Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mike Carey Talks Psylocke & Iceman and More

Mike Carey shares a few words with the readers in X-Men Legacy 245. The writer also talks about some of the new relationships in Age of X. Check it out:

Mike Carey: Writing a story like this is a bit like playing a jazz riff on an existing song. I say that as someone who's not that into jazz, so if the comparison feels a bit forced, I apologize. But what I mean is that you take familiar elements and you play variations on them, so that part of the pleasure is rediscovering those old friends - old notes, old melodies, old themes - in strange disguises.

I don't think any of the relationships that we see here - Scott Summers and Frenzy, Psylocke and Iceman, Storm and Namor - is inherently implausible. In fact, I think there's a clear logical through-line in each case. I also think that what all of the core characters become in the Age of X makes sense in terms of their essential natures. But if you disagree, come at me. Umm... I mean on a message board or at a Con, obviously, not with a lead pipe in the library.

So yeah, that was one of the themes in this opening issue: old friends in strange disguises. I hope you enjoy measuring the distances and the angles between who they are and who they were. I know you'll enjoy Clay's spectacular whole-cloth inventions of a time and a place that - for all its weirdness - is just one turn of the road away from the world we know.

That is, the world we think we know.


Francis said...

betsy and iceman is such a nice couple...

The Great Black North said...


I agree! I actually like them as a couple and same goes for Namor and Storm and Scott and Frenzy