Friday, March 4, 2011

X-Men MMXI: Uncanny X-Men

• Juggernaut is the thing that comes hammering at the X-Men's door during Fear Itself. He disrupts the peaceful state the X-Men have established in San Francisco.

• The tagline with the image says a lot. Colossus seems overly happy to sacrifice something. Colossus is a character to watch in 2011.

• Illyana has done a lot of bad things in the past, and she'll play a role in the Fear Itself arc.

• Readers should pay attention to the characters of Generation Hope. Two of them are central to the next big x-event, and one of them will be a huge player in a huge Marvel event sometime in the next sixteen months.

• "Breakin Point" is primarily about Colossus and Kitty, with more Magneto than you might expect. Fear Itself is about Namor/Emma/Scott and Kitty/Colossus/Illyana.

• There's a Wolverine/Hope one-off issue that takes place between the Breakworld arc and the Fear Itself arc.

• Magneto feels that Cyclops has done something he and Xavier never did, in saving the mutants. He's Cyclops' most fanatical follower--but who would believe that? Everyone is so distrusting of Magneto. He's also at the center of Kieron's first solo issue, #534.1.

• Jean Grey is dead. Hope is not Jean Grey. She's got red hair, green eyes, and fire power, but take from that what you will.

• Kitty has an important role to play in the next several issues of Generation Hope.

• Carlos Pacheco is drawing 534.1, Terry Dodson comes on for four issue Breaking Point arc, then a one-issue story drawn by someone else they're not prepared to announce, then Greg Land draws the Fear Itself arc.


CmX said...

I'm happy to say I'll be dropping Uncanny X-Men and Generation Hope.

luckystar. said...

Me too. 2 arcs in a row focusing on Kitty/Colossus? LOL. Who even cares about those two.