Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rick Remender On The Dark Angel Saga

Two more interviews with Rick Remender about The Dark Angel Saga. He doesn't really reveal anything that wasn't said before, but it's a great read nonetheless. Here are a few excerpts concerning Psylocke: While X-Force may be in unfamiliar surroundings, they will recognize many of the faces they encounter, with at least one “reunion” stirring up drastically different reactions for two team members.

“Wolverine’s going to stumble into the [Age of Apocalypse] version of his [deceased] arch-nemesis Sabretooth, but this guy is a hero,” explains Remender. “Coincidentally, Psylocke used to be romantically entangled with this Sabretooth [when they were both in EXILES], so you’ve got interesting things happening there. We’ve [also] got Wolverine’s deceased best friend, Nightcrawler, who’s alive in the Age of Apocalypse, and the woman of his dreams, Jean Grey, who is still alive and imbued with the Phoenix Force. Beyond that, the staples: Magneto, Rogue, Gambit, Silver Samurai, Sunfire—got some pretty fun stuff coming up with Sunfire.”

Newsarama: And since the story does seem to revolve around Angel — his name’s in the story arc title, after all — can we assume that Psylocke thusly is pretty center to the story?

Remender: Sure. Everybody is. That’s the reason we want to keep the cast at five. It’s a manageable cast, and I can really tell deep stories that involve every character. There’s never one story where you realize that dude was in the background running with them the whole time. So yeah, Betsy has a big role to play in this, as does Fantomex, and Wolverine, and Deadpool. Betsy’s obviously connected to it in a deeper way; Warren being the man of her life, and the guy she’s in love with. We’ll see how that all plays out. We’ll see how some of Betsy’s past comes to haunt them, and plays a role in her and Warren sort of losing control. She’s been working so hard to help Warren maintain control over this evil persona that Apocalypse put in his head — the way things spin out of control leave Betsy in a pretty rough situation.


Braxton Garris said...

I'm so excited for this storyline to unfold! I've been a fan of both Psylocke and Angel forever, and I'm so happy to see these characters finally being written the way they should be.
I only have one question, I wonder is Psylocke will ever come into contact with her AOA doppelganger? That would be a battle I would love to see... or even a team up. wow... I just blew my own mind.. lol

Anonymous said...

This sounds so good. :D

treysome said...

Only twelve AOA X-Men are left let me guess them

1. Jean Grey
2. Sabertooth
3. Rogue
4. Kirika (X-23)
5. Dark Beast
6. Nightcrawler
7. Silver Samurai
8. Wild child
9. Magneto
10. Rogue
11. Gambit
12. Sunfire

FSaker said...

@treysome - You listed Rogue twice... and I think Dark Beast doesn't count, since:

1) He's currently living in Earth-616;

2) He was never an AoA X-Man; in fact, he was one of their greatest enemies.

I wonder if Blink could be one of these twelve X-Men. Last time we saw her, she was mentoring a new team of Exiles, but according to Parker, if a team remained there for too long they would eventually be absorbed by the Panoptichron, so maybe she had to return to AoA...

treysome said...

Thank you I was looking at recent interviews and artwork lol and yeah wasn't sure if DB counted or not. So there are two more spots. Blink is a likely choice since when you think AOA she's one of the first to pop into your head.