Friday, October 9, 2009

Yost talks about Psylocke mini-series provides us with an article on what Yost has to say on the upcoming Psylocke mini series he is writing and what we can expect of the story.

According to Yost, Psylocke feels a strange type of obligation to return her former body to Japan.

"Well, if you can't feel responsible for your own's such a bizarre, creepy situation," notes Yost. "At one point in issue #1, she's just staring at her body, on the medical exam table. Not an experience a lot of people get to enjoy. But it's just one more horrible, bizarre thing in Psylocke's life. Blinded, mechanical other-dimensional camera eyes, body swap, Crimson Dawn, death, being remade by her insane brother, universe-swap-at some point, it has to affect her. This is it."

Psylocke's solo series also features the return of the villainous Matsu'o, who previously played a significant role in our heroine's life.

"Matsu'o has a very real, long-standing connection to Psylocke," recounts Yost. "After all, [she currently inhabits] the body of his one true love, something he is responsible for. As for why he's interested in her right now, he has his reasons. Horrible, horrible reasons."

Since Psylocke's creation more than 30 years ago, she's typically acted in a supportive or ensemble role, but Yost sees this limited series as an opportunity to really bring her into new territory.

"I think when any one of the X-Men is with the team, it's easy to get caught up in the big p

icture stuff, like the end of their species, fighting Dark Avengers, mutant messiahs, all the big 'X-Men' stuff," he comments. "But it's always great to put the spotlight on a character like this,

because let's face it. Horrible things happen to these people, and they almost never get to deal with it. So with Psylocke on her own, getting attacked in a very personal way like this, we really get a chance to get inside her head and see how she's dealing with a very challenging life."

Following up on that, Yost promises to push Psylocke further than she's ever gone before.

"Betsy is a battle hardened warrior who's been to the end of the multiverse and back again," relates the writer. "She's seen it all. But everyone has their limit. We'll get to see if Psylocke [has] found hers."

The first issue of Psylocke is on sale November 4th!


centurion said...
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centurion said...

Based on the previews, I am already falling in love with this mini-series! Yost is touching on many crucial issues which were either poorly addressed or not answered at all for years. Psylocke is one of those mutants who has undergone so many profound changes in her life. Since she is a psychic, I would like to see what the effects of these changes have done to the state of mind. One would assume that there is some instability there. Another issue that could be touched is whether there is any residual psychic energy of Kwannon's left in the body Betsy now inhabits? These experiences likely had a profoundly negative, effect on Betsy after so much time. Betsy seems to be stoic to me, probably because of her warrior training. Just because Betsy hasn't really overtly discussed any trauma due to the body swap doesn't mean that it isn't there. What is remarkable is that she had so many tramatic metamorphoses yet still led the life of a longtime X-heroine.

Looks great!

Anonymous said...

Sounds cool if they do it right. I'm excited to see her British body drawn by another artist (even if it's dead :( ). Poor Betsy, I'm sure it'll be heartbreaking to see her in the Asian one feeling weird about looking at the British one.

FSaker said...

@Anonymous - Yes, it will. It will be even more heartbreaking considering she will not only be seeing her original body dead, but also horribly defaced (thanks Dazzler... NOT).

@Centurion - I agree, it's surprising that Betsy doesn't have a lot of traumas (or at least doesn't show them even to the readers) after everything she's been into. The girl needs some serious therapy (and after the therapy, her therapist will need a lot of therapy too...) to overcome everything.

Anonymous said...

I really like the direction this series is going in. The idea of looking at your own dead body is a chilling thought, and I am glad that they are exploring this.

If they do this thoughtfully, which it seems that they are, it could tie up much of the confusion around the charachter and put all the crazy confilicting story lines behind.

Askanipsion said...

Yost rocks! I haven't been this excited for a series in a long time! Just sounds great!

centurion said...

I think the Psylocke mini-series is the TRUE Psylocke revival! Many of us assumed Fraction's Sisterhood arc was the big Psylocke return, but now I am convinced Yost's mini is that revival.

Anonymous said...

Please god let the mini lead into a full series >___<

I really cant imagine what Matsuo wants with the brit body, It was the asian one he was in love with and they just did the body swap, if anything he would want to steal Betsy's current body...

centurion said...

What a miracle it would be if the mini became a full-fledged series!

Sky said...

Anyone think that maybe he might try & put Kwannon back into the Brit body?