Tuesday, February 22, 2011

MvC3: Marvel Character DLC Official Voting

Capcom-Unity is conducting a poll concerning characters you want in Marvel VS. Capcom 3 as DLC!
Read the rules carefully and pick Psylocke as one of your 5 choices!
Don't vote for: Venom, Gambit, Cyclops, Ghost Rider and Carnage. They're all currently ahead of Psylocke. Also don't vote for Ms. Marvel, she's closely behind. Let's keep Betsy the most requested female character.
If you have already voted, you can't vote again!

I want Psylocke in MvC3! http://bit.ly/e0SV5u

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Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

@ Shoryuken.com poll:
Most Requested Marvel Character

@ Capcom-Unity/GameFAQs poll:
3rd Most Requested Marvel Character / Most Requested Female

Let's keep our fingers crossed! :)

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jarim77 said...

Just a correction: This was NOT an offical voting.


THIS SURVEY IS NOT ENDORSED BY CAPCOM. Yes, I'm a mod, but I do not actually work at Capcom, I'm a volunteer. I simply decided to do this because SRK was doing it, & I figured you guys would like to do the same. As we can see, it was a great success, resulting in over 5,000 votes for each thread, in just a matter of 1 week. But this is mearly opinion. It will NOT determine who'll be DLC next.

Every poll I have seen has had Psylocke in a high position so let's hope thy add her to thegame.