Thursday, February 24, 2011

Uncanny X-Force: MMXI

'We will not let anyone else fall.'
An all-new mission for Uncanny X-Force begins this June as MMXI – the year of the X-Men – kicks into high gear!

Uncanny X-Force #11

Written by:
Rick Remender

Penciled by:
Mark Brooks

On sale this June!

X-Force fighting the Age of Apocalypse X-Men? It looks like the Shadow King arc wich begins with issue #8 will continue in issues #9 and #10. Then X-Force vs. AoA will follow in #11. Where are the solicits for #9 and #10?


FSaker said...

Not really: as you said, the Shadow King arc begins in Uncanny X-Force #8, in April. This MMXI announcement is for Uncanny X-Force #11, in June.

That means that May will probably have both #9 and #10 issues to conclude the Shadow King arc, before this next one.

Not sure if I like the idea of this new arc... Age of Apocalypse was better left alone.

like a butterfly said...

LOL yeah! I just noticed that, and edited it.

Why are they holding off the #9 and #10 solicits/covers if it has nothing to do with MMXI? Weird.

FSaker said...

Oh, I see you guys replaced your comments after the MMXI solicit. Yeah, Marvel should have announced the #9 and #10 solicits already, it makes no sense to announce the #11 one before them.

Anyway, now that I noticed, AoA-Sabertooth is among the AoA X-Men in this teaser... does that mean he will be in the story? And if he is, will Remender mention in the story that he and Betsy used to be lovers (back in the New Exiles days)? And if he's out of the Panoptichron wall, could this mean that Sage (and the other New Exiles, but let's face it, besides Creed and Sage, the readers just don't care about the other imprisoned members) has escaped too?


FSaker said...

BTW, wasn't AoA-Gambit supposed to be DEAD??

treysome said...
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treysome said...

Age of Apocalypse huh I guess esp with everything else coming back it was soon to happen esp with kid Apocalypse dead . Wonder who x-force is taking down now before they become a threat. Esp since only Fatomax can actually do it.

XF Psylocke vs AOA Psylocke who wins?

The Great Black North said...

I see the AoA Sabretooth in this picture! I thought he was frozen in that crystal palace with Sage and the other Exiles at the end of the last Exiles series.

If I Assume he's gotten free then is it possible that Sage might come back?

And why would he be against Psylocke since they shared a relationship and friendship?

FSaker said...

@treysome - Hm, tough question. UXF Psylocke has a good mix of telepathy and telekinesis, while AoA-Psylocke seems to only have telepathy (and only manifesting as her psi-knives). On the other hand, AoA-Psylocke was quite hardcore when it came to fighting, plus she was a top-class martial artist.

Maybe after the fight they could switch clothes; that way Betsy would finally get rid of the swimsuit she's been wearing for almost THIRTY years...


@The Great Black North - Maybe Creed found out about Betsy's current relationship with Archangel and got angry?

Anonymous said...

Great. First, they pretended Psylocke's never been to Exiles, now Sabretooth, too? Can't Marvel at least keep their continuity?!