Thursday, October 8, 2009

X-Men Vs. Agent of Atlas & Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

X-Men Vs. Agents of Atlas #1: At the old X-Men's base, the Agent of Atlas plan to steal Cerebra, in order to find Venus, who's been kidnapped. Cloak teleports in with Cyclops, Emma, Wolverine, Storm and Colossus, but the Uranian - a telepath - messes with the X-Men's minds, and the Agents manage to get away with Cerebra. The X-Men track Cerebra's position, so once Atlas is back at their subterranean base beneath San Francisco, an even bigger group of X-Men teleports in. Psylocke included. I guess she will have a bigger role in issue #2 as she's the only one who can take down the Uranian!

Deadpool #16: There's nothing with Psylocke in it, except for what's been previewed.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2: Rumor has it that Psylocke is included in the first DLC pack for MUA2 to be announced in the coming days. Cable, Carnage, Magneto and Dr. Doom are supposedly part of the DLC pack too. Stay tuned! Also men's magazine MAXIM has picked Psylocke as one of the hotties of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2. It's interesting to note that the article features a never-seen before 3D character model. (Thanks Psychild and Centurion :D)


centurion said...

I like that Maxim included Psylocke among the top five Marvel female characters in MUA2. She definitely deserves the spotlight. This is an opportunity for Betsy to gain even more exposure.

centurion said...

In X-Men vs. Agent of Atlas, Betsy will have the chance to contend with the Uranian. It has been a while since Betsy fought another high level telepathic foe.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad there's going to be an actual story that involves teamwork and individualized powers :) . This is why I wish these great characters (like Psylocke, Dagger, and Storm) were available to another author instead of stuck in Uncanny which is more of a Cyclops and Emma driven book.

FSaker said...

One interesting thing about this 3D Psylocke render is that she has the Crimson Dawn tattoo in it... which is weird, because she lost the tattoo (and the Crimson Dawn powers) long before the Civil War story happened.

centurion said...

@FSaker - Yes, you are right about the Crimson Dawn tatoo. I wonder if this 3D render is an "alternate" version of the MUA2 Betsy.