BleedingCool: Comic book creators are often a gossipy lot. Especially in the New York bars after a comic convention. And sometimes it takes a little while to filter through a variety of sources.

Such as which upcoming books are being cancelled. Some we’d heard before, but now we have issue numbers.

I understand from such sources that the current run on X-Force will be published until issues #14 or #15. The upcoming trade paperback goes until #10, so #15 feels more likely.

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Spoilers: Captain America, Captain Marvel and the Invisible Woman deduce that Brian Braddock is attached to the Illuminati. Steve Rogers thinks Brian may have some insight that the Avengers don't, so he wants to reach out his family. Carol says there's Psylocke, but that she's protected by the X-Nation the same way Beast is. It seems the X-Men now have a nation of their own.

Spoilers by CraigTheCylon: All of X-Force (minus Doc Nemesis) have followed the bug-tracer planted via ForgetMeNot's sacrifice in #10, arrive at the portal station we saw in #7, and go through into the Yellow Eye base. Much fighting ensues while a narrating voice shares Hope/MeMe's musings over her squadmates. Upon finding the monitor tech used by Yellow Eye, Cable seems to amend his mission plan from 'destroy' to 'subvert', much to MeMe's consternation. While the baddie stormtroopers fall in droves, a particular elite henchman puts up more of a fight, and Fantomex starts gibbering again when he misses his shot at them. Because of this, and because he apparently dumped her between issues, MeMe hacks into Fantomex' head mid-battle and scans his memories, confirming that he was at Alexandria in search of Cluster and Weapon XIII, hoping to be whole and perfect again. The Yellow Eye boss and elite henchman retreat behind a...flesh wall and in the downtime, Fantomex angrily calls MeMe 'Summers', revealing that he's been able to counter-hack her mind during their liaisons and knew who she was the whole time. This leads to a mental discussion wherein Fantomex goes completely off the rails, instructs E.V.A. to forcibly eject MeMe from his cortex, then pukes her up and uses her to incapacitate the rest of the team. He monologues about how sick he is of bowing to authority, how he thought to use Volga's tech to make himself better, and now intends to use Yellow Eye resources to track down his other selves AND any other super-tech he could potentially bond with to become stronger. He shoots Marrow in the head and is ready to do the same to Psylocke when he himself gets shot by Domino, previously said 'elite henchman', freed from Yellow Eye control-tech by a panicking MeMe.
CBR: In this week's X-Position, Spurrier answered many questions about "X-Force," including the untimely death of ForgetMeNot, the working relationship between Cable and Dr. Nemesis, the current status of Hope Summers and much, much more.

Your X-Force is currently my favorite x-book right now and I have to say thanks for some awesomely fun storytelling. Sadly I don't really have any good questions so I'll just ask who's voice do you hear when you write Psylocke? Actually do you hear anyone's voice when you write your characters?
EXCLUSIVE: Art from "X-Force" #11 by Rock-He Kim
Spurrier: Tricky one. I tend to say all my characters' dialogue out loud while I'm writing it (one among many reasons I'm utterly insufferable to be around while working) so I suppose the most accurate answer is that I hear my own bloody voice when writing Psylocke and the rest. But that's a pretty cruel aural impression to inflict upon (I assume?) a Psylocke fan, so I suppose the more appropriate answer would be that I base her voice, and more importantly her choice of words, on two or three of my friends who fit the mould. That is: born into money, well educated, well spoken -- "queen's English," daahling -- but with all the elegant corners filed off by years of experience, perspective, camouflage and damage. You probably don't need me to tell you the class system is alive and well in the UK, and the most telling metric of which side you're on in the secret war is often the plumminess of your voice. It follows that a lot of very well-to-do people, who recognize and despise the unfairness of the system despite being born to privilege, develop a fascinating hybrid syntax mixing "posh" enunciation and articulacy with slang, inventive neologisms and the ability to swear like a fucking trooper. Many of my snobbiest pals have the most delightfully dirty mouths.
Anyway, that's kind of how I hear Psylocke. Two parts frosty well-spoken aristocracy to one part affable gutter.
I'm actually a bit hesitant to go suggesting Known Names -- actors, etc -- to give you a sense of whose voices I hear when I write these characters, because it smacks of being a little restrictive, if not outright problematic. What if that voice feels totally wrong compared to the one you -- as a reader -- have already subconsciously assigned? You're going to be constantly tripping yourself up wondering if you're Hearing It Right, when in truth yours is really the only "right" which matters.
I think part of the joy of these things is the personal touch that comes from each reader experiencing a character in a subtly different way, y'know? The Betsy Braddock in your head won't ever sound quite like the Betsy Braddock in someone else's, and that's magical and mystical and marvelous. In fact the only thing I'll commit to text right here, as a sliver of I-stand-by-it personal wisdom, it's this: you'll enjoy these comics better if you move your lips while you read.
Seriously. Accents live in mouths, not brains.

X-Force #14
Writer: Simon Spurrier
Art & Cover by: Rock-He Kim
• Fantomex is on a murderous rampage, taking out each and every one of the world's secret intelligence agencies, working his way closer to getting revenge on X-Force!
• Knowing the confrontation is inevitable, Cable and his team ready themselves for the fight of their lives...

X-Men #23
Writer: G. Willow Wilson
Art by: TBA
Cover by: Terry Dodson
• The start of a brand new story penned by MS. MARVEL creator G. WILLOW WILSON!
• When a sinkhole appears under mysterious circumstances in the middle of the Black Rock Desert, the X-Men go to investigate...
• But little do they suspect that the phenomenon has connections to old allies...and enemies!

Marvel's event teasers keep on coming, and this time they've shifted the spotlight towards the 2005 event "House of M." IGN has revealed the latest image, this one by artist Jorge Molina, featuring the "House of M" versions of Magneto, Wolverine, Psylocke, Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man and others aggressively and defiantly standing at the ready.

The teaser is the latest in a long line of mysterious callbacks to past Marvel events, kicked off by the unveiling of new "Civil War" art just prior New York Comic Con. In the week since the convention, teasers alluding to "Age of Ultron" and "Marvel Zombies," "Days of Future Past" and "Planet Hulk" have all been revealed. While not yet confirmed, these retro-facing teasers may be connected to the "Secret Wars" event by Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic announced at NYCC.
Get a closer look at Psylocke's newest costume in Marvel Heroes 2015.

Costume History: After being mind-controlled by the crime-lord Matsu'o Tsurayaba (and switching bodies with the assassin Kwannon), Psylocke was positioned as the ultimate assassin for Mandarin himself: Lady Mandarin! If you want to talk about Psylocke, drop by the Psylocke Forum for in-depth discussion!

X-Force #11
Writer: Simon Spurrier
Art & Cover by: Rock-He Kim

The Story:
• X-Force has their sights set on their next target, a mutant who may just hold the key to defeating their greatest adversary: X-MEN: LEGACY #300’s ForgetMeNot!
• But how can they convince him to join their cause? 
• And more importantly: How can they hope to find a mutant who slips out of memory whenever he leaves their sight?

In Stores: October 22, 2014