Wednesday, October 28, 2009

X Necrosha & New Mutants #6 Spoilers

X Necrosha

X-Force: Selene's plan to ascend to godhood is about to be set in motion as her army of resurrected mutants moves into Utopia. At the X-Brig, Danger's virtual reality prison is turned off. The prisoners Sebastian Shaw, Donald Pierce and Empath are surprised by the arrival of the once dead Shinobi Shaw and Harry Leland. At the Med Bay, where X-23 is being treated, she and Wolverine smell the coming of the dead. Somewhere else, Emma Frost is shocked by the sight of her fallen students, the Hellions - Catseye, Jetstream, Roulette, Tarot, Beef and Bevatron. They attack her, however X-Force and Cyclops comes to Emma's rescue. After finding Wolfsbane's location (read X-Force #23) and returning to Utopia, Angel and Warpath are caught by surprise by Pyro and Berseker. At Genosha and accompanied by her Inner Circle - Wither, Eli Bard, Mortis, Blink and Senyaka - and Caliban and Thunderbird I, Selene affirms that is the place she will fulfill her destiny. She welcomes them to Necrosha.

New Mutants: Doug Ramsey aka Cypher is resurrected. Two weeks later, he leads Selene's army to break into Utopia as he's the only one able to neutralize the security. Upon accessing it, the Hellions and Doug go separate ways. Cypher reveals Selene has tasked him with the specific mission to kill someone - Magma.

X-Men Legacy: One week ago, Selene orders her minions to bring Destiny to her. The Black Queen wants to know what the future holds for her; Irene tells her she will achieve what she's set out to do. Destiny insists she needs to do something, that otherwise will end badly, however she's put back in her cell again. Somehow, Irene is able to contact Blindfond in Utopia and asks the girl to deliver a message. All by herself, Destiny believes she has made a mistake.

New Mutants #6

Spoilers: While Professor X awaits his son Legion to be stabilized, he's finally reunited with the New Mutants. They happily hang out as Cypher observes their reunion from afar, analyzing their body language and translating the real meanings of their speech. Moments later, Doug surprises Magma in her room. Cypher tricks her and beat her out. Doug shows an unconsciousness Magma to the rest of the team and affirms that was a message from Selene. Shocked, the New Mutants turn on him, but Doug's able to read their body language and predict their moves. Karma manages to possess everybody's minds, which confuses Cypher. Warlock arrives and asks the New Mutants why they are hurting Doug. The New Mutants try to explain everything to Warlock, but it's too late. Doug attacks Warlock and cuts his head off.


luckystar said...

Oh! Psylocke cameos in X-Men Forever. I'll post about it later. :D

centurion said...

@Luckystar - Really? Excellent. I can't wait to see it in Forever. It is about time Betsy join the cast of characters in XM-Forever.


Dr. Doom said...

Carey's story with Destiny and Blindfold was easily my favorite. I can't wait to find out what role Psylocke will play.

Selene said...

Agreed with Dr.Doom.Perhaps(spoilers)what Destiny whispered to Ruth was destined to Rogue,that's why she called Blindfold "her daughter"?