Thursday, February 17, 2011

Uncanny X-Force #5 Spoilers

The issue begins with Fantomex explaining what the "World" is. An artificial habitat where time passes much faster than ours. Fantomex was created there and he mentions a million years have passed in the World since he was last there. Fantomex mentions a Weapon Infinity and neither will stop until the other is dead. Fantomex mentions he was able to shrink the World small enough to fit in his hand in hopes of guarding it from falling into bad hands.

Deadpool calls an X-Force meeting without Fantomex. He discussing not feeling right about killing kid Apocalypse and that he didn't sign up to murder kids. Logan disagrees and tells Wade he knew exactly what he signed up for. Deadpool leaves and Logan tells Warren to remove Wade from the team. Warren tells Logan that Deadpool has worked for him for a year and he hasn't cashed any of the checks he paid him. Hinting that Wade just might be there because he wants to be.

Fantomex visits his mother at home and he discusses his ehtic with her. She tells him he has a good conscious and that she feels she had a part in making sure he grew up with good ethic in the small amount of time she had to raise him. The two are ambushed by heroes fused with deathlok tech. Spiderman kills Fantomex's mother, he escapes with EVA, but soon crashes as he makes his way out of his ship he sees Deathlok standing before him.

Notes: Psylocke was only shown attending the X-Force meeting and didn't say or do much to be mentioned.


FSaker said...

Well, she can't be the center of attentions in every issue... maybe next issue Psylocke will get more of the spotlight! As long as she remains in this team and that she is neither ignored nor forced down the readers' throats, I'm satisfied.

It seems Uncanny X-Force will keep being the best X-book nowadays. Good!

CmX said...

What are you talking about? No one was complaining, we always put a small note if the issue doesn't feature Psylocke because people ask us a lot for spoilers concerning just Psylocke.

FSaker said...

I know no one was complaining, that line was meant for myself...

But it wasn't clear in the way I wrote it, indeed. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

I'm satisfied too. What little we got of her was still very good. Very good issue all around.