Thursday, June 28, 2018

Marvel Legends Purple Hair Psylocke Figure Variant is Released A new variant for the Psylocke figure in the X-Men Marvel Legends Apocalypse Build-A-Figure wave, which seems to be shipping in a 1:1 ratio, was released. The main difference is the hair. The original version has black hair while the newer one has purple hair. Another difference between the two figures is the one with purple hair seems to be done with an overall darker color for the costume.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Hunt For Wolverine: Mystery in Madripoor #2 Art

Hunt For Wolverine: Mystery in Madripoor #2 Spoilers

Spoilers: Kitty phases both Domino and Jubilee and together they escape to the sewers under Madripoor’s Lowtown. The Femme Fatales regroup at their headquarters and we learn they were hired by a mysterious client who has enhanced their abilities and powers. Viper orders the Femme Fatales to imprison Rogue and Storm along with their special guest, the real Magneto, whose mind was scrambled by Sapphire Styx and Mindblast. Viper contacts her employer and says that Magneto and the X-Men have been dealt with. She worries Sapphire’s hunger is becoming an issue since she almost killed Magneto and is now draining Psylocke’s soul. The employer orders her to focus on finalizing the “delivery” and that they only serve the will of “Soteira”. Elsewhere, Sapphire is planning to drain Psylocke some more but is shocked to learn that Betsy is dead; no heartbeat, no breath.

Back at the Princess Bar, the remaining X-Men tend to their wounds and plan to hide in plain sight to gather information. Kitty, Domino and Jubilee visit alleys, clubs, bars, and one clue leads to another until they find one of the Femme Fatales guarding a mysterious man in a casino. Jubilee creates a diversion, while Domino takes on Bloodlust and Kitty phases Stenya Ubacowits, the mysterious man, outside. The three X-Men demand answers from Stenya and he says he was hired to plot flight trajectories for a satellite that was supposed to launch that night but was called off due to bad weather. Kitty forces him to lead them to the launch pod. Back at Viper’s headquarters, Rogue regains consciousness and realizes that Storm being confined in such a small space is the reason the weather is out of control outside. Meanwhile, Sapphire is still enjoying the effects of Psylocke’s magnificent soul on herself and gloats over Betsy’s corpse, but is surprised by the sight of none other than Wolverine himself in his Patch disguise holding Betsy’s dead body.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Jamie Braddock Returns in 'Infinity Countdown: Black Widow' #1

Flashback to 2012, Psylocke was forced to kill her older brother Jamie Braddock in order to stop the Goat of self-propagation from destroying every reality. Back to 2018, Jamie Braddock returned in the pages of Infinity Countdown: Black Widow #1 without further explanation.

Spoilers: Jamie Braddock, who is as insane as ever, apparently has been dabbling in the dark arts and fights Black Widow for the possession of her Space Infinity Stone. He did mention remembering his sister killing him. Luckily for Black Widow, Merlyn was more than happy to offer her a helping hand against the mad Braddock.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Jim Zub Teases Surprise for 'Mystery in Madripoor' #4

Jim Zub has confirmed via Twitter that a new Spoiler Variant Cover for Hunt For Wolverine: Mystery in Madripoor #4 was solicited. The final order cut-off for retailers is July 30. Mystery in Madripoor #4 will be released August 22.

Q: Do you think you can keep the twist happening in Madripoor #4 secret until release date or is it likely to be spoiled in future solicitations/conventions/preview art/interviews?

Jim Zub: I know it’ll be spoiled once copies arrive with retailers, but before then I’m hoping it’ll stay a secret. Fingers crossed.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Hunt For Wolverine: Mystery in Madripoor #2 Preview

Hunt For Wolverine: Mystery in Madripoor #2
Writer: Jim Zub
Art by: Thony Silas
Cover by: Greg Land
Variant Cover by: Chris Bachalo

The Story:
One X-Man down, five to go! The new Femme Fatales claim their first victim (but not their last)! What is Magneto’s connection to Logan’s disappearance? Can Storm, Kitty, Domino and Jubilee survive when the whole city is hunting them.

In Stores: June 27, 2018

'Mr. & Mrs. X' Starring Rogue and Gambit is Announced; Psylocke to Appear in #1

Newsarama: The wedding in this week's X-Men Gold #30 didn't exactly go off without a hitch. Yes - two X-Men got married, but rather than Kitty Pryde and Colossus as expected, in a surprise twist Gambit and Rogue tied the knot after Kitty got cold feet.

Following the surprise nuptials, Marvel has released the solicitations for Mr. and Mrs. X #1-3, previously solicited as "X Classified," with no information about the issues offered.

Mr. and Mrs. X will be an ongoing series written by Kelly Thompson with art from Oscar Bazaldua. As previously revealed, the series' first arc will focus on the pair's spontaneous honeymoon to outer space.

Q: Will Dazzler or any of the other Outback X-Women cameo eventually in Mr and Mrs X?

Kelly Thompson: Well, some of them show up in the first issue because half of the first issue is wedding stuff (Storm, Jubilee, Psylocke). Ali gets mentioned but is not seen. After that, no. It’s all space-honeymoon-and-save-the-world-hijinx for five issues.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

X-Solicits for September 2018

Return of Wolverine #1 (of 5)
Charles Soule (W) • Steve Mcniven (A/C)
X-Force Costume Variant Cover by: Steve Mcniven
Fang Costume Variant Cover by: Steve Mcniven
Age of Apocalypse Costume Variant Cover by: Steve Mcniven
Patch Costume Variant Cover by: Steve Mcniven
Weapon X Costume Variant Cover by: Steve Mcniven
Brown & Tan Costume Variant Cover by: Steve Mcniven
Whiskers Costume Variant Cover by: Steve Mcniven
Remastered Variant Cover by: Todd Mcfarlane
B&W Remastered Variant Cover by: Todd Mcfarlane
Variant Cover by: John Cassaday
Variant Cover by: Leinil Francis Yu
Variant Cover by: Skottie Young
Variant Cover by: John Tyler Christopher
Party Variant Cover by: TBA
Premier Variant Cover by: Steve Mcniven
Blank Variant Cover Also Available
• He’s back, bub.

X-Men Gold #35
Marc Guggenheim (W) • Michele Bandini (A)
Cover by: Phil Noto
• The X-Men versus the undead!
• Goddess versus god!
• And Storm’s final battle?

X-Men Gold #36
Marc Guggenheim (W) • Pere Perez (A)
Cover by: Phil Noto
Final Issue Variant Cover by: Whilce Portacio
• A special look into a day in the life of the headmistress of the Xavier Institute…

X-Men Blue #35
Cullen Bunn (W) • Marcus To (A)
Cover by: R.B. Silva
• Knowing that their time is limited, the original X-Men must face uncomfortable realities about their future…

X-Men Blue #36
Cullen Bunn (W) • Marcus To (A)
Cover by: R.B. Silva
Final Issue Variant Cover by: Mike Allred
• Are the young X-Men’s destinies set in stone?
• Are they only fighting the inevitable?
• Only their modern-day counterparts can answer that!

Astonishing X-Men #15
Matthew Rosenberg (W) • Greg Land (A/C)
Cosmic Ghost Rider VS Variant Cover by: Akcho
• After the events of last issue, Havok and his team are on the run from the law.
• Plus, the Reavers’ secret mission is revealed!

X-Men Red #8
Tom Taylor (W) • Carmen Carnero (A)
Cover by: Jenny Frison
Cosmic Ghost Rider VS Variant Cover by: Jamal Campbell
Headshot Variant Cover by: Travis Charest
• In the wake of an unprecedented assault on Atlantis, the X-Men must react and recover…while at the mercy of a world that grows more hostile to mutants every day, and a foe who is determined to keep it that way!

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Astonishing X-Men #12 Art

Astonishing X-Men #12 Spoilers

Spoilers: The Shadow King reclaims his physical form and faces the X-Men, spilling his vile poison and spreading his darkness. One by one, the X-Men fall, except Psylocke whose powers allow her to resist his onslaught. Bishop’s database confirms this is the Mindkiller Apocalypse it had warned about before. The reality gardens Proteus had seeded are now being used by Farouk to spread his filth all over the world. Bishop, Gambit, Archangel, Rogue, Mystique and Logan are overwhelmed by emotional breakdowns, and soon Psylocke follows suit and falls. X who had been watching the battle refuses to give up and heals himself, standing up to face the Shadow King. X asks for Betsy’s help to defeat Farouk, but she thinks they’re not enough. X says they won’t be alone, and together they create another psychic network linking every psychic in the world, including Emma Frost, Quentin Quire, Rachel Grey, the Cuckoos, Synapse and many others. Psylocke channels the power of every psychic and unleashes it against the Shadow King, shrinking him into a small, measly spider. X steps on the spider, ending Farouk, and Psylocke purifies the filth that had taken over the world and the other X-Men. X thanks Psylocke for saving the world and reassures her he is still X, not Charles Xavier, because he has changed. The other X-Men are suspicious about X, but Betsy vouches for him, telling them the Shadow King is gone. As a reward, X gives them all gifts:

• For Archangel: the choice of being Angel, Archangel or just Warren as he needs.
• For Gambit: the purpose of finding Fantomex and paying his debts.
• For Mystique and Rogue: understanding of being everyone on the outside, but always being Raven and Anna on the inside.
• For Bishop: the permission to be part of the world and set his mission aside for a change.
• For Logan: the vision to see all the good he does.
• For all of them: oblivion; they all will forget what has happened.

X then gifts Betsy the gift of memory for only she will remember and know that X has returned. He wants her to watch him and make sure the Shadow King is truly gone. Psylocke suggests he brings all those psychics to the school. X says he won’t return to the school for he is not Xavier, he is X and has a new dream now.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

X-Position: Editor Jordan White Dishes on Wolverine’s Return and More

CBR: In the first X-Position Q&A column of 2018, X-Men Editor Jordan D. White is here to answer your questions about Wolverine, X-Men Red, X-23, Astonishing X-Men, Rogue & Gambit, the New X-Men (of course) and so much more — so without further ado, let’s head straight to your questions!

With her time in Astonishing X-Men coming to an end, can we expect to see Psylocke on a new team or book soon?

C.B. Cebulski has stated on Twitter that Jubilee will have a role in the X-titles going forward. I know you can’t spill on where and when, as that’s too spoilery, but could you at least give a cryptic hint?

With Jean and Kitty getting some time in the leadership seat are there any upcoming plans for a new and more critical role for Storm in the X-Verse?

Jordan D. White: All three are in Mystery in Madripoor… and an upcoming as-yet-unannounced book!