Thursday, September 30, 2010

Uncanny X-Force #1 Preview

Cover by: Esad Ribic
Writer: Rick Remender
Pencils: Jerome Opeña

The Story:
"Ages," Part 1 Wolverine promised Cyclops that X-Force would disband -- he lied. A secret society has resurrected En Sabah Nur, putting into motion events that will turn this age of heroes into an Age of Apocalypse! To hold them back, Wolverine and Archangel bring together Fantomex, Deadpool, and Psylocke to form The Uncanny X-Force! Stained by their history, they are the only ones capable of making the hard resolutions necessary. A band of likeminded friends and mercenaries set to one purpose, one big ugly task -- kill Apocalypse by any means. Parental Advisory

In Stores: October 6, 2010

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mei Melançon Talks Psylocke

ComicBookMovie: Dave Bentley over at The Coventry Telegraph recently spoke Mei Melancon about her role as Psylocke in Brett Ratner's X-Men: The Last Stand and below are some excerpts from the interview. For the whole thing, where the actress goes into a lot more detail about being cast in the role and her thoughts on the movie, just click here!

On Whether She'd Play Psylocke Again In A Future X-Men Movie:

"Whether I am part of X-Men again or not, I would love to see Psylocke come back. I think she is a great character that has had really interesting reincarnations over the years, many of which would play out great in film. If fans want a character enough I am sure the studio will bring them in at some point."

On Whether She Filmed Scenes Using Psy-Blades:

"I know there were conversations about the X-Men 3 version of Psylocke and the different directions that she might take. Having psi-blades was a discussion and there was a point when we were possibly going to go back to shoot a scene in a laboratory where she could have used them, so that might be where that idea came from, in the possibility of this scene. But, no, we never ended up shooting any scenes with the psi-blades."

On Whether She Was Playing Psylocke Or Kwannon:

"Psylocke is pretty popular, so when fans or journalists express their disappointment I totally understand and I have acknowledged this frustration in past interviews. But honestly - from a personal place - I was pretty happy to be in the movie in whatever capacity."

"There was discussion that she was Kwannon or possibly other characters too, but I can't comment on the final choice made. There were certain aspects of her that were true to Psylocke: the red tattoo from Crimson Dawn, and the purple hair - though it was obviously shorter. Outfit-wise - and this is my personal opinion only - if she was standing there in her usual skintight outfit - which I do find sexy and would have been so stoked to wear - it might not have matched the tone or what the other characters were wearing."

On The Negative Reaction Fans Had To The Movie:

"Anyway, overall the film did very well, right? So they obviously did something right. I know a lot of people - maybe not hardcore X-Men fans but the general public - enjoyed their 12 bucks' worth.

Anyway, overall the film did very well, right? So they obviously did something right. I know a lot of people - maybe not hardcore X-Men fans but the general public - enjoyed their 12 bucks' worth. You know, I sometimes wish that fans could be a fly on the wall during the making of films like this, I'm sure they would get why certain decisions have to be made. What I saw was a lot of commitment from the writers, producers and director to make the best film possible."

On X-Men: First Class:

"I think Matthew Vaughn makes great films. I really loved Layer Cake. And, yes, I am excited. I have a friend Edi Gathegi who is going to be in it, he's such a unique talented actor and a lovely guy and I'm excited to see what he and the other actors bring to their roles."

Friday, September 24, 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

X-Solicits for December 2010

Uncanny X-Force #3
Written by: Rick Remender
Pencils by: Jerome Opeña
Cover by: Esad Ribic
"The Apocaylpse Solution," part 3. Uncanny X-Force versus Apocalypse's Last Horsemen to the death! With their target within striking distance the team separate in hopes that one of them might infiltrate the Akkaba stronghold and assassinate Apocalypse. However, breaking apart has left them vulnerable, and one member pays a heavy toll for the strategy. Will a member of the team die to stop Apocalypse? Or will the price be heavier still?

X-Men Legacy #243
Written by: Mike Carey
Penciled by: Paul Davidson
Cover by: Leinil Francis Yu
"Fables of the Reconstruction," conclusion! When the X-Men used an engineered virus to defeat Bastion's army of mutant-exterminating Sentinels, they didn't realize it would also compromise one of their own: Karima Shapandar, a.k.a. Omega Sentinel. With her reactivated Sentinel programming taking over, the X-Men find themselves in dire straits...and one X-Man may just cross the line in order to stop her!

Uncanny X-Men #531
Written by: Matt Fraction & Kieron Gillen
Pencils & Cover by: Greg Land
"Quarantine" The X-Men on Utopia are getting sicker and sicker and their powers are shutting down one-by-one. Wolverine's healing factor is down and he's suffering adamantium poisoning, but he's much better off than the mutants whose mutation defines their bodies, like Rockslide and Mercury. And if that weren't bad enough, The Collective Man has Chinatown in the palms of his many hands and the Sublime Corporation is kicking the plan they've been hatching since #515 into high gear!

X-Men #6
Written by: Victor Gischler
Penciled by: Paco Medina
Cover by: Adi Granov
"Curse of the Mutants," conclusion! Somehow, the X-Men have weathered the vampire raid on Utopia, but mutants can't claim total victory yet. Jubilee still needs the X-Men's help, and Xarus still commands an overwhelming force of bloodsuckers. Will Dracula's intervention be the final nail in Xarus' coffin...or will he make even more trouble for the X-Men than his upstart son ever could?

X-Men: To Serve And Protect #2
Written by: Chris Yost, Ray Fawkes & others
Penciled by: Various
Cover by: Giuseppe Camuncoli
There's a new Dynamic Duo in town! Two X-Men have donned masks and taken to the streets of San Francisco as the new vigilante protectors of the people against a huge Spider-Man villain. Who are these X-Men and why are they disguising themselves? Only Chris Yost knows as his serial tale anchors this collection of stories where the X-Men find themselves knee-deep in the Marvel Universe next to your favorite characters. Also in this issue: Spider-Man! The Stepford Cuckoos! And much more!

Heroic Age: X-Men #1
Written by: Various
Cover by: Jae Lee
As mutantkind begins to pull back from the brink of extinction, Steve Rogers joins the fight! Appraising the state of mutants today, Steve assesses the X-Men, X-Factor, the New Mutants, the Five Lights and more from the mutant community! This 64-page Heroic Age files book also includes considerations for the humans who have sympathized with the mutant condition and takes aim at the worst of anti-mutant bigotry! See the world of mutants from Steve Rogers' vantage point, featuring everyone from Apocalypse to X-23!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Next Big Thing: Uncanny X-Force Rick Remender and Axel Alonso discuss Wolverine’s new killer squad and their plan to take down Apocalypse


Remender: "He doesn't come alone; when Apocalypse comes, you also have the Horsemen and the Akkaba Society. I think we've got something totally unique planned for the character, something that puts a unique dilemma on X-Force as well. We've got some very exciting things to be revealed."

Apocalypse as a child?

Remender: "If that's Apocalypse that will add some tension to the team; discovering that their target's a boy gives a different side of the Hope/Bishop dynamic. The challenge these characters face, and how they respond to it, will define and redefine them for a long time."
Alonso: "When they're covered in blood, what do they have left inside them? Uncanny X-Force will be a very emotional story, and one I think will haunt readers after they've read the first arc."


Remender: "Deadpool's hired to hunt down something, and surprising everyone, he starts putting pieces together and discovers stuff. He brings a lot of comic relief in the tense, high adventure and action scenes with the crazy things he's thinking through it all. But he wants this to work, that's the core of it all in a skewed crazy sense."
Alonso: "Don't forget, Deadpool's crazy but efficient. And he has some beautiful moments with Fantomex, who's not exactly 'goody two shoes' either. They are on the team for very different reasons, but they're very similar."


Remender: "Fantomex was originally created to be a mutant-hunting Sentinel, but never really did it. As a character, he's fairly complex, but he has a clearly defined relationship with Logan: he was the one to pull back the curtain to show him what really happened at the program. Fantomex and Wolverine are close friends not just because of their shared history, but because of the amount of trouble Fantomex went through to unveil Wolverine's history for him."

New Members

Remender: "By the time I was pitching to write Uncanny X-Force, the initial team was already in place, but we have some very exciting new members coming in the next couple issues. I'll give you a million bucks if you can guess who's coming; it's going to be hugely exciting for fans, and hopefully make something that's new and unique for X-characters."

Psylocke ♥ Archangel

Remender: "Their relationship always fascinated me. It came back for a couple very natural reasons, but their relationship becomes something unlike anything seen before. Warren needs Betsy to help him control Archangel; he needs her in a big way. That adds a lot of questions once they rekindle their affair; when there's that kind of necessity, one begins to wonder if he needs her more than he loves her.
Alonso: There's a lot of urgency in everyone's relationships beginning right in the first issue. And there's also a love triangle, and I'm not talking Deadpool and Fantomex.


Remender: "X-Force has a base called Cavern-X in the mountains of North Arizona. We get to see it in all it's splendor in Uncanny X-Force #2. Basically, Warren's been putting together a museum for mutants for some time as a sort of time capsule in the event that the mutant race ever fizzled out. So now it's a base and a museum.

The Final Horsemen

Alonso: "Rick and Jerome have created these four new Horsemen - the Final Horsemen - and you'll get to see what they're all about; they're real keepers. They all have interesting back stories, with a lot of pathos. They're more than just cool looking characters."
Remender: "This is Apocalypse's last big push to implement an age of Apocalypse. There'll be some twists and turns in the series, and we're seeding some big stuff to happen along the way."

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Uncanny X-Force: Next Big Thing

Rob Liefeld and Clayton Crain's Variants

Newsarama: Uncanny X-Force is the focus of the latest "Next Big Thing" conference call with members of the press. The call's scheduled to include Remender and Marvel Vice-President Executive Editor Axel Alonso, talking about the comic's initial story arc (and maybe how the team got those nifty silver and gray outfits). Newsarama was there — just click on the link to follow along. Here are a few excerpts concerning Psylocke:

Axel Alonso: Alonso says in that way this book is distinctly different than the previous incarnation — X-23 isn't on the team because Wolverine doesn't want her there. Alonso also says that the romance between Psylocke and Archangel will be rekindled.

Rick Remender: "It's a re-ignited love affair, but there's a lot more to it," Remender says. "Warren needs Betsy to help him control Archangel," Remender added, suggesting that this will be a dangerous dynamic to their romance, with Archangel wondering where love and and dependency begins.

Axel Alonso:
"There's an urgency to their romance," Alonso added.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Uncanny X-Force Trailer

Newsarama: Check out this newly created trailer made for Uncanny X-Force by Marvel!