Thursday, October 29, 2009

MUA2 DLC Pack Release Date Announced

HeroHQ: The news you’ve been waiting for is here: the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 downloadable content will be available November 5th on XBOX Live (worldwide) and Playstation network in America, November 12th for Playstation Network in Europe.

The main DLC package (all-new characters, more boosts, and simulator missions) will retail for 800 Microsoft Points (XBOX) and $9.99 (PS3). Additionally, we’re making Juggernaut available as DLC (same dates) for 160 MS Points (XBOX) and $1.99 (PS3).


Moreover, Kalina, our favorite game producer, spills the beans on how the character roster for the DLC pack was chosen. Kalina said:

Psylocke - C’mon, did anybody who knew me from MUA1 think I would do MUA2 and NOT have Psylocke in the game? :P It certainly helped my case that Psylocke ranked as the #2 desired female character just after Jean Grey (and Jean’s already in MUA2) and more voices than mine have also been asking for Psylocke for a long time! Her in-game model really does her justice - I was really excited to see all the posts that came right after we revealed Psylocke and showed how cool her looks and powers are. And yes, definitely needed to add some female power to the mix."

Carnage - Carnage was a fun add to the game because he’s ALL NEW to the whole MUA franchise, and actually ranked #1 in our polls and surveys and other things among Marvel characters not previously in MUA or MUA2. He’s pretty recognizable on a mass appeal basis."

Cable - Believe it or not, Cable is also all-new to the MUA franchise and topped the list among our most hardcore fans at Comic Con AND via surveys and posts in this very VIP community."

Black Panther - This was actually a request from Marvel, and with an upcoming TV series that was announced and supposed to come out in 2009, we thought we’d tie in nicely with that."

Magneto - Of course Magneto tops the list of desired characters and his gameplay is epic. We thought twice about this one because he was DLC in MUA1, but felt we did need some really big anchor character that has that mass recognition, and Magneto was the biggest, most epic, most mass character outside of the ones we already have in the game. "

Kalina also talked about other characters that were considered for the DLC pack. She stated that it doesn't mean they won't be included in the future. She said:

"Cyclops - Came really close as he did rank high on VIP and Comic Con feedback. Ultimately, we felt that he’s already in the Wii/PS2/PSP versions of the game so people can still play as him. To have Cyclops AND Psylcoke as DLC would be too much crossover, so Psylocke won out."

"Emma Frost - I like her too! And she is definitely one we can design around. She also came REALLY close simply because we like her, but in our polls and surveys (VIP community included), she surprisingly ranked really low so that knocked her out of the running. She did not even rank in the top 20 characters requested that were not previously in MUA1! So I’ll say this - we WILL be coming out with a survey to VIPs on MUA2, and if you feel that strongly about Emma Frost, be sure you fill out that survey and list her! Those surveys are the most actionable way to get feedback. Also good that I read this particular thread and know how much people want her now."

"Rogue - We struggle with this one. I’d love to get Rogue in the game and she always tops our lists, but she is really, really hard to design. How do you design a character that can have any power if she just sucks it from other characters? Not to say it’s impossible, but we haven’t figured it out yet..."

"Hawkeye and Sentry - Well Sentry’s on the NDS version for those who feel strongly about him, and Hawkeye was already DLC for MUA1. Since we were repeating Magneto, it was too much to repeat another. And there were just characters that ranked higher to be honest, but don’t count them out for “next time” if it happens."


hunterfolklore said...

i'd prefered frost rogue or sentry rather than black panther... he was not so good in mua1

rafaelrodrigues1 said...


Anonymous said...

Marvel should really stop trying to force Black Panther down our throats. Black Panther will never happen. He's a lame character whose series hase to be cancelled and rebooted every other year. He's just not popular. They should just get over it.

centurion said...

This is a great year for Betsy in the videogame world!

Anonymous said...

I am not paying 10 dollars for Psylocke only. What a rip off. I wish I could just download her. That's like paying 70 dollars for the game now if you include the price of the game! I refuse. :(

Anonymous said...

Isn't it $10 for the package and not just one part of it? If it isn't, that would suck.

Anonymous said...

you have to buy the ten dollar pack even if you just want one character. the only solo character you can buy is Juggernaut who is 1.99. but i only want psylocke and she's only in the pack unfortunatly.

Psychilde said...

Awww man cant believe the rest of europe has to wait like another week!!! LAME!!! Cant wait though :D

Anonymous said...

I did mention this update in the previous topic,(even though everyone overlooked it anyway), but thats ok. As long as you guys know about it now I guess! That was my first post too, but well this is my second. Thanks for the welcome!

FSaker said...

Wow, so Emma ranked low in the surveys? I read somewhere that she was actually the survey winner... weird.

I hope Ms. Frost can have her chance if there is ever a second DLC pack.

Anonymous said...

i am so happy for everyone in europe! i hope oyu love your psylocke dlc! she is the most blanced and powerful version of betsy, the x-men next dimension game included!!!

Anonymous said...

You guys should put spawn in the game. I dont think he gets enough repsect as a marvel hero. I think he would make an excellent addition

GuardianDevil said...

I would love to see more costumes rather than characters... But as long as we are on the character front, off the top of my head: Bishop, Silver Surfer, Emma Frost, Black Bolt, Nightcrawler, Spider-Woman [loved her in MUA1] and the one and only Punisher [since he was in the Civil War saga]