Saturday, February 6, 2016

Olivia Munn Reveals New Psylocke Image and Answers Fans

Olivia Munn has revealed a new image of herself as the mutant, psychic ninja Psylocke in X-Men: Apocalypse. She also took to Twitter to answer questions about the film and the character.

What was your favorite scene to film?
Munn: The fight scene. It took me about two weeks to shoot the entire scene. That was definitely my favorite.

Who wins in a fight: you or Wolverine?
Munn: When I was training for Psylocke, one of the things that we worked on was using two blades. When I have my psionic blades, I fight a lot like Wolverine when his claws come out because the psionic blades are part of my arms. We have a similar fighting style so it would be a pretty even match, but Psylocke wins.

Did you get hurt at all during training?
Munn: I did get hurt training. Most of it was self-inflicted. My right side was completely bruised from the ankle all the way up to my thigh. That was when I was home trying to learn swords by myself before I asked for a not so sharp blade to practice with.

How much comic book reading did you do when you got cast as Psylocke?
Munn: I didn't have to do a lot of comic book reading for Psylocke because I pretty much knew most of that when I was a kid. I grew up in Japan and being one of five kids, we all would get our X-Men comics, share them and read them together.

Will she have great action scenes?
Munn: I hope so. I worked for many months training. I did six hours a day of sword, taekwondo training, stunt training and wire training and shot a fight scene for about two weeks. Hopefully the fight scene still remains in the movie.

Will she speak with British accent?
Munn: No. I do not have an English accent for Psylocke. There's a lot of people with British accents in the film, so I decided I would be American and represent this side of the pond.

Will we see Psylocke using her psychic weapons in X-Men Apocalypse?
Munn: Yes.

Friday, February 5, 2016

‘X-Men: Apocalypse’: Olivia Munn on Psylocke’s Provocative Costume

Collider: Olivia Munn had been a fan of the character for a very long time when she was asked to join the ensemble, and once she signed on, it was important to her that the sexuality of the character didn’t undermine her independence:

“Well, I’ve loved Psylocke… To me, I know that Psylocke is dressed very sexually. Out of all the costumes, it’s really revealing, but it’s important to know that she always had substantive plotlines… Just because she’s dressed like that, she’s not this promiscuous, slutty girl that’s—in fact, Apocalypse is the one who dressed her and gave her that outfit.”

The actress put a lot of work into diving into the psychology of the character, who has been used as a tool for others more often than not:

“The way that I see Psylocke is as a very powerful weapon that has been used and abused by different people so that they could use her powers, and she’s somebody who’s just looking for righteous purpose. Right now, that’s why she’s one of the bad guys.. She’s definitely someone who’s very strong, who’s been through a lot. She has really powerful abilities and is just looking for a purpose.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Uncanny X-Men #3 Art

Uncanny X-Men #3 Spoilers

Spoilers: Psylocke and Magneto try and pick up Triage when Barrage, Hurricane, and Harddrive show up. Hurricane attempts to flush Triage out, but Magneto intercepts, drawing their attention long enough for Betsy to bypass their psychic defenses and find out where they're based, while Triage continues healing the sick. Once she has what she needs, Erik lets loose on Harddrive, who teleports the Riders out but not before he leaves behind a little spybot. Triage is convinced to go with the X-Men after Magneto affords him a few minutes to heal whomever he can. In Tibet, Monet meets with Shen Xorn, who refuses to leave his sanctuary until he has completed his meditations. If the mists or Riders find him first, so be it. We find out that the X-Men are based on Genosha and that the Mists hit there early on, killing 60 mutants. Sabretooth gives them the news about Xorn, and they immediately start preparing to hit the Dark Riders at their home. The Riders' spybot has followed them back to Genosha, however, so they also know where the X-Men are based. In the last scene, Fantomex is leading several Hellfire grunts into the bowels of a Someday facility. They find several mutants locked in stasis before guards arrive and gun Fantomex down. It was a grunt the whole time, and Fantomex has escaped in EVA with his intelligence. He asks Mystique to set up a meeting with their "masters."

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Uncanny X-Men #3 Preview

Uncanny X-Men #3
Writer: Cullen Bunn
Cover & Art by: Greg Land

The Story:
• With mutantkind in extinction's crosshairs once more, Magneto leads a team of the deadliest X-Men to fight for the fate of their species!
• But can the Master of Magnetism curb his killer instincts long enough to find out who's trying to speed up mutantkind's descent into the grave?
• Plus: Fantomex! Triage! And an X-Man you probably thought you'd never see again...

In Stores: February 3, 2016

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Olivia Munn and Simon Kinberg Talk "X-Men: Apocalypse" & Psylocke

JoBlo: After a long run on G4’s Attack of the Show, Olivia Munn has begun branching over into the film world, making a big splash this year with both RIDE ALONG 2 and X-MEN: APOCALYPSE. Playing the fan-favorite character of Betsy Braddock/Psylocke, Munn talks about her costume, training, powers, and personality of the famed badass mutant. In terms of the costume, which is typically a form-fitting one-piece bathing suit, Munn weighed in on its importance and image.

“Everybody together decides what the costume should look like, so it's like an art picture of, ‘Here's like what we think Psylocke is going to look like.’ There's my head. I was like, ‘Oh, you're going to want me to work out more than I've already ...’ Munn trails off, then elaborates. “I think my first thought was it has to be purple, because we were going up against time and making it. It was black at first...The latex is in black and all the armor is in black and it's just easier, but I was like, ‘You got to make it purple.’ That was kind of my first thought when I saw myself in the costume, which is the Photoshop. When I first saw myself completely put together, it was a very nerdy cool dream. It's just like, "Whoa." It just doesn't really seem real.”

In terms of how Munn views Psylocke in the X-Men cinematic universe, she says, “The way that I see Psylocke is as a very powerful weapon that has been used and abused by different people so that they could use her powers and she's somebody who's just looking for righteous purpose." As for Psylocke’s powers, Munn describes how they held back on certain elements, particularly her telepathic powers.

“Psylocke is telepathic and telekinetic. In the movie, we see her being a telekinetic. We don't see her being telepathic. It's a decision because this is the first time we've really been able to see the character of Psylocke and have her really, truly exist in the movie. I talked about it with Simon Kinberg. There's just so much going on, especially with Apocalypse's power, and then trying to take on all of the X-Men. When you are telepathic, I feel that it's a power that you want to hold close to your chest. It's a card that you don't want a lot of people to know about because it's so much more powerful when people don't know that you have this power.”

Munn elaborates on the sword fighting aspect, as well as Psylocke’s deadly psi-blade, saying she will utilize both in the film.

“Yeah, which is why I had to learn to use a regular sword with both hands, so I can switch in between. It's more work for the special effects guys but it's pretty cool. That was actually James McAvoy's idea. He was like, "’f you can use both hands,’ he's like, ‘Then you can go, you can switch, you can...’ Because the thing about sword work is that you're always keeping somebody off. Like they don't really know it's happening. You're really throwing people off. Your opponent. He was like, "Well, you can really throw them off if you're going from your real sword to your psychic sword and then just switching hands and it's just...’ I was like, ‘That sounds awesome.’”

In terms of Psylocke’s personality, Munn says, “She’s methodical and very loyal and she's very calm and she's fearless. Her aggression is below the surface, but it's like, it's bubbling ... It's right there at any moment to access. She's a very calm, easygoing, kind of person within this world of insanity, but she's so powerful and strong. That feeling of when did anything where you're learning a skill. Once you learn it, you feel really powerful. She's very comfortable in her skin.”

Don't expect to see much about Psylocke's comic book past, however, as her origins as Betsy Braddock, sister of Brian Braddock aka Captain Britain, and the events that led to her becoming this version of Psylocke are not explored here, but hinted at. "There's small, subtle references to it with Apocalypse," says Munn. "For people who love and know Psylocke, they will know who she is fully formed. You would know her storyline."

ScreenRant: The actress pointed out that each of the Horseman is lost in some way, which is a fact that Apocalypse – like any other successful cult leader – is able to sense, and exploit to his own ends. Of course, that doesn’t exactly mean that Psylocke is forced to do anything she doesn’t do willingly (unfortunately, the story of how she came to be recruited and re-costumed may not be given much screen time in the finished film).

Munn explains: That’s the amazing thing about cult leaders. They can really see when people are weak and how to prey on that and capitalize on that. You see that with Magneto and Storm and Angel and myself. We all are in a place where we’re really needing somebody to come in and say, “This is the way.” [Apocalypse] first meets her and she’s the bodyguard. She’s got this amazing skill and she has zero fear when she goes against him, so he needs her. What he sees in her is that she is someone who can protect and has no fear and is an amazing fighter and has amazing abilities. She’s doing things because she wants to do them. She’s like, “I want to join you. You haven’t fooled me into joining you. I get it, I see what you’re doing, and I want to be part of it.” In the end, they manipulate her, but it’s always her choice to join it.

Collider: The producer/writer Simon Kinberg used the addition of Olivia Munn’s Psylocke as an example, revealing that the character was a late addition to the Apocalypse ensemble:

“Psylocke was quite a late addition to the script and the movie. Bryan Singer and I were up here in Montreal and we felt like we needed a different Horseman, and we just started going through the cycling of the different Apocalypse Horsemen over history. We felt like we wanted it to be a female character and we pretty quickly settled on Psylocke. And super randomly I think a week or two earlier I was in Los Angeles and we were casting Deadpool. I had met with Olivia Munn for a character in Deadpool that ultimately wasn’t the right character for her, but we were like ‘We’ve gotta keep in touch, she has to do something in the X-Men world.’ And Bryan and I were sitting in Montreal a few weeks later and saying we should do Psylocke and I was like, ‘Dude, I just met with Olivia Munn two weeks ago. She’d be great.’ Then we looked at pictures of her online and I emailed her and I said, ‘I think this is a great character for you’ and she immediately emailed me back and sent me all this fan art online that fans had done of her as Psylocke. So that’s how that one came to be.

Uncanny X-Men #2 Art

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Uncanny X-Men #2 Spoilers

Spoilers: Mystique working undercover at Someday Corporation gets her identity blown and fights her way from her would be captors. She escapes into a car with men who are dressed as Hellfire grunts. The driver tells Mystique while her cover was blown she obtained valuable intel on Someday.

In Detroit, Magneto is seen lurking through a medical examiners office. He locates the body of the mutant healer that was murdered by the Dark Riders. Psylocke communicating with him telepathically, from the Blackbird, tells him the mutant healer would still be alive if he hadn't sent him away as opposed to taking him, and the other mutants, in with them last issue. Magneto realizes that mutant healers are being targeted and tells Psylocke they need to locate other potential targets. Psylocke mentions Elixir and Triage but mid sentence Archangel appears briefly on one of the monitors Psylocke was looking at. Psylocke in shock, doesn't mention it to Magneto. Psylocke sends Monet and Sabretooth out to locate Elixir.

Elixir is found living in a church with normal humans in Vermont. Elixir mentions he doesn't want to join the X-Men and wants live a normal life. Monet urges him to come with him because they know he's in danger, and they're ambushed by the Dark Riders. As Sabretooth and Monet fight off the Dark Riders, Monet is struck by one of them and sent flying out of the church and lands outside. Monet lands by a group of humans, the same ones that took Elixir in, all murdered by the Dark Riders. Elixir runs outside and uses his powers to heal everyone at once, something he has not been capable of before. Monet is surprised to see how much more powerful Elixir has become. Sabretooth realizes it was a trap to lure Elixir out in the open. On the roof of the church, a Dark Rider uses a sniper rifle to shoot Elixir dead. They mention they should be able to get the Akkaba Clan's attention at this rate of murdering mutants, and escape before Sabretooth can locate them. Monet stays near Elixir's corpse. To be continued!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

X-Solicits for April 2016

Uncanny X-Men #6
Writer: Cullen Bunn
Art by: Ken Lashley
Cover by: Greg Land
Connecting Variant by: Ken Lashley
Classic Variant Cover by: TBA
Story Thus Far Variant Cover by: TBA
The first time original X-Man Archangel met Apocalypse, he was transformed into the homicidal Horseman of Death. Breaking free of Apocalypse's grasp, Archangel eventually returned to the X-Men and formed a relationship with his teammate, Psylocke. Now, years later, Psylocke has found a vacant, drone-like Archangel in the guise of Death once more. Fearing he's again fallen under Apocalypse's sway, Psylocke and her team of X-Men embark on a mission to save Archangel's life. But little do they know that they are about to discover a far more horrifying truth than they could have imagined...

X-Men '92 #2
Writer: Chris Sims & Chas Bowers
Art by: Alti Firmansyah
Cover by: David Nakayama
Variant Cover by: TBA
• PONDER: The machinations of the Fenris Twins!
• FEAR: The terror of Alpha Red!
• RELISH: The X-Men of the '90s, back in action!