Thursday, February 20, 2014

X-Solicits for May 2014

Writer: Simon Spurrier
Art & Cover by: Jorge Molina
• X-Force comes face-to-face with Volga, the mastermind who’s been weaponizing superhumans and using them in the undercover war that’s being waged across the globe.
• But little does X-Force know that Volga has already weaponized one of their own...
• …And by the time this issue is through, one member of X-Force will meet their end!

X-Men #14
Writer: Brian Wood
Art by: Clay Mann
Cover by: Terry Dodson
• The Jean Grey School is under attack, leaving a young X-Man dead on the school’s front lawn.
• Jubilee’s worst nightmare has come to pass... and the future’s being rewritten.
• Clay Mann (Gambit) joins Brian Wood for a terrifying new chapter in X-Men history!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

X-Men #11 Art

X-Men #11 Spoilers

Spoilers: In New York, Deathstrike/Ana and the Enchantress buy Selene’s body preserved as airborne particles on the black market. Amora employs black magic and resurrects Selene. Aboard the Cortes yatch, Rachel, Storm and Karima meet Psylocke and Monet. They all agree the yatch was a red herring. Monet argues that the Sisterhood is recruiting new members and since Deathstrike was brought from the dead, they may end up facing newly-resurrected enemies. Arkea meets Selene and subdues her and reveals they still need one more member: Madelyne Pryor. Sabra informs the X-Men that the genetic materials of Selene and Madelyne were purchased on the black market. Back at the School, Quire is responsible for watching over Sublime. Meanwhile in Japan, Ana tells Typhoid Mary to kill her while she suppresses the Deathstrike persona. Ana says she just wanted to have some fun, but what Arkea is up to is too much for her. Arkea orders Ana to stop and calls her to resurrect Madelyne. Ana doesn’t oblige and stabs herself.

Friday, February 14, 2014

X-Men #11 Preview

X-Men #11
Writer: Brian Wood
Art by: Kris Anka
Cover by: Terry Dodson
Variant Cover by: David Marquez

The Story:
AN ALL-NEW SISTERHOOD! The X-Men have taken down super villains, aliens and their own future selves…but never all at the same time! Lady Deathstrike has put together an all new Sisterhood, her own illuminati to take down the X-Men and take over the world. Recruiting the likes of Typhoid Mary and Enchantress, her cabal go on a global hunt for the most powerful of them all…an enemy who holds the X-Men responsible for her almost-destruction. Meanwhile, M settles in and Rachel comes to terms with her relationship with Sublime.

In Stores: February 19, 2014

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

X-Force #1 Art

X-Force #1 Spoilers

Spoilers: Now - Cable fights a Chinese monster while Psylocke and Marrow watch it from a tree. Marrow enjoys the violence of her new gig in X-Force.

Days ago - Cable updates Psylocke and Marrow on the Alexandria incident, which ended up with three thousand dead among diplomats, military and civilians from all nations and factions. There was a mutant involved. Cable links this to an incident in India, where a secure tech-base is assaulted and some data is stolen. Nathan dedudes there's some kind of cyberweapon involved and he wants to retrieve it. Cable reveals the Chinese got to his source of information and assembles X-Force to rescue him.

Now - Psylocke and Marrow rush to Cable's rescue but it is Fantomex who blows up the monster's head. Fantomex is Cable's source. Psylocke is not amused. Cable says mutants need to raise a stake so incidents like Alexandria are not blamed on them. Psylocke wonders why the Alexandria incident is so personal to Cable and we learn that Hope was left comatose attached to machines likely because of it.  Fantomex says the cyberweapon was used in other intances and the targets were the same: data, equipment or scientints. The weapon is said to be kept aboard a warplane in Antarctica. X-Force plan to retrieve it during refueling when the defenses are lowered. After employing  a mid-air take-down, a timefreeze grenade, and Marrow head-butting a plane in midair, X-Force find out the weapon is a new mutant.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Welcome Back Mike Marts

As revealed in the latest Axel-in-Charge column, Mike Marts will replace Nick Lowe as the new X-Men Group Editor. Marts will preside over all the X-Men titles, as well as supervising a group that includes [Editor] Daniel Ketchum ("X-Force," "Magneto," "Nightcrawler") [Associate Editors] Tom Brennan ("Wolverine," adjectiveless "X-Men") and Jordan D. White ("Deadpool," "X-Factor," "Thunderbolts") and [Assistant Editors] Alexander Jarowey and Frankie Johnson.

As you may recall, Marts was the X-Men Editor before Nick Lowe and was directly involved with Psylocke's resurrection in "Uncanny X-Men". In an interview with back in 2006, Marts listed Psylocke as his #1 favorite X-Character, saying that "she’s beautiful, she’s kick-ass, she’s powerful, she’s enigmatic. Like my wife, Linda."  He also chose Betsy as his favorite X-Babe at the time in a Monday With Marts column. Welcome back, Mike!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

X-Force #1 Preview

X-Force #1
Writer: Si Spurrier
Art & Cover by: Rock-He Kim

The Story:
In this dirty, secret, no-holds-barred, deadly game of superhuman black ops, veteran X-Man Cable and his team will spy, torture, and kill to ensure that the mutant race not only has a place in the world…but also a stake in it.

In Stores: February 12, 2014

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

X-Men #10 Art

X-Men #10 Spoilers

Spoilers: Lady Deathstrike decides to resurrect the dead in order to face the X-Men and achieve her goals. At Dubai, Gabriel Shepherd retrieves Monet. Monet flies to the X-Jet to meet Storm and Psylocke, while Gabriel stays to clean the site. Gabriel manages to destroy the Arkea activation in Dubai, but here are many others around the globe. Elsewhere, the Ana persona is at odds with the Deathstrike persona in regard to Arkea, feeling things have been getting dangerous. However, they all agree to follow Arkea’s plans. Manwhile in outer space, Pixie and Rockslide track a box belonging to the Jean Grey School, and plan to throw it into the sun. Back at the school, Beast runs some tests on Sublime. Rachel and Sublime argue and end their relationship. Back to the X-Jet, Psylocke and Monet plan to approach Arkea by surprise, jumping out of the jet into the sea and not using any kind of tech. Betsy and Monet swim towards Ana’s yatch right before the Sisterhood’s jet lands on it. Arkea reveals to Deathstrike who she wants to resurrect. Deathstrike is worried as she thinks these two women are way too dangerous. Arkea disregards her remarks and tells her to obey and do as she wishes: they’ll resurrect Madelyne Pryor and Selene, the Black Queen. At the Catalina Island, Jubilee, Pixie, Hellion and Bling! regroup as they find out Old V1 Sentinels that had sunk decades ago are now under Arkea’s control. Karima, Quire, Mercury and Oya are aboard a jet above the island to keep an eye on the Sentinels. Once the Sentinels emerge from the sea, the X-Men realize they cannot be simply dismantled, so Pixie and Bling! face them up close.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Recap 2013 • Psylocke

Recap 2013 • Talk about everything that happened to Psylocke in 2013 -- your favorite stories, favorite writers, favorite artists, favorite quotes, etc. And here's our usual little recap to refresh your memory! :D


Ultimate X-Men #21
• Reservation X, Chapter 3
[ULTIMATE] Psylocke, Mach 2 and Warpath plot against Kitty. Psylocke knows who to use in order to discredit Kitty.

Uncanny X-Force #1
• Let it Bleed, Chapter 1
Psylocke investigates a drug dealer in a nightclub teaming up with Storm and Puck, only to find out it is Spiral with the help of a little girl.


Ultimate X-Men #22
• Reservation X, Chapter 4
[ULTIMATE] The blowing up of the sentient seed's greenhouse makes Mach 2's group abandon Kitty's allies.

Uncanny X-Force #2
• Let it Bleed, Chapter 2
Psylocke discovers that Ginny is a mutant, but her fight against Spiral is interrupted by Bishop, who returns to the present.


Ultimate X-Men #24
• Natural Resources, Chapter 1
[ULTIMATE] Psylocke reveals she wants Kitty's group to focus on Mach 2 while she's free to act behind the scenes.

Uncanny X-Force #3
• Let it Bleed, Chapter 3
Psylocke uses her psi-knife on Bishop's head and faces the Demon Bear on his mind.


Ultimate X-Men #25
• Natural Resources, Chapter 2
[ULTIMATE] Psylocke pretends to take orders from Mach 2 while coming up with a plan of her own.


Ultimate X-Men #26
• Natural Resources, Chapter 3
[ULTIMATE] Psylocke reveals her true colors, having manipulated both Kitty and Mach Two's groups for the past months for her own ends.

Uncanny X-Force #4
• Let it Bleed, Chapter 4
Psylocke's fight in the astral plane is interrupted. She decides to let Spiral go, seemingly making peace with her.

Uncanny X-Force #5
• Shine a Light, Chapter 1
Psylocke and Storm enters Bishop's mind, and Betsy tames the Demon Bear. Meanwhile, in the physical plane, Cluster kidnaps Betsy.

X-Men #1
• Primer, Chapter 1
Psylocke and Rachel investigate Sublime, who came to the school asking for help against his sister Arkea.


Uncanny X-Force #6
• Shine a Light, Chapter 2
Psylocke accepts Cluster's request to rescue Fantomex and has a disagreement with Wolverine.

Ultimate X-Men #27
• Natural Resources, Chapter 4
[ULTIMATE] Psylocke and Jean Grey fight after Jean finds out Psylocke is not the real Betsy and has ben manipulating everyone into fighting each other. Farbird kills her.

Uncanny X-Force #7
• Torn and Frayed, Chapter 1
Psylocke and Cluster head to Madripoor to rescue Fantomex from Weapon XIII. It's revealed that Psylocke and Cluster had an affair six months ago.

X-Men #2
• Primer, Chapter 2
Psylocke and the X-Men and Sublime tracks down Arkea and chases her.

Ultimate X-Men #28
• Natural Resources, Chapter 5
[ULTIMATE] Before dying, Psylocke reveals her job was to preside over the extinction of mutants.


X-Men Legacy #13
• Hope and Glory, Chapter 1
Psylocke and other British mutants are asked to go to London by Legion to take a stand against an oppressive president of a foreign country.

Uncanny X-Force #8
• Torn and Frayed, Chapter 2
Psylocke asks Weapon XIII to kill Fantomex herself. It's revealed that Fantomex and Cluster both betrayed Psylocke six months ago.

What If? AvX #2
• Chapter 2
[ALTERNATE] The X-Men and Avengers agree to cooperate to deal with the Phoenix menace.

What If? AvX #3
• Chapter 3
[ALTERNATE] The X-Men decide to act and prevent Magneto from manipulating Hope.

Uncanny X-Force #9
• Torn and Frayed, Chapter 3
Psylocke decides not to kill Fantomex and leaves him and Cluster for good. It's revealed that Fantomex set her up six months ago.

X-Men #3
• Primer, Chapter 3
Psylocke uses her psi-blade on Arkea, which frees Omega Sentinal from Arkea's influences.

X-Men Legacy #14
• Hope and Glory, Chapter 2
Legion has Psylocke using her blade to wipe out traumatic experiences from the minds of the British troops.

What If? AvX #4
• Chapter 4
[ALTERNATE] Psylocke is killed by a Phoenix-possessed Hope.


Uncanny X-Force #10
• The Revenant War, Chapter 1
Psylocke protects Bishop against the Revenants, but her own Revenant is unleashed.

X-Men #4
• Untitled
Psylocke and the X-Men work together to prevent and airplane from crashing.

X-Men Legacy #15
• The Place of Broken Things
Flashback to the events of "Age of X".

Uncanny Avengers #11
• Ragnarok Now, Chapter 5
Psylocke and her X-Force witness the rise of the Apocalypse Twins.


Uncanny X-Force #11
• The Revenant War, Chapter 2
Psylocke is helped by Bishop and defeats her Revenant but doesn't kill her.

X-Men #5
• Battle of the Atom, Chapter 3
Psylocke and the X-Men/Future X-Men chase Teen Jean and Teen Scott in order to send them back to the past.

Uncanny X-Men #12
• Battle of the Atom, Chapter 4
Psylocke and the X-Men/Future X-Men head to Utopia, where Cyclops is hiding Teen Jean and Teen Scott.

Wolverine & The X-Men #36
• Battle of the Atom, Chapter 5
Psylocke and Wolverine's X-Men and Cyclops' X-Men settle things down after Teen Jean agrees to go back to the past.


Uncanny X-Force #12
• The Revenant War, Chapter 3
Psylocke and her X-Force hear Spiral's story of how she found out the Revenant Queen is Cassandra Nova.

X-Men #6
• Battle of the Atom, Chapter 7
Psylocke fights the Future X-Men. After handling Ice-Hulk and Deadpool, she's defeated by Raze.

Uncanny X-Men #13
• Battle of the Atom, Chapter 8
Raze morphs into Psylocke and retrieves Teen Iceman and Teen Beast.

Wolverine & The X-Men #37
• Battle of the Atom, Chapter 8
Wolverine's and Cyclops' X-Men decide to fight together against the Future Brotherhood.

Uncanny X-Force #13
• The Revenant War, Chapter 4
Psylocke tries to attack Cassandra Nova, but is defeated and retrieved by her.

Battle of the Atom #2
• Battle of the Atom, Chapter 10
Psylocke and the others are teleported by Magik to safety. Later, she welcomes Kymera to the school.


X-Men #7
• Muertas, Chapter 1
Monet and Karima update Psylocke, Storm and Rachel on Lady Deathstrike's latest endeavor.

Uncanny X-Force #14
• The Revenant War, Chapter 5
Cassandra offers to give Psylocke her original body back if she joins her. Puck rescues Betsy, but both end up falling into the Underworld.

Uncanny Avengers #14
• The Day Nor The Hour
[ALTERNATE] Kang recruits Magistrate Braddock.

Deadpool Annual 2013 #1
• Madcapped
Flashback to the events of Uncanny X-Force vol. 1.

Nova #10
• Land and Launch, Chapter 10
Nova helps the Avengers and the X-Men and defeats Dr. Doom.


Uncanny X-Force #15
• The Revenant War, Chapter 6
After being rescued from the Underworld, Psylocke faces Cassandra Nova and stabs her to death.

X-Men #8
• Muertas, Chapter 2
Psylocke chases Typhoid Mary and rescues Sublime, who had been subdued by Lady Deathstrike.

Uncanny Avengers #15
• Rapture
Psylocke and other mutants are taken to Planet X thanks to the Scarlet Witch's spell.