Tuesday, October 13, 2009

X-Men: The Second Coming

The mutant messiah returns to the present and sparks a crossover event across all the X-Men titles. Cable and Hope return to the present in March of 2010. Kicking off the final chapter in the Messiah Trilogy, "X-Men: Second Coming" was announced today at the Diamond Retailer Summit. It's a multi-part crossover that begins in the "X-Men: Second Coming" one-shot, then runs through issues of "Uncanny X-Men," "X-Men: Legacy," "X-Force" and "New Mutants," before ending in June with another one-shot.

Hope's return sends multiple fractures throughout the dwindling mutant population, however, no mutant feels the pressure more than the leader of species, Scott Summers, who has dedicated himself to the protection of the child and allowed Cable to take her to the future in order to insure her safety. With the girl's return, Cyclops finally finds out if his unwavering hope in Hope pays off.

In the "X-Men: Second Coming" one-shot, Cable and Hope's sudden return to the present forces the villainous Bastion, who's machinations have been plaguing X-Force, to put the final stage of his master plan into action."You're going to see in 'Necrosha' that Bastion doesn't go away. He's aware of things. You'll see his reaction to the events in 'Necrosha,' but Hope's return is the explosion that means things have to happen now," Kyle revealed. "What Bastion knows about, now, and what he must do, is always in flux. The actions of Selene in 'Necrosha' and the arrival of Hope are two things he can't plan for. So this is going to push everything to a head. For Craig Kyle and Chris Yost, "X-Men: Second Coming" is doubly satisfying because not only is it the final chapter of the Messiah Trilogy, it's also the final chapter in their run on "X-Force."


Mikey said...


Anonymous said...

Who else is hoping that Kyle and Yost take over Uncanny when X-Force ends?

Mikey said...


centurion said...

@Mikey - Hi. Long time no see! As long as Betsy remains with Uncanny, I would appreciate Kyle and Yost as writers.

FSaker said...

I'd like that! Nothing against Fraction, he's a great writer, but Kyle and Yost are probably the best X-writers the X-Men had in the last decade (yes, even better than Morrison and Whedon, although maybe not as innovative as Morrison was)!

Anyway, so now we know that Second Coming starts in March. The weird thing is that the main villain will be Bastion... where's Bishop? And Messiah War made me think that Apocalypse and Stryfe might return for the third part of the Messiah story (specially now that both Warren and Gambit are returning to their Death Horsemen times).

Nevertheless, it looks good so far! Betsy will probably be a minor character in this saga (too many X-Men and villains to share the spotlight), but I hope she gets a chance to shine in it too!

Dr. Doom said...

I think Yost may be leaving for DC comics. :( At leat, we'll get to read Yost's Psylocke.

I'm excited for this event, but it feels like the ending of an era. Well, it really is the end. It's bittersweet. Books will be cancelled, others will be rebooted. Status quo changes and so on.

The 2000's were an amazing decade fot the X-Franchise. Morrison, Whedon, Carey, Yost, Kyle, Fraction, and even Claremont. I hope the 2010's are just as amazing.

Psychilde said...

Hey found a preview image of un ultimate psylocke pic in an upcoming ultimate book called, ultimate x, dont get too excited...shes still dead. Its all the mutants that died in ultimatum
thought it was worth mentioning : )

FSaker said...

@Psychilde - Yeah, and that picture also shows Cyclops with the bullet in his head, a headless Magneto, a headless Blob, a Silent Hill-esque Wolverine... Really charming. v_v

At least Ultimate Betsy's corpse was well conservated. It didn't have, let's say, half of her face destroyed by a laser like her 616 European body... On the other hand, at least 616-Betsy is still alive.

Anonymous said...

Talking about death, I'm really happy Psylocke spent 4 years dead this decade. This means they won't dare to kill her in "Second Coming". The IGN interview states there's going to me MAJOR deaths during the event. I'm so happy Betsy is "safe".

Selene said...

Yost already works for DC,he is the writer of Red Robin(which is very good).

As stated by another poster,so far the bad news are:
1.Kyle & Yost are leaving.
2.X-Force and Cable will most likely get cancelled.
3.Cable is guaranteed to die.

I'm anxious to see the mysteries surrounding Hope unveiled,but it appears that the quality of the X-titles will falter once more by summer 2010.

centurion said...

@Selene - Great... And I just started picking up X-Force... This was a decade filled with X-Triumphs and X-Failures in terms of the quality of books.

@Psychilde - Thanks for the picture. I didn't see that. Ultimate Betsy does look well perserved in death relative to the other slain X-Men in that picture.

@Anonymous 3:57PM - I, too, think that Betsy is relatively "safe." I'm not sure about Cable or Bishop, though.

At least X-Men Forever is getting better. Betsy should make an appearance soon.

Anonymous said...

awww Wolverine is holding Scott, shame theyre dead ;P

Xypha said...

1st we see Psylocke on the preview cover of Uncanny X-MEN:#517 with the leaders of Mutantkind such as Scott and Magneto and now, like Emma and Scott standing together as a couple, Betsy stands next to Eric on the preview cover of X-MEN: The Second Coming!

Um... does anyone else think that Magneto and Psylocke will pair up or am I just thinking too much over a simple picture? lol:p

centurion said...

It could be, but even if it does happen, the question is: what will the nature of the pair be?

Anonymous said...

Matt Fraction said only Cyclops, Emma, Magneto, and Namor would be the core group and focus for a while. Too bad he didn't mention Psylocke. It'd be nice for him to step down from Uncanny and give it to Yost and Kyle. He had a fun run in some peoples' opinions, but I would like a grittier more character driven arc. And the use of different mutants other than Cyke and Ems.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Uncanny's new issue is out today! Does anyone know if Psylocke appears in it? Some guys at the CBR forums say she appears, but they say that her ass gets more panel time than her face does and she says "as you wish" to that loser Cyclops, I hope she does more than just that.