Thursday, October 29, 2009

Profiles in Comics: Chris Yost, Marvel, DC, Animation

Newsarama: You’ve written many miniseries for Marvel, and coming up you have a Psylocke miniseries. Can you tell us about your thoughts on the character, and the place you see for her in the X-titles and the Marvel U?

Chris Yost: Psylocke was one of the X-Men that I was there for, on the ground floor. I saw her join the team, fight Sabretooth, get her edge to her, the whole Siege Perilous thing... and then, transform into the Betsy we have today. I like Psylocke because she's got that edge, you're never quite sure if you can trust her to a certain extent... she bends a lot of the rules.

And poor Betsy has had a lot dumped on her. She's had to deal with so much insanity... Mojo, Crimson Dawn, being killed, rebuilt by her mad brother, being pulled into Exiles... and the whole body switch thing. Editor Daniel Ketchum and I really took our time deciding how to proceed on this, because her bio is so complicated.

And it has an affect on her. She's gone all surface, and doesn't want to deal with any of it. Is she real, fake, alive, dead... she doesn't know. But being an X-Man, that's something she knows. That's her rock.


centurion said...

Nice caption! The most significant words are "But being an X-Man, that's something she knows, that's her rock." Psylocke's home is with the X-Men, no where else.

FSaker said...

I don't know if this mini will be good or not, but at least Yost seems to understand Psylocke in all her complexity, not only as "that X-Men cheesecake ninja chick".

centurion said...

@FSaker - Yes, he does seem to understand her well, and I think he is probably one of the few writers to give Psylocke that degree of depth to her complexity that has been lacking for years. I also think his aim may be to further establish her role as an X-Woman. Despite all of the metamorphoses, dimension traveling, and resurrections, she has always been an X-Man.