Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Psylocke in Wolverine: Weapon X

"Wolverine: Weapon X" writer, Jason Aaron, confirmed Psylocke's appearance in the book during the next arc (drawn by Yanick Paquette), which begins with issue #6, on sale in October! Check it out:

Jason Aaron: "WOLVERINE: WEAPON X #5 is out today, which wraps up the first arc with explosions and sharks, and of course more laser claws and stabbity stab stab. There are big plans afoot for the ole Canucklehead, and this arc was just the beginning, laying the groundwork for what I hope will be the next few years worth of Wolverine stories. My first job in comics came in the pages of WOLVERINE, so me and the hairy little bastard go way back. I've written him several times over the last few years, from "Get Mystique" and "The Man In The Pit" to a kung fu mini-series and a barroom team-up with Spider-Man. And I've still got plenty of stories left to tell. In the book's second arc, kicking off in issue #6, look for guest appearances by Nightcrawler and Psylocke, as well as the introduction of crazy new villains like Dr. Rot, Nurse Fester, The Biter, Charlie Chainsaws and an oddball pair named Helter and Skelter. After that, make way for Captain America and the return of a certain killer cyborg from the future. And don't forget The Thing. I'm dying to do the story with Wolvie and The Thing. And beyond that... well, then things are gonna get REALLY crazy. You've been warned."

Wolverine: Weapon X #6
In Stores: Oct 28, 2009
“Insane In The Brain” Part 1 (of 4) Welcome to Dunwich Sanatorium, where the only people weirder than the patients are the doctors in charge. The newest resident is a man known only as Patient X, a poor confused soul who doesn't remember who he is or how he came to be here. He only has vague memories of living with wolverines and traveling to the moon and killing lots and lots of people. Lucky for him, he came to the right place. The good Dr. Rot knows everything there is to know about the human brain. Including how to remove it... This issue begins an all-new arc unlike any Wolverine story you've ever read.

Wolverine: Weapon X #7
In Stores: Nov 18, 2009
The weirdest Wolverine story in recent memory continues, as Logan learns more about his current residence, the Dunwich Sanitorium, and the bizarre man in charge, Dr. Algernon J. Rottwell. The good Dr. Rot seems to enjoy removing people's brains and... doing things with them. And now he has his eyes on Wolverine's noggin. If only Logan could remember how he got here. Or who he is. Or how these claws of his work...

Wolverine: Weapon X #8
In Stores: Dec 23, 2009
In the deepest darkest dungeons of the Dunwich Sanatorium, the true nature of this maddest of all madhouses is finally revealed, but will the answer come too late for Wolverine to salvage what's left of his sanity? And just what is Dr. Rot building with all of those brains?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Psylocke & X-Men vs. Agents of Atlas - First Look! Plus X-Men Legacy Podcast

Marvel's Anget M previews artwork from Psylocke #1! Enjoy some ass-kicking ninjarrific goodness below and don't forget to pick up Psylocke #1 by Christopher Yost and Harvey Tolibao on November 4!

In October, Marvel’s X-Men go toe-to-toe with the Agents of Atlas. Written by Agents of Atlas mastermind Jeff Parker, this two issue slugfest features a two-pronged artistic assault by Carlo Pagulayan and Chris Samnee. Alas, more butterfly effect! Read the interview on Newsarama.

Plus: Writer Mike Carey reveals all the details about X-Men: Legacy in the latest episode of the "Mighty Marvel Podcast". When asked about what his ideal X-Team would be, Mike answered: Rogue, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, Cannonball, Psylocke and Ariel! Thanks Selene!

Dark Reign: The List - X-Men Art

Uncanny X-Men #515 Art

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Uncanny X-Men #515 & The List Spoilers

Spoilers: Somewhere out west, a group of rogue mutants attack Scalphunter at his diner. In Utopia, Psylocke brings breakfast in bed to Dr. Takiguchi. While they talk, the old doctor suddenly dies. At the conference room, Cyclops gathers Emma Frost, Storm, Iceman, Beast, Professor X and Namor to discuss issues such as how to get fresh water and electricity, and Emma's remarks result in an argument between her and Storm. Psylocke interrupts their meeting in tears and breaks the sad news. As Cyclops is more interested in what to do with the corpse, Xavier begs him to not lose his humanity. They exchange some bitter words on the matter, and Cyclops heads to San Francisco to talk to the Mayor. Emma has Nightcrawler teleport her and Danger to the Graymalkin Industries, which is now in the care of the government. Emma explains they will bring the prisoners like Shaw to Utopia and convinces Danger to create a mind prison for them. In San Francisco, Cyclops asks for the Mayor's help concerning food, medical services and her guarantee that mutants will be welcome in the city at any time. The Mayor is understanding, but advises Scott to tread carefully for the time being. In Utopia, the X-Men hold a funeral to Dr. Takiguchi, and Beast says goodbye to his friend. Cyclops and Emma argue over her being insensitive. She explains she can't act any other way since she's stuck in this diamond form in order to keep the Void trapped, when suddenly Magneto arrives.

Spoilers: Norman Osborn plans to get his revenge on Namor. H.A.M.M.E.R. has genetically altered Namor's ex-wife Marrina to keep her perpetually in Leviathan form. She's also been modified with shark genes, which makes her hungry and has driven her insane. It turns out she can only digest Atlantean blood, so Osborn unleashes the monster to massacre Namor's people. Cyclops and Namor decide to trick the monster, leading it to Utopia so they can destroy it. The plans works, and Namor finds out it's his ex-wife. The Cuckoos tell him that there's nothing to her but hate. Psylocke amplify Iceman's powers telepathically (butterfly effect!) in order to keep Marrina frozen, but Bobby isn't able to hold it as she's too strong. A combined effort between Colossus, Wolverine, Archangel, Surge and Nightcrawler leads Marrina out of the sea, which is exactly where Namor needed her. The Atlantean King manages to control her and then throws her corpse right at Osborn's office. Namor warns him that if he was willing to do this to his ex-wife, he can only imagine what he's going to do with Norman. Namor then returns to Utopia and is welcome home.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

X-Men Legacy: Psylocke and Rogue head to Muir Island! has the missing X-Men Legacy #231 solicit for December. The solicit from earlier today is for issue #230, the final one from the Emplate arc. The cover with Psylocke is actually for issue #231, which will also be released in December. It's Necrosha! And Psylocke has an important mission!

X-Men: Legacy #231
Written by: Mike Carey
Pencils by: Clay Mann
Cover by: Adi Granov
The Necrosha event hits X-Men: Legacy! Selene’s masterplan is clicking into place, but she got something she didn’t plan for when Destiny was brought back to life. A major X-Villain came back with Destiny and a who’s who of X-Men are sent to Muir Island to deal with them. Join Nightcrawler, Colossus, Psylocke, Rogue (if she makes it through #230 alive) and a new member (who’s so secret we can’t mention him here) as they dive into Necrosha. Part 1 (of 3)

Monday, September 21, 2009

X-Solicits for December 2009

Psylocke #2
Written by: Christopher Yost
Penciled by: Harvey Tolibao
Cover by: David Finch
Ninjas. Thugs. Armed bodyguards. Psylocke will cut through them all to exact her revenge upon Matsu’o—the man responsible for making her the ninja warrior that she is. Without provocation, he’s done the unthinkable. And Psylocke will ensure that he does not go unpunished.

X-Men: Legacy #230
Written by: Mike Carey & Duane Swierczynski
Pencils & Cover by: Daniel Acuña
It’s Rogue and Trance vs. Emplate - a villain who has single-handedly taken down teams of X-Men A-Listers. Do they stand a chance? We sure hope so as X-Men Legacy #231 is on sale two weeks later! Don’t miss the killer climax to the huge first arc of the new direction on X-Men Legacy! Plus, a Cable backstory!

Uncanny X-Men #518 & #519
Written by: Matt Fraction
Penciled by: Terry Dodson
Covers by: Terry Dodson (#518) & Greg Land (#519)
Cyclops takes a voyage into the head of Emma Frost in hopes of containing the horrifying piece of the villainous Void that has been stuck there since Utopia. Can they possibly defeat the awfulness that has haunted the most powerful being in the Marvel U? Tensions are rising on Utopia as the X-Men deal with the new members of their team and the fact that the island is…well…sinking. And Wolverine and a classic pal take one of the craziest journies you’ve ever seen. Parts 4 and 5 (of 8).

X-Force #22
Written by: Craig Kyle, Chistopher Yost & Duane Swierczynski
Pencils & Cover by: Clayton Crain
Variant Cover by: Clayton Crain
The unthinkable happens as Necrosha continues! Selene's actions on Genosha have changed everything, and while the X-Men were desperate to save their species... this isn't what they had in mind. But as the siege by dead mutants continues, things get even deadlier with the arrival of Selene's very much alive Inner Circle at the X-Men's headquarters. With Eli Bard in tow, Wither, Mortis, Senyaka and Blink have come for one thing, and anyone who gets in their way will die. Part 3 (of 6) Plus - A Cable backup sotry!

New Mutants #8
Written by: Zeb Wells
Penciled by: Diogenes Neves
Cover by: Adam Kubert
The New Mutants’ part in Necrosha comes to a close here! It’s Doug Ramsey and the Hellions vs. Sam and his crew and it ain’t looking good for our friends in the yellow and black. Part 3 (of 3)

Nation X #1
Written by: Simon Spurrier, James Asmus & Scott Snyder
Penciled by: David Lopez, Stephen Thompson & More
Cover by: Dustin Weaver
A mutant nation has been created on UTOPIA, off the coast of California. But what does that mean to the X-Men? Don’t miss the series that delves into the lives and minds of your favorite X-Characters. This issue stars Colossus, Wolverine, Nightcrawler and others!

Friday, September 18, 2009

More Updates: MUA2 & Psylocke Mini

+ Psylocke Mini

Chris Yost twittered about Psylocke's mini. The writer said: "Psylocke covers by Finch rule. Interiors by Harvey rule. life is good." I guess it's safe to assume David Finch will be drawning all four covers.

+ Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

With the release of MUA2, a lot of videos are popping up. Check nivlakian's channel on Youtube to see Psylocke in action!

Uncanny X-Men #515 Preview

Cover by: Greg Land
Writer: Matt Fraction
Pencils: Greg Land
Inks: Jay Leisten
Colored by: Justin Ponsor
Lettered by: VC - Joe Caramagna

The Story: The effects of UTOPIA are felt here! One of the original X-Men makes his exit!

In Stores: September 23, 2009

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

X-Position: X-Editors

The editors of the X-books – all of ‘em – join X-Position to answer your questions about “Necrosha,” “Nation X,” "Astonishing X-Men," thongkinis and more.

Is there any way that Psylocke can get a new costume? Or at least have her current one redesigned or updated? The thongkini is iconic, but needs to go the way of the dodo.

Jeanine Schaefer: Is the thong out? When did that happen?

Daniel Ketchum: For better or worse, the “thongkini” is here to stay for the time being. But that’s not the only thing we’ve seen Psylocke wearing recently. Check out the past few issues of “Uncanny X-Men,” where Terry Dodson loves creating new looks for our favorite psychic ninja. And stay tuned for the upcoming “Psylocke” limited series, which will feature a few peeks at some of your favorite Psylocke costumes from back in the day.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dark Reign: The List - X-Men #1 Preview

Cover by: Alan Davis
Writer: Matt Fraction
Pencils: Alan Davis
Inks: Mark Farmer
Colored by: Nathan Fairbairn
Lettered by: VC - Joe Caramagna

The Story: The fallout of UTOPIA begins here. What else could Norman Osborn possibly do to the X-Men? Plus, Matt Fraction's first Marvel story featuring the X-Men!

In Stores: September 23, 2009

Updates: MUA2 & Psylocke Mini

+ Psylocke Mini The X-Men will never be the same once Cable and Hope complete the journey home beginning this November! After traveling through time and space, the two lost mutant heroes are ready to return home-but just what does this mean for mutantkind? Running as interconnected short stories (appearing as bonus content) through Psylocke #1, Dark X-Men #1, X-Men Legacy #230 and X-Force #22, CABLE: THE LONG WAY HOME begins the most shocking change to the X-Men you can imagine! Will Hope save or damn mutantkind? What is Cable's agenda? The answers begin in CABLE: THE LONG WAY HOME!

+ Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

Psylocke's movesets revealed. According to somebody who got the game early, Psylocke's got:

  • Cerebral Bolt: Shoots out a burst of telekinetic energy in the form of a butterfly.
  • Kinetic Drill: Psylocke hurls forward while surrounding herself in a torrent of psionic energy, finishing with a powerful drop kick.
  • Telekinetic Explosion: Releases a furious explosion of telekinetic energy to all enemies in a short range, knocking them back.
  • Mental Shroud: Hides from the minds of others, allowing her better chance to strike a critical location. Occasionally causes instant KO.
  • Butterfly Swarm: Psylocke generates swarms of telekinetic energy that seek out enemy targets and burst upon impact, stunning them briefly.
  • Psi-Blade: Summons a blade of telekinetic energy to slice through foes, drawing in energy with every KO. Evolves at higher ranks.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Terry Dodson Talks About Uncanny X-Men

Terry Dodson has given an interview to Things From Another World. He agrees with us that Psylocke needs a new costume. Let's hope he can convince editors to go along with it. If you could radically change the look of any of the characters, who would it be, what would you do, and why?

Terry Dodson: I would like to do something different with Emma–draw her with a white version of her black Dark X-Men costume. I think Dazzler could use some more tweaks. Gambit is probably ready for an update and Psylocke, as well! I’m perpetually tweaking the costumes on the characters–usually very minor things, but always trying to improve or understand them better. Can you give us a hint of what’s to come with Uncanny X-Men? Are there any pages/issues you’re particularly excited about?

Terry Dodson: I will be working on the middle of the Nation X arc, issues #518 and #519–where we find out more about that Void Sliver that Emma receives at the end of the Utopia arc, plus more Magneto.

Necrosha & The List - First Look!

As some of you may already know, "Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Exodus #1" has a 7-page preview of Necrosha! Not really Psylocke-related, but it's so good I wanted to share with you guys too! The Necrosha one-shot will go on sale on October 21.

Necrosha One-Shot

Spoilers: She was born after the oceans swallowed Atlantis and before the rise of the sons of the Aryans. Her mother was the first to sacrifice her life to insure her survival, but she wouldn't be the last. They recognized her for what she was and they also gave her the name of a goddess. And now, 17 thousand years later, she is decided to become the deity she was always destined to be. She is Selene, the Black Queen. By her side, Kevin Ford/Wither, Clarice Fergunson/Blink, Suvik Senyaka/Senyaka, Lois London/Mortis and Eliphas/Eli Bard. Whoever impends her ascension to goodhood will suffer. The first target? Utopia.

Dark Reign: The List - X-Men

It turns out that "Dark Reign: The List - Avengers #1", also on sale this week, has a preview included too! Unlettered art of "Dark Reign: The List - X-Men #1", which will be released on September 23. Guess what? Psylocke is featured! Drawn by Alan Davis again. How cool is that? If you've read Exodus, some people are speculating that Emma Frost may be stuck in her diamond form, which prevents her from using her TP. That would make Betsy the #1 Telepath of the X-Men! Enjoy the art.

X-Position: Chris Claremont

Claremont joins X-Position today to respond to your many emails about his current title as well as past X-experiences.

While I understand all the absent X-Men are in other places of the world (i.e. Psylocke in England, Colossus in Russia), what was the reasoning for sending these characters away from the X-Men? Psylocke, Colossus, Banshee, Forge and Jubilee were good friends of Wolverine and it seems odd that they would be excluded from a story in which he was killed. Plus, why did they not even get a mention in the story as being absent or away from the drama of Storm’s apparent betrayal?

Chris Claremont: Here's the problem with a 22-page comic: the writer only has so many pages and so many panels in which to tell the story. Both the joy and frustration with the format is that I, as the writer, must keep a sharp focus on how I use the space allotted to me. Rest assured that (just as in our world) there are things going on around and beyond the story shown. In this case, indeed, Charlie and Scott have contacted everyone to alert them of the danger. There are parallel stories to Forever's main thread.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Exodus #1 Spoilers

Utopia • Chapter 6

Spoilers: 7 days ago, Beast confronts Scott and Emma about the secrets both have been keeping. Now at the Utopia island, Osborn orders his Dark Avengers and Dark X-Men to attack the X-Men, and many battles are ensued. Colossus takes on Venom. Nekra, Bling! and Frenzy get their revenge on Moonstone. Psylocke and the X-Club beat Dark Beast. Iceman and the kids ambush the Mimic. X-23, Pixie and Armor fight Daken. Wolverine stabs Weapon Omega. Namor tries to stop the Sentry, but it's useless. Emma reaches Xavier and asks for his help so she can enter the Sentry's mind and lobotomize him. Emma succeeds and holds the Void inside his mind, so the Sentry can be himself again and take control. Horrified by his actions, the Sentry flees to outer space. As soon as Ares arrives, Dani Moonstar returns as a Valkyrie to stop him. Dani easily overcomes Ares and brings him down to his knees. While Osborn is busy fighting with Cyclops, Moonstone tells him there are too many mutants and that the only way to win is by killing them all, which they can't as there are cameras all around. With nothing left to do, Osborn decides to leave the island with his Avengers and X-Men. The X-Men celebrate their victory, as Cyclops gives a press conference telling the world that their island is sacred and no mutant will be harmed there. They're free. Back to the USA, Osborn too gives a press conference celebrating his victory for as long as the mutants remain on that island, no American citzen will have to worry about them anymore. Moments later, mutants from all around the world arrive at Utopia and start building their new home.

Notes: Psylocke only appears in what you all have already seen. Stabbing Dark Beast and one more little panel at the end of the issue. She has no lines too. So there's no need to post scans. But don't worry, there's some good stuff I'll post tomorrow!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Ultimate Alliance 2 Wii Gameplay Video

The first video of the Wii version of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 has been released. Psylocke is one of the characters featured! You can pretty much check some of her moves, as well as the Wii graphics here. Have fun!

More "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2"

The official Marvel Ultimate: Alliance 2 website has finally confirmed Psylocke, Cyclops and Blade as exclusive characters on Wii, PS2 and PSP.

Kalina, one of the games producer, broke the news and talked about Psylocke: "My OTHER favorite character of all-time is in! Go Psylocke! This is not the last you will see of her..." She also posted two exclusive screenshots of Betsy in-game:

As for the possibility of Psylocke and other system-exclusive characters being available for PS3/360 DLC packs later, she said that: "DLC content is not necessarily limited to the exclusives that were just revealed. DLC content does not necessarily exclude the exclusives that were revealed. Who knows, maybe it’s some combination of characters you’ve seen and all-new playable characters..."

More information on the Wii version of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 was revealed too. The levels are different between 360/PS3 and Wii/PS2. The games share locations, follow the same general story, and of course incorporate awesome fusions, but the level design and gameplay are different. The Wii and PS2 versions are identical in terms of game content (levels, characters, story), but there are differences in the controls.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Exodus #1 Preview

Cover by: Steve McNiven
Writer: Matt Fraction
Pencils: Mike Deodato, Terry Dodson
Inks: Mike Deodato, Rachel Dodson
Colored by: Rainier Beredo, Christina Strain
Lettered by: VC - Joe Caramagna

The Story: The climactic conclusion to the crossover event of 2009 is here! This is it, the final battle for the Dark Avengers and the X-Men that will change the status quo for the Marvel Universe. Emma Frost’s betrayal comes home to roost. Cyclops’ plan clicks into place, but is it too late? What can the X-Men do against the Sentry and Ares?

In Stores: September 9, 2009

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

X-Position: Jason Aaron

Jason Aaron on future guest stars of his title Wolverine: Weapon X..

Seeing as "Wolverine: Weapon X" is going to have a lot of Weapon X stuff going on, like Maverick’s appearance. Could you tip us off on any possible character appearances? Even a hint?

No plans for any other Weapon X characters any time soon. Maverick will continue to be a big part of the series, though, as you'll see come the end of “Weapon X” #5. In terms of other guest stars, look for Nightcrawler and Psylocke in the near future, and a little further down the road some heavy hitters like Captain America and the Thing.

This title has gotten a lot of praise for Aaron's quality of writing! This is definitely a good thing!

Psylocke in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2!

Over at the HQ Forums, Silchrome who works at "Toys'R'Us" took pictures of the back cover of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 (Wii Version). We've been hearing these rumors for months, but now we can finally confirm that Psylocke, Cyclops and Blade are in MUA2 as exclusive characters for the Wii version, and possibly for the PS2 version too. It reads "Expand your roster with Cyclops, Psylocke and Blade" and Psylocke is seen wearing her iconic ninja suit. Hopefully, Betsy will be included in a DLC pack for PS3/360 later.