the balance, the X-Men race into deep space to find the source of the new threat that's emerged from the abyss.
• But little do they suspect that lurking in the shadows of the Acanti Skunkworks, a conspiracy is waiting to entangle them...
• And what's worse is that it's a conspiracy that has connections to the deaths of Rachel Grey's family!

In Stores: September 3, 2014

CBR: This week, Guggenheim joined X-POSITION to discuss his current "X-Men" arc, returning to the X-Men universe after a lengthy hiatus, how his television experience with "Arrow" played into crafting the arc, his inspiration to bring the X-Men back into space and more.

You've mentioned in previous interviews that you made several pitches for your X-Men run, including at least one centering around each of the principal lead characters (Storm, Jubilee, Rachel, Monet, and Psylocke). Can you give us a hint as to what stories you had in mind for those characters and what particular qualities or paradoxes in each woman you want to emphasize in characterizing them?

Guggenheim: Well, my hope is to someday get to tell these stories, so, I probably shouldn't hint at them. [Laughs]

But I will say that the reason I didn't even contemplate shaking up Brian Wood's lineup was the fact that -- apart from the fact that, as I make a comment in issue #18, the vast majority of the team are all telepaths, they're all very different individuals. Rachel, I think, has this dark history and this tragic past, which colors her worldview in a very interesting way. Storm -- it's funny, it's hard to describe Storm. She's the easiest character for me to write, but she's the one I've spent the most time with as a reader. Her inner strength and inner nobility are very compelling things to see, particularly in comic books, which aren't always known for their strong female characters.

Monet -- I love sass. [Laughs] Monet's schtick is that she can sometimes border on obnoxious, but I love that voice and I love writing in that voice. Jubilee is the spark plug, literally the spark plug. She no longer has her powers, but she's still the youngster of the group that has a very interesting attitude herself. She's got a sense of humor about her -- it's different than Monet's, so I can play the two off of each other a little bit. Finally, there's Psylocke who is also another character that I've spent decades reading at this point, which makes me feel old. But I love the fact that she has a little bit of Storm's nobility with a little bit of Wolverine in her, too. It makes her a really interesting character.

A lot of times what I'll do is I'll think of stories -- and this is definitely true of the one that began on #18 -- and emotional journeys for these characters that's really based upon stuff that's happened to them in their past, and that's in part because I want to add new things to the sandbox, but at the same time, new character stuff can feel either like a gimmick or a ret-con. I'd rather start to work emotionally from the stuff that's already there. I think from the opening two pages of issue #18, you see that I'm doing that with Rachel's character and digging back into her past to try and bring out some stuff that still has some life to it. That's sort of true for all the characters -- they all have a rich history to them. They all have these rich backstories that I think make their emotional lives feel lived-in.

So far, there's only one arc announced for your "X-Men" run. Are you hoping to be able to tell a few of those stories you mentioned in further arcs down the line?

Guggenheim: Honestly, that's up to the powers that be at Marvel. When they asked me to come on, they were very clear that it would be a five-issue gig, and I just dove into it very enthusiastically. I love these characters and I love this world. I don't just mean the X-Men, I mean the Marvel Universe itself. I do really enjoy flexing those muscles. My hope is that there will be more Marvel work in my future. I've certainly been talking to various editors. If people agree, tweet! I think that helps.
X-Force #12
Writer: Simon Spurrier
Art & Cover by: Rock-He Kim
"Ends/Means" Part 2 of 5
• Fantomex’s compulsion to be THE BEST has put him at odds with X-Force! Turning on his former teammates, can a squad of killers hope to escape science’s perfect living weapon?
• Also! The true identity of the villain X-Force has been pursuing is revealed…and it’s an all-too familiar face…

X-Men #21
Writer: Marc Guggenheim
Art by: Harvey Tolibao & Dexter Soy
Cover by: Terry Dodson
"Exogenous" Part 4 of 5!
• As the X-Men race to find the origins of the threat that has emerged from deep space, they discover that there’s a larger conspiracy at work…one that may have its roots close to home!
• What are Agent Brand’s ties to the mysterious Providian order?
• How could Deathbird’s secret upset the balance of the cosmos?
• And what does the third Summers brother—and Rachel Grey’s uncle—Vulcan have to do with it all?