Monday, February 28, 2011

Age of X Assessment: Chapter 1 We caught up with Carey to get sort out these happenings; also, check out some exclusive preview art by Steve Kurt from Age of X’s fourth chapter, coming up in New Mutants #23 on sale March 23.

Who are the five members of the Force Warriors? How are they viewed by the rest of the X-Men?

Mike Carey: The five are Psylocke, Legion, Hellion, Stand-Off—which is to say Carmella Unuscione—and Revenant. In light of what we've just been talking about, you could compare their role to Legacy's: they're too important to risk in the thick of the fighting, because without the force walls, Fortress X can't survive. But they're much more visible than Legacy, their role is a daily and ubiquitous one, and they're not associated with death and loss. Quite the opposite: they're the face of survival and defiance, and everyone respects and even loves them.

We spoke about Namor and Storm last time, but why did you decide to pair up Frenzy with Cyclops/Basilisk and Iceman with Psylocke romantically?

Mike Carey: Iceman and Psylocke was just a "why not?" That Dick Van Dyke dialogue came to me as I was scripting, so I stuck it in. The pairing of Basilisk and Frenzy is much less random, and I think it tells you something about both of them. First, this is a Frenzy who's much closer to the heart of things than the Frenzy in regular continuity: someone who's embraced a positive role and despite her more fierce and wayward instincts, sticks to it. But also, this is a Scott Summers who is much more reckless and self-destructive. There's an edge of violence and dysfunction in the relationship which we glimpse in this issue and see again later. Although, having said that, there's a real passion, too. They sort of work. You remember that line from [the television show] “Firefly” spoken by Wash? "A lot of people don't get me and Zoe, at first..." It's like that. Your first thought is "say, what?" but I'm hoping that people will see the way they watch each other's backs and keep each other standing.

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Mtti said...

who is Revenant? is she Rachel Summers? I don't think it could be as all the mutants that are in Age Of X are present on Utopia.

Also a lot of them are like their "normal" counterparts ie: Karmas' bionic leg, Juilans arms... is this just some random coincidence or is it something else? but then there's Moira Mctaggert so that throws everything out the loop...

In just three issues Mike Carey has created a world so intriguing and character driven (ie: the convo with Jubilee and Chamber) that I wished Uncanny X-Men could have been over the past years. Havent been this excited since Messiah Complex