Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Do You Want Psylocke in "Marvel VS. Capcom 3"?

Do You Want Psylocke in "Marvel VS. Capcom 3"? Yes! At this stage of development, everything is pretty much locked down, but as Ryota Niitsuma, Marvel vs. Capcom 3’s Producer, once stated: "Fan demand might affect future DLC." What are we waiting for? Let's start requesting Psylocke to be included and show Marvel and Capcom that there is a high demand for Psylocke in Marvel vs. Capcom 3!

" I want Psylocke in MvC3! http://bit.ly/hCXCzD "

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Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

Let's keep our fingers crossed! :)


whitephoenix said...

I have my first fav Jean, so now I must have my 2nd fav Psylocke! I have high hopes that she will be in and will be awesome.

jarim77 said...

I was under the impression that there are still a few character reveals to come.
Anyway I'm waiting to see if Psylocke will in the game as dlc or otherwise.
If not I most likely will not get MvC3.

(There are other fighting games coming soon like SFxT and TTT2)

jarim77 said...

Based on this there is still one Marvel slot free. Let's keep our fingers crossed.


Lebeau2501 said...

Um...yes! At first I thought Electra would replace her as the feminine ninja presence, but now that I know Electra is not showing up for this one. I want to know why they omitted Psylocke.
I have a few Psylocke drawings in various posts on my art blog. I'd be flattered if you'd take a look.


She is fun to draw!

centurion said...

Psylocke is one of the most popular Marvel characters and the most requested for a dlc for Marvel vs Capcom 3. She would be a fine addition to the game, especially since she has all the attributes of a great martial artist and would be a nice companion for Wolverine. I bet she is already an unannounced dlc.

centurion said...

Psylocke's resurgent popularity in comics may not mean she is a guarentted strong contender for a DLC in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, but of all the characters that have ever appeared in the Capcom versus series, she was always a strong character and generally loved. I was thinking about the Marvel Super Heroes fighting game released by Capcom in the 90's. Psylokce made that, too, as the premier female character, even before Electra. Of course, its the 2010s, not the 90s anymore, but when so many people online are clamoring "I want Psylocke, Gambit, Venom etc." This would suggest - assuming they aren't already - that the devs of MVC3 should heed the call of the fans as Nitsuma implied in his statement "fan demand might affect DLCs." Five DLCs for each side would be nice, plus an assortment of DLC levels, costumers, and soundtracks, plus bonus stages. My personal favorties would be:

Green Goblin
Ms. Marvel
War Machine

Megaman X

Looking beyond MvC3, we need a Capcom vs. Konami :)

Solid Snake
Simon Belmont
Bill Riser
Pyramid Head
Metal Gear Rex
Harry Mason
Leo Stenbuck (Zone of Enders)
Other suggestions...

Megaman X
Regina (Dino Crisis)
Leon S. Kennedy
Ada Wong
Suggestions ----


FSaker said...

I don't see why Capcom would leave Psylocke out of MvC3. She was already in MvC2, so it wouldn't be hard to recreate her for the new game. She's definitely popular, as the polls about which characters the players want to be added as DLC are indicating; plus, she's been front and center in the X-verse since around 2009.

Capcom can't even justify that she would be redundant with Jean already in the game, since Jean's gameplay is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from Betsy's.

The only things that could hinder her chances are the lack of male representatives of the X-Men in MvC3 (Wolverine is the only X-Man, while there are already three X-Women in it) and the inclusion of X-23, who plays a little similarly to her. Still, Psylocke should have great chances to be added as DLC, if Capcom is ever paying attention to the polls around the internet (including Capcom's own poll in its forums).

Anonymous said...

I love her outfit in that picture! I wish she would wear something like that in the comics. Has she worn anything like that in the comics or was it just in that game?