Monday, June 30, 2014

Classic X-Men Era Psylocke SDCC Exclusive Bishoujo Statue

Kotobukiya: With an entirely new colorway based on her classic X-Men outfit and a newly sculpted psi-energy field wrapping around her am and katana this rendition of Psylocke is the latest Kotobukiya Bishoujo statue to be offered exclusively to attendees of the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con. Strictly limited to 1500 pieces worldwide this version of mutant ninja assassin will only be offered once, never to be reproduced again making her a much sought-after addition to the Marvel line of Bishoujo statues. Sculpted by Busujimax (Takaboku Busujima), the classic era Psylocke Bishoujo statue reaches 8 inches high (1/7 scale) in a dynamic, strike-ready pose. Psylocke will be available exclusively during SDCC 2014 and thru a limited non-attendee pre-order event. Pre-orders will open up at 10AM on Friday, June 27th PST at

Uncanny Avengers #21 Art

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

X-Force #6 Spoilers

Spoilers: Once Volga captures Psylocke, Fantomex and Marrow and imprisons Meme in a digital trap, the latter reminisces about the “Security and Defense Symposium”, where the Alexandria incident took place. Back then, Cable and Hope attended an Arms Trade Reform panel, ran by Ms. Qoboza. Qoboza revealed to her audience that the Expo directors asked her to leave since they found out she’s a mutant. Meme reminds that under Volga’s orders, she transmitted the death song into the lady’s earpiece. Before she would blow up, Cable ran to her expecting to bodyslide her. Volga’s goons then shot the super soldier serum in Cable’s arm. Cable cut off his arm, but Hope touched Nate, thus, mimicking the effects of the poison. Cable managed to bodyslide with Hope before Ms. Qoboza blew up. Back to Volga’s HQ, Cable and Dr. Nemesis appear before him. Volga understands that Cable did die, but has been cloned. The real Cable is in stasis, thus, Dr. Nemesis creates a new clone every single day with the same memories. Psylocke, Marrow and Fantomex are freed; X-Force battles Volga’s super soldiers. Psylocke manipulates Marrow to use her bones to impale them, while Fantomex attach teleportation devices to the remaining goons. Nemesis teleports them to outer space where they die.  Volga decides to self-destruct rather than revealing his secrets. Marrow protects X-Force against the explosion, but Cable “dies” once again. Volga’s powers seem unlimited and he manages to flee as energy projection. Back at X-Force’s HQ, a new clone of Cable is created whereas the real Cable and Hope remain in stasis. Psylocke then tells Meme that she better tell Cable who she really is: the real Meme has been brain dead since the plane crash, and Hope’s been riding piggyback on her powers ever since.

Friday, June 20, 2014

X-Force #6 Preview

X-Force #6
Writer: Simon Spurrier
Art & Cover by: Jorge Molina
• The explosive conclusion of the first arc of X-FORCE!
• The unthinkable has occurred! One of the team is dead and the others are held captive by their newest foe: the swaggering oligarch VOLGA.
• Struggling to save their own lives, X-Force’s secrets come to light as they use everything in their arsenal to survive.
• But when the dust settles, will these revealed truths ultimately tear them apart?

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

X-Men #15 Art

X-Men #15 Spoilers

Spoilers: Kymera tells the X-Men that in her future, the Future infiltrates the school, kidnaps Shogo and maims Jubilee permanently. Storm decides to take any measures necessary to prevent that; the others agree. Jubilee visits Teon and Sprite in Beast’s lab. Beast plans to inject them with a “brain dead” sample of Arkea in order to replicate its self-repair ability in said patients. Kymera is worried they’ll change the timeline, but Ororo assures her that her staying in the present already did that. Later, the X-Men guard the school. Psylocke detects the Future posing as a gardener and attacks him. He adapts to her powers and easily overcomes Betsy. The Future enters the school and shoots at Jubilee, retrieving her body.

Bromo-Superior: When Julian is unable to defeat the medieval soldiers, Psylocke comes to his rescue and shoots at his attacker.  At first, Hellion is upset that the X-Men won’t let the kids prove themselves, but Betsy tells him the man she killed was her Danger Room boyfriend. She wanted to teach them how things go different in the real world where one can’t just reboot the program.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

X-Solicits for September 2014

X-Force #9
Writer: Simon Spurrier
Art & Cover by: Rock-He Kim
• In the deserts of Afghanistan, X-Force has found a lead that could help them track down the villain who killed one of their own.
• But standing in their way is Britain’s own team of superhuman operatives: MI13!
• As the two factions come to blows, little do they know that a third player threatens to wipe them all off the board…

X-Men #19
Writer: Marc Guggenheim
Art by: Harvey Tolibao
Cover by: Terry Dodson
• With S.W.O.R.D.’s orbital headquarters, the Peak, literally hanging in the balance, the X-Men race into deep space to find the source of the new threat that’s emerged from the abyss.
• But little do they suspect that lurking in the shadows of the Acanti Skunkworks, a conspiracy is waiting to entangle them…
• And what’s worse is that it’s a conspiracy that has connections to the deaths of Rachel Grey’s family!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Psylocke To Play a Role in "AXIS"

CBR: To bring some more clarity to the upcoming 9-issue event series, "AXIS", Rick Remender and Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort are on hand for a special press conference call, ready to tease details for the crossover that spans "Uncanny Avengers," "Magneto," "Loki: Agent of Asgard" and more.

It's Remender's first real go at writing Tony Stark, and the writer noted that crafting dialogue for both Iron Man and Deadpool was very satisfying. Continuing on the Iron Man thread, Remender revealed there were big changes in store for Tony Stark and that events between the Iron Avenger and the Red Skull were percolating in the background. The writer called out Genesis, Deadpool, Psylocke, Rogue, Cyclops and many more as playing a role in the series. "Nightcrawler has a very big role in this," he said.

Written by Rick Remender,AXIS runs nine issues over three months starting in October and crosses over into several Marvel titles including Iron Man, Magneto, Loki: Agent of Asgard and Remender's own Captain America and Uncanny Avengers comics.

X-Men #15 Preview

X-Men #15
Writer: Brian Wood
Art by: Matteo Buffagni, Phil Briones
Cover by: Terry Dodson

The Story:
• A generational saga/war unfolds... mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, and one poor mall rat named Jubilee caught in the middle...
• The JGS has always been a school. Is it time to become an army? Or will their differences prove their greatest asset?

In Stores: June 18, 2014