Spoilers: At an undisclosed location, a mysterious man breaks out of a prison. He knows he’s running out of time and wants his infant son to be his heir. His child is Shogo. At the Jean Grey School, Monet trains with Rockslide; she wants to be ready once the Sisterhood attacks again. Psylocke and Storm meet at the Hangar. Betsy wants Ororo to be active as before and more of a leader instead of a headmistress. Jubilee takes Shogo to Beast for a checkup. Hank assures her the baby’s healthy. At the security office, Rachel reminisces about Sublime breaking up with her and leaving. At the school front lawn, the kids play baseball and Teon is shot at the chest. Beast takes care of him and assures the shot was to wound only. Meanwhile, Sprite passes out after drinking water at the School. Jubilee receives a text message from Shogo’s father warning her he’s coming back for his son and to kill everyone at the School.

Back-up: Hellion, Rockslide, Anole and Broo decide to form a team and train at the Danger Room, which is running a medieval program. They struggle with it until Psylocke appears before them saying they hacked into her program.
Spoilers: Psylocke obtains intel based on Amazonas, Brazil. X-Force waits for her there while she fulfills her duties as an X-Men by day, much to Marrow’s dismay. Once Psylocke joins the team in Amazonas, she reveals she ran a mindsweep on Cerebra and found out Volga is about to launch something new on the arms market. She also tracked a Brazilian mutant named Antonio Aggasiz, whose brain was bursting the name “Volga”. Psylocke deduces he’s an escapee. Betsy tracks his signature and that of many others mutants to a “mutant sanctuary” in the middle of the forest. Psylocke and Fantomex get past through the guards and infiltrate the place. X-Force regroups and are ambushed by guards after figuring it out the “sanctuary” is actually a prison where the government secretly imprisons mutants from all over the world to avoid public outcry. One of the mutant prisoners says the rest of the guards headed to a specific room wearing psi-helmets. Cable releases all mutant prisoners and orders them to take on the guards, but Psylocke induces all of them to sleep, prisoners and teammates alike (except Cable) as she feels the prisoners shouldn’t be used to kill. Betsy then tells her teammates that she wasn’t recruited; she sought Cable because she couldn’t bear staying away from X-Force, from killing. She's an addicted. Meanwhile, in the physical plane, she managed to kill all the remaining guards. X-Force finds Antonio, who’s traumatized and is not much help. Volga appears before them as some sort of energy projection and kills Antonio.

X-Force #3
Writer: Simon Spurrier
Art & Cover by: Rock-He Kim
Variant Cover by: John Romita Jr.

The Story:
• X-Force races their foe, ruthless arms-dealer Volga, through the jungles of Brazil to locate a mutant who might be the key to his undoing.
• But can Psylocke curb her bloodlust long enough to complete the mission?
• And a new member is introduced to the team!

In Stores: April 16, 2014

X-Men #13
Writer: Brian Wood
Art by: Clay Mann
Cover by: Terry Dodson
Variant Cover by: J. G. Jones

The Story:
Bloodline, Part 1
• Jubilee is haunted by Shogo’s past… or is it his future?!

In Stores: April 16, 2014

Spoilers: The Watcher visits Beast and shows him all the realities that will never come to be thanks to him bringing the original X-Men to the present. Reality 1: Psylocke is killed by Archangel after he fulfills his destiny as Apocalypse. Reality 2: Psylocke parades with the X-Men, who are loved and accepted by humans. Reality 3: Psylocke, Storm and Nightcrawler explore the space once they're free to be who they are. Reality 4: Psylocke has a daughter with Iron Man.
CBR: To further elucidate his intentions for "X-Force," Si Spurrier joined X-Position to answer your questions about his sophomore ongoing series, including his plans for the cast, whether he plans to address plot points from previous incarnations of the series, developing the current version of Marrow, the thematic relationship between "X-Men Legacy" and "X-Force" and more.

Will you elaborate on what happened with Dark Fantomex and Cluster?

Spurrier: RAPID-FIRE SI SAYS YES. Probably. I have plans. [spooky wizard-doing-magic fingerwiggle]

Does EVA still have her humanoid form?

Spurrier: RAPID-FIRE SI SAYS SORT OF. And suggests you check out Episode 4 for a more complete answer.

Will you follow up on the Angel/Psylocke relationship?

Spurrier: RAPID-FIRE SI PULLS AN AWKWARD-TO-ANSWER-FACE AND DOES A GALLIC COMME CI COMME ÇA HAND-WOBBLE. I've said previously I'm resistant to the notion of Psylocke being purely defined according to whomsoever she happens to be boffing, which I think has been a risk with her depiction sometimes in the past, and I'm particularly leery about doing so using old relationships. Readers will have noticed already that I've made a point of drawing a line under the Psylocke/Fantomex thingy, much to Fantomex's consternation and confusion. He'll get over it soon, I promise.

So, there are plans for Psylocke which -- oh-so-nebulously -- could be regarded as relating to her lovelife, though perhaps not in the way you might think. Same's true of Fanto, incidentally, though in an opposite direction.

As for Angel -- nothing imminent, but I'd repeat my previous wiggly-fingered wizard up to no good bit, with an added arched brow, to assure you I have Thoughts And Ideas Of Relevance.

Any interaction with other teams?

Spurrier: RAPID-FIRE SI SAYS YES! Teams both new and old. You'll appreciate the main objective of the first arc, besides telling a severely twisty and splendid story, is to bed-in and fortify the team's role, so I've hesitated to go chucking-in all sorts of big distracting A-list cameos from the getgo. But we'll see some exciting new groups in episodes 4 and 5, and by the time we hit episodes 8 and 9 we're in recognizable superteams endeavoring to murder each otherterritory. Which is always nice.

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