Wednesday, February 23, 2011

X-Men: Legacy #245 Spoilers (Age of X)

X-Men Legacy #245: Rogue (or known in this reality as Legacy or Reaper) narrates the events of the how mutants are hunted and illegal and it's been 1,000 days since the war on mutants begin. Issue opens with all the "X-Men" fighting against anti-mutant soldiers who are attempting to penetrate Fortress X which is their stronghold. Apparently in this reality Cannonball takes up the role of field leader much like Cyclops in 616 reality. Tempo is killed in battle and "Reaper" (Rogue) is called to absorb her essence and memories into her before she passes. Reapder tells Tempo that it's okay because she will always live in through her. Afterwards the "Force Warriors" arrive a team of psychics (including Psylocke) arrive to rebuild and repair the forcefield that protects Fortress X from intruders. Rogue mentions that without the Force Warriors they wouldn't stand a chance as the forcefield takes hours to be destroyed by anti-mutant forces. In this reality Cyclops and Frenzy, Psylocke and Iceman, and Storm and Namor are all respective couples. Rogue wanders around just outside Fortress X (but inside the force field) expressing she needs time alone to absorb and deal with all the memories she has just taken from Tempo. She notices someone passing through the forcefield onto Fortress X back up arrives, but it turns out it's only Kitty Pryde. Rogue notices her placing something in an abandoned car before the others get a hold of Kitty. As the others leave, Rogue finds the item Kitty hid and sees that it's a camera she looks through the pictures apparently stumbling upon a great secret. Later we see Magneto bringing in Kitty and alerting Danger that no one must see her or speak to her and only he may. As he approaches Kitty's cell we see the Cuckoos, Martha and what looks like Xavier all jailed.

Notes: Namor refers to Psylocke as "Lady Braddock" not sure if that's her codename, but it's cute.


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Yeah it was even better than I expected! I cannot wait to read Ch. 3!