Friday, March 18, 2011

5 Ronin #4 & New Mutants #23 Previews

5 Ronin #4
Cover by: David Aja, David Mack
Writer: Peter Milligan
Pencils: Goran Parlov

The Story: 5 Books, 5 Heroes—1 unforgettable story of heroes pushed to their limits. It is 17th century Japan, a time and place of violent upheaval, wandering Ronin, and mysterious Geisha. Into this strange and dangerous world come Wolverine, Pyslocke, Punisher, Hulk and Deadpool. Five of Marvel’s greatest heroes…as you’ve never seen them before. Each has been wronged by a powerful tyrant. Each has taken a solemn vow… of vengeance! 5 Books, 5 Heroes, 5 Weeks…1 spell-binding story.

In Stores: March 23, 2011

New Mutants #23
Cover by: David Aja, David Mack
Writer: Mike Carey
Pencils: Goran Parlov

The Story: “Age of X” Chapter Four! In possession of knowledge that could mean the collapse Fortress X, Rogue is on the run, hunted by every other member of the mutant race. But one of those pursuing her has an agenda of his own. Will it be her destruction… or something else entirely?

In Stores: March 23, 2011


X-Fan said...

Cool...three Betsy stories wednesday...Geisha, Ninja and Brit!
Hope the Force Warriors become more proiminent in the future issues....glad Betsy´s on the "good" side. Curious on who is Revenant too.

treysome said...

I find it funny that anything phoenix related these days is a mystery, why? Does it sell alot of books?