Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Mutants #23 Spoilers (Age of X, Chapter 4)

Spoilers: Magneto catches up to Legacy (Rogue) and Gambit. Magneto is rebelling as well because he feels there is something wrong. He shows them the Fortress X plans and point to a room he didn't build. He sends them to see what's in the room while he provides the distraction. "X" loses track of Magneto, then tells Moonstar that he has also betrayed them, so now they are looking for him. Rogue borrows Gambit's powers to get to the room Magneto wants them to infiltrate. Magneto frees Kitty and Professor X - he's trying to rescue them. Whomever has created the chaos, its a woman. Xavier says he couldn't stop her. "She took it all. Turned it inside out". He says they have to find her and make her give it back. Rogue and Gambit enter the room. They find Dr. Nemesis frozen in place trying to touch a keyboard. We find out that Nemesis was looking at scans of someone's brain. They find a box, Rogue looks inside and drops the box. Moonstar and her gang catch up to Magneto, they accuse him of murder, he says he's killed no one. They come to a truce until they get all the answers. Something drops on Magnetos and knocks him out, the Force Warriors have taken over control and have relieved Magneto of his command. Gambit asks Rogue what she saw in the box. The whole universe is in the box which is why there is nothing outside the walls of Fortress X...

Thanks to Nekobaghira for the spoilers!


X-Fan said...

Really enjoyed this issue too...this is my favorite X-event by far in the last five years...hope next issue we have more Psylocke !
5 ronin was really sexy.....I liked it alot...and Uncanny X-Force 6...good read too but must admit I prefered the first arc and the stand alone Deathstrike issue....don´t care much for Deathlock I guess...but issue 8 is promising!

treysome said...

man this sounds exciting