Thursday, October 15, 2009

MUA2: Psylocke Confirmed as DLC!

Kalina, one of the game producers, just posted the following message on the VIP board at HeroHQ. Be sure to check GameSpot later today for in-game videos of Psylocke!

"Hi VIPs,

Today is going to be a really quick note as I know everyone is on the edge of their seats for the reveal. Just wanted to say that there is also going to be some news today on what you are getting over and above characters for DLC… yes, there will be very cool additional gameplay. Tune in to GameSpot to find out details.

And most of you guessed by now why I’m personally excited about today! The reward goes to those who have followed me since the beginning, you all know who my favorite character is outside of Gambit… I can’t wait until you see how true to form this one looks like in-game.

The video got finished late, so this might be an end of day thing on GameSpot… but I think I just gave VIPs the inside know on this… See? I look out for you!"


UPDATE: GameSpot released a Sneak Peek video. Jump to the 6:00 mark and catch a glimpse of Psylocke in-game! The model used for the MAXIM magazine article is really from MUA2. You can also notice that the five DLC characters are Psylocke, Carnage, Magneto, Black Panther and Cable!


FSaker said...

Well, she didn't say Psylocke, though, so it could be another character. Although yeah, Kalima has stated before that she loves Psylocke.

But... YAY!!! Now I hope Emma is one of the remaining DLC characters (so I can pair her and Betsy; the other two party members don't matter at all) and everything will be perfect!

Anonymous said...



centurion said...

@FSaker - I'm with you 100 percent, my friend! This is great news. This is the debut of Psylocke's return! I can't wait to get this!

centurion said...

My MUA2 team would be primarily X-Men based. Rogue, Psylocke, Emma Frost, and Captain America. It would be cool if X-23 were made available as a DLC.

PoP said...

Looks so cool I really want to download it! She looks fierce in the team picture. It's a shame about the other added characters though. Seriously that game is a sausage fest they need more women! I wish this dlc had at least one more woman.

centurion said...

Betsy's 3-D render is gorgeous! I like her stance, too.

rafaelrodrigues1 said...



Loved her moves, stance, model.. everything

FSaker said...

At the same time I'm happy for her inclusion, I'm a little disappointed that the game developers chose Magneto over Emma Frost...

Oh well, Betsy is in da house, yay!