Thursday, February 3, 2011

Psylocke by Jamie McKelvie

Generation Hope artist Jamie McKelvie did a nice Psylocke redesign via Tumblr. He says: "Another warm-up sketch/wind-down colours. This time Psylocke, rejigged. Not sure if it’s clear, but the idea is her suit incorporates a hood."


FSaker said...

It's an interesting redesign, but I don't think Marvel would ever allow Psylocke to be so covered up. Maybe McKelvie should just try to design a variation of her bathing suit.

And keep her hair long. Some X-Women look fine with short hair (Storm's mohawk, for instance), but Betsy isn't one of them.

But he is a great artist, I wish I knew how to draw as well as he does.

Rahsaan said...

Yes, F! I hated wehn Psylocke had short hair during the Legion story that preceded AOA! Now Storm... on the other hand. She looked great when she had the short 'do after X-Tinction Agenda when growing her hair back from the mutate process. Jean also looked great with short hair in AOA. As much as I love Betts, short hair does not become her. Or at least, I've yet to see a rendition of her when it has.

The Great Black North said...

I'm sorry that is the most bland and ugly outfit I've ever seen!

If they must change the "The Hand" assassin blue bikini then change it to her awesome 80's outback outfit or a variant of Revanche's outfit.

CmX said...

Yeah I agree. The design would be nicer if she had her longer hair. I'd love to see Bachalo draw this same design on Psylocke. I have a feeling it would be so much cooler looking.

Lebeau2501 said...

I think Jim Lee's ninja design will stick forever. Various artists have changed her waist accessories, but it's consistantly gone back to the impossible vinyl bands.


I think I will post more of my Psylocke art on my blog

Rahsaan said...

Forgot to mention that the Dazzler (like Halle Bery) also looks better with short hair!

DaQing said...

I personally Like this look! Ok I know we all love the bathing suit look but this design makes more sense. The footwear, the short hair, the hood and the covered up outfit screams Stealthy ninja assassin. I wouldn't want this to be her everyday look but it would be a great secret mission look.

DaQing said...

Also why are we assuming her hair is short it could either be tied back or in a bun.

Rahsaan said...


I actually dislike the bathing suit. In my opinion, Psylocke's only decent costume thus far has been the X-Treme outfit. Second to that was the generix X-men blue and yellow followed by the body armour (which actually was cool during Inferno when it was warped by evil and se ditched the cape, but kept the hood).

Personally, I think she should only wear ninja stuff if doing ninja stealth missions. Most of the X-men missions aren't ninja-like. For instance, reconstructing San Francisco in the Hand bathing suit looks foolish.

If her X-Force outfit was something akin to the X-Treme one, but in black and silver, she'd be good to go. I even liked her Exiles outfit. Though, she could update it with the X-Force colors and ditch the high heels.

Anonymous said...

I didn't like this outfit at first but it's sort of growing on me. I think it would look a lot better if her hair wasn't short or tied in a ponytail or bun.

I don't like the Hand bathing suit either. I use to, but I don't anymore. I hate her Exiles outfit. It looked like a tacky pop star's outfit.