Friday, February 25, 2011

X-Men: To Serve & Protect #4 Art

Flashback Art:
Miguel Munera

Present Day Art: Eric Koda


jarim77 said...

Cool. Her TK enhanced punch is strong enough to hurt Hercules.

FSaker said...

Gosh... when I read the spoilers here about Herc not remembering her, I thought their affair took place before her body-swap, what would justify his confusion. But she was already Asian back then.

Herc is a real bastard! No one can blame Betsy for punching him.

no said...

question is: when did it happen? betsy was an unpassionate bitch after the body swap, and by the time kwannon was erased from her head she was already with warren, but the writer probably gave a shit about her personality back then... or maybe, this could be after her resurrection

climbs4kicks said...

The flashback art is absolutely gorgeous. I mean look at those shots of her face.
The present day art is ok.

Silly storyline though

centurion said...

Wondeful images of Betsy. Among the best I've seen. Betsy had an affair with Hercules? When did this happen? Was it ever mentioned in past issues of Uncanny X-Men?

FSaker said...

@Centurion - Hi! No, Betsy's one-night stand with Herc has never been mentioned or even hinted anywhere before. And I guess it will probably never be referenced again, since it adds nothing to either of their backstories.

@No - Good question, and probably even the story's writer won't know at which time it could have happened. I'd guess it could be right at the time the X-Men reformed back in the 90s, before Psylocke got involved with Archangel.