Friday, February 25, 2011

X-Men Legacy #245 Art


Anonymous said...

Age of X Bets looks so awesome! I really want that costume or something really similar for 616 Bets. It will probably never happen but one can dream.

Francis said...

why is this alternate reality so much better than the main one?
in the first chapter we got a glimpse of life of most of the x-characters in AoX but this was enought to let anyone satisfied...the focus on rogue is clear but it's not obsessive like fraction's affection for emma and scott...the last one is much more interesting as the antihero he's here... i understand being a leader in the mainstream is not an easy position but then why is magneto so much better? that's writer's concern so i suppose scott's latest depiction lacked some points

most importantly...mutants are so united...maybe it's the alliance x-men/alcolytes who gets me in but the cameratism is something i don't actually feel anymore in the mainstream...characters are cold,cynical or on the edge of mental breakdown most of the times without any little bit of the passion who's been so well depicted in just two chapter of this AoX...that's what makes it so good to me...

PS: Psylocke's awesome as ever