Friday, March 5, 2010

X-Men: The Days of Second Coming // Part 5

Source: IGN
O8. X-Force

The Road to Second Coming: So far, X-Force has managed to safeguard their existence from the rest of the X-Men. This isn't likely to last much longer, however. Beast has already departed Utopia in part because of his disgust at the thought of a team of mutant executioners. If he isn't careful, Cyclops could lose the support of both factions just as the X-Men's need for X-Force becomes greater than ever.

Chris Yost: "After the Necrosha attacks, X-Force is half of what it was. And the team has gotten a lot darker. But all secrets come to light eventually, and Cyclops is prepared to do whatever it takes to get Hope home... even if it tarnishes him forever."

X-Men: Second Coming Preview


Anonymous said...

First things first I LOVE this blog

Secondly I think warpath doesn't make it back from Necrosha because I'm not seeing him in any preview art but then again I don't see wolvesbane either.

Anonymous said...

That car fight page is so freakin cool!

Psychilde said...

Wow that car fight scene is so good!!! And Betsy's killed one of them :O

Anonymous said...

Why does Psylocke have to carry katanas instead of using her TK Katanas?

FSaker said...

Nice action scene! But was it really necessary to give Psylocke's focus to her ass? AGAIN? She looks like a Playboy bunny; beautiful, deadly, but not exactly in a dignified position...

Anyway, she seems to be cool with killing people now, stabbing people with that katana. I guess Betsy will become a X-Force member after Second Coming, if she survives. I hope that besides going to X-Force, she can still be with the X-Men.

Anonymous said...

FSaker, dude. Stop paying attention to her ass. No one is giving "focus" to her ass. It's just an action panel. Geez

Anonymous said...

i get really tired of all this whaaa whaaa she dresses slutty wahh crap but hes right that picture is mostly butt.

I dont think she can manifest a TK katana anymore? she didnt use it in her limited or used it in uncanny or legacy. She seems to still be able to do tk strikes and make a shield tho. I think she should keep the katana because making energy weapons is kind of her thing but i think she should definitley only use it to cut things and not as some silly psychic knife replacement.

Anonymous said...

She used the TK Katana in "Exodus". I'm glad she's not using it anymore. It sucked. I'd rather have the real deal.

Anonymous said...

Although in theory one would assume a katana is an upgrade from a knife, I think the psychic knife is a much more interesting and edgy power signature in action. There's something too literal about the psychic katana that makes it a little less exciting than the psychic knife, and kind of 'dumbed down'. She seems more raw and deadly with the knife.

That being said, if the psychic katana will be a trick she keeps up her sleeve for certain things, i think it would be a good idea to differentiate between the knife and the katana in terms of what they're used for. I think the knife should be more associated with telepathy and the katana more associated with the telekineses. Because it seems awkward for her to have to carve things up with the knife, but it also seems awkward for her to fry someone's brain with the katana. So maybe:

-psychic knife: imma gonna fry you
-psychic katana: imma gonna cut you


Anonymous said...

I don't think the TK katana was able to cut through flesh, it only caused psychic pain or something like that.

Anonymous said...

I believe that her TK is still strong. As we can see she is using it to fly and kill the driver. I wish she still can use her TK katana because it does have different usage comparing to the psychic knife. Well, this is part of her psionic set.

Anonymous said...

I dont think she can fly anymore thank god, that didnt suit her at all. theyre just leaping at the cars from teleportation.

Anonymous said...


I don't think that's flying as much as it is just jumping out of a portal. Although it remains to be seen whether she can still fly, recent events since her return have shown that she can't fly, or chooses not to, anymore.

And thankfully so. I never liked her flying.

Anonymous said...

Do you people even read the comics? Psylocke was flying in "Wolverine: Weapon X #9".

Here it is, last panel:

Anonymous said...

I love a flying Betsy!

Anonymous said...

It's open to interpretation. That looks more like a high jump to me (notice how she lands her knee on the rim of the brainpod).

I'll say Psylocke can still fly when I see her up in the sky in a "flying" position, flattening opponents from above.

It has been stated by the writers themselves that her TK is far more limited than it was.

If she could fly, as in FLY, she would have done so already. She had to be carried by Archangel in a fight against a retro sentinel, and she had to use a motorcycle to follow Jin in her own mini.

And, yes, people do read the comics.

Anonymous said...

It's not a high jump. Betsy had to spent hours working on each of those brains. Unless you think her jump can last that long, she's flying/levitating or whatever you want to call it.

She was flying there. Period.

Dr. Doom said...

That's not a jump. She's levitating herself.

Anonymous said...

Someone's cranky. :P

Anonymous said...

I think it would depend on the "kind of" flying. I mean, having her soar through the sky like a jet is really out of character. But seeing her, say, use levitation to make her fighting moves more "impossible" - jump and kick a little higher, hover silently, leap from a great height to see her land softly in a cat-like manner - that's in-line with her ethereal visual quality, and completely in-line with her character. She is supposed to be a ninja after all. Having her do swift, stunning, "poetic" movements with great precision, enhanced by her telekinesis, I think would be a no-brainer, no?

Anonymous said...

lol she aint levitating shes either jumping up to strike that brain or her kneee is resting on the side, that is no way concrete proof she can still fly and as previously said, archangel carrying her and using the bike etc is strong evidence she cant fly anymmore. good riddance.

Revanche said...

I think she's levitating herself in WWX#9. No way she could "defuse carefully" that brain thing by jumping. It doesn't look like her knee is 'resting' either. Definitely levitation.

Anonymous said...

Lol at this discussion. Just look at her right leg. She's flying.

Anonymous said...

Ok then say that is actually her flying and not just artistic license with her posing how do you explain her not flying once in any of her recent adventures at all (limited, uncanny, legacy etc) and having to use Angel for assistance?

Anonymous said...

Dude, just because she can use her TK to fly, it doesn't mean she has to fly all the time. It happened in WWX9 and it's canon.

She didn't ask Angel to fly with her, he did it because he wanted to. You people like to complicate things.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. Well, I think this dicussion is fueled partly by each's users own interpretation of WWX9. Maybe she's levitating. Maybe she's not. Maybe she CAN still fly, maybe not.

Unless it is explicitly stated that she can/can't, I'll have to say no, she can't.

Yost has stated that the mini-series will definitively show what Psylocke can and can't do. She wasn't shown flying, so that's still up for debate.

She jumps off of buildings all the time, she's fallen out of the sky and landed safely (Psiwar). Having a drawing of her looking like she's "flying" isn't uncommon. The position of her right leg isn't a good indicator of flight.

I'd like to believe she has a degree of telekinetic control over her jumps, tho.

However, I do am not invalidating the opinions and points of those who believe she was flying in WWX9. The position she is drawn in does imply some sort of levitation.

It's all a matter of interpretation. No one is complicating things as much as they are merely dicussing it. Let's all be open minded and not shoot each other down. There's no need to get upset over a fictional character.

J77 said...

Anyway, she seems to be cool with killing people now, stabbing people with that katana. I guess Betsy will become a X-Force member after Second Coming, if she survives. I hope that besides going to X-Force, she can still be with the X-Men.

Colossus does not seem to have much problems crushing the driver of the third car either.

luckystar. said...

I'd say she's definitely flying/levitatig in Wolverine Weapon X 9. The panel is pretty clear to me. But whatever, can't wait for the Second Coming!

Anonymous said...

I'm torn about Betsy's willingness to kill.

On one hand, she's finally being an assassin (as she has been described as for the longest time), but hopefully with moral restictions. Even Elektra has a moral code. So it's all good.

On the other hand, it may put off some of her fans.

I'm wondering how Nightcrawler feels about all of this, being a devout Catholic and all. I mean, he's right there.

The Wanderer said...

All this arguing over whether or not she can fly... question, why didn't any one just take the initiative and ask Jason Aaron what he intended that scene to show. he does have a blog and a twitter and he does, and has, respond to fan questions. That would have been the quickest way to solve it.

Though, I'd say she was levitating because jumping doesn't fit the situation of that issue. If she were jumping continuously while trying to operate on those brains, she probably would have fried everyone's mind in that area.

My final thinking is that just because she may be able to levitate doesn't mean she's a full out flier again. Levitating probably takes less energy and concentration than flying via TK does (and it seems like a situational ability to have).

Anonymous said...

I don't know whether or not Psylocke can fly (post return), but an individual panel or a few panels of any character does not establish "cannon." Especially in books that might not be under the direct control of the "main-books" editorial staff.

Consistency establishes "cannon."

I've read many "one-shot" stories where characters have been written or drawn incorrectly. Either the author of the story or the writer may not be up-to-speed on what the character can actually do.

Sometimes things get past editors (Marvel used to have the "No-Prize" award for readers who were able to locate inconsistencies or errors in their books.

If Psylocke can fly, I think it will be shown in the MAIN books and be MENTIONED.

I agree with some of the posters here that if the editors of the MAIN X-Men books wanted to reassert her ability to fly then why have Angel carry her in battle (and I don't buy the whole "because he wanted to" argument). Also, as has been mentioned, one of the main points of the MINI was to establish her post-Exiles abilities (no flying in that series, even when her foe was escaping by flying).

If you would like to see Psylocke fly, that is a valid opinion...but don't argue opinion as fact or "cannon."

Since Psylocke's return to the 616 universe, I haven't seen anything that would indicate that the creative team behind her return (that would be the MAIN X-Books) are showing the viewers that she can still fly. In fact, it seems that they are making a concerted effort to show that she cannot.

Anonymous said...

Dude, get over it. If her TK is powerful enough to lift Colossus (XMLEGACY), why couldn't she do the same for herself?

And CANON is everything that is depicted in a in-continuity book. She was flying. Period.

Anonymous said...

I cant believe this debate has spiralled out of one panel that maybe she is maybe she isnt, i agree someone should ask that dude who drew it or some marvel big wig but seeing as they are never consistent and change things on whim to suit a story whatever they answer isnt really proof either.

Its like Betsy fans have to constantly argue over, costume, body, asian features, love interest or powers but here we go again:

Im in the she is not flying camp, Betsy has always struggled with control over her telekinesis as was stated many times she can smash mountains but cant lift dimes. During such a dangerous task as diffusing that massive psychic bomb is it really feasible she is going to hold her self in the air while there is a perfectly good ledge an inch from her knee? dividing her powers and concentration in the process.

The limited series and the uncanny fight with the retro Sentinel are also the almighty CANON and if she can fly its highly unlikely she didnt fy in either of these situations. Betsy is a warrior thru and thru she isnt going to let Jinn get away if she can pursue him into the air and she is certainly not going to wait for Warren to carry her up there if she can get there herself faster, it would be very out of character. remember he had to carry her out of the Sentinel before it exploded awell.

In fairness judging by hurling collosus etc yes it is definatley possible she "could" fly in some manner, im guessing it would be more like a power leap than flight judging by what her current power set is demonstrating. Plus you have to consider that its more likely she would be able to hurl herself at high speeds than precisely levitate herself in a specific position. I remain in the camp of until i see her genuinley taking off ala Superman i dont believe she can fly anymore.

Also consider there are plenty of artistic license inconsistencies; pre telekinesis pictures of her jumping that could also look like she is flying. Telekinesis only era pics when she was mainfesting something that looked very much like a psychic knife, missing crimson dawn tatoo's and psy blasts that shattered physical objects and whatever ever happened to her precog abilities? Marvel just arent awesome enough to maybe factor in all these little inconsistancies so that maybe there have been moments where her powers have shifted back and forth over the years.

Anonymous said...

She smacked Colossus quite hard it wasnt exactly a precise and delicate lift.

Anonymous said...

It was more of a "shove" to me actually.

Way I see it, Betsy's TK is powerful, but comes in short bursts. Pushes, shields, TK fueled attacks.

She has TK, so the argument that she can still fly is very valid. Most TKnetics can fly, after all.

But it seems Betsy's TK has regressed into something more secondary. I'd say she can hover or increase her jumps, but full out flying is doubtful.

I think, overall, it's the writers' fault for not clarifying her powerset more. Maybe they're still figuring her out.

Also, i'd like to say that there are no "periods" when it comes to comic books so will a certain poster please stop being so close minded and abrasive. Period.

FSaker said...

"I'm wondering how Nightcrawler feels about all of this, being a devout Catholic and all. I mean, he's right there."

Well, he's kicking someone inside a car at a high speed... the person he attacked may have been killed by the attack as well.

I don't think Nightcrawler would have a specific problem with Psylocke, but a general problem with the new methods of the X-Men. One of the preview pages of Second Coming #1 seems to show Kurt arguing with Scott, after all...

Anonymous said...

I agree that most of TKnetics can fly. It is like a basic thing for them. However it does not mean that you have to use your TK to fly all the time. Even when Betsy was only TKnetic and not in full control over TK, she did fly sometimes. What is wrong with that? Why can't she be a normal TKnetics sometimes? I believe that her TK is strong enough to do what standard TKnetics can do. But she is not as strong as she used to be like changing molecular stuffs like Marvel Girl. In my opinion she should a strong TKnetic and TPath at the same time and use them in Psylocke's way: mixing 'precision and elegance, turning mortal combat into a thing of beauty'.

Anonymous said...

While I have yet to see a full-fledged flying Betsy since her return, I am not ruling out that she may still have the ability. I suppose that is something that will be addressed now that she is being featured more in the main X-Books.

My preference, however, would be to see Betsy's TP and TK powerset to be more localized and concentrated to help distiguish her from characters with similar powers.

Her powers should reflect her ninja-esque character. She's an "action junkie" and a hand-to-hand fighter. It would make more sense to me (and this is only an opinion) that her powers should compliment this.

What she loses in traditional applications of her Psi-powers (i.e. reading minds from vast distances or pre-return TK flying) she gains in concentrated lethalness and second nature-like application.

It would mean that in close proximity she wouldn't have to concentrate in order to access someone's mind. Determining her opponent's striking move would be almost pre-cognitive at such concentrated levels, allowing her to counter instantaneously. Her Psi-defenses would be like pressed steel which means that those few more powerful telepaths would have difficulty in breaching them. Similarly, being physically struck by her Psychic Knife would be near impossible to defend against (even for the most powerful of telepaths).

On the TK front, her power should be an extension of her physicality. Let the other telekinetics use TK in the traditional way. With a concentrated use of her TK, Psylocke's strength, reflexes, agility, and physical defense would be similar to scene's from "Trinity" fighting in the Matrix movies or "Summer" from the Serenity to do fantastic moves that would normally defy physics that should apply to a 5'11, 155 lbs person.

Ultimately, there is should always be a give-and-take when it comes to abilities. Omnipotence destroys characters and stories.

Anonymous said...

love the bets's ass shot

Anonymous said...

I prefer to have a powerful Psylocke with strong TK and TP, able to deal with hard oponents than a week Psylocke that is going to be killed again and again...

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