Friday, October 3, 2014

X-Force #10 Preview

X-Force #10
Writer: Simon Spurrier
Art by: Tan Eng Huat, Craig Yeung
Cover by: Rock-He Kim

The Story:
• X-Force has their sights set on their next target, a mutant who may just hold the key to defeating their greatest adversary: X-MEN: LEGACY #300’s ForgetMeNot!
• But how can they convince him to join their cause?
• And more importantly: How can they hope to find a mutant who slips out of memory whenever he leaves their sight?

In Stores: October 8, 2014


FSaker said...

I'm not too fond of Tan Eng Huat's art, but despite of that, it's really hard not to love this preview! The dialogues are wonderful (particularly the conversation involving Dr. Nemesis, Marrow and "video-Nemesis").

And it's amazing to see ForgetMeNot back! In my opinion, he may be the best new X-character created since the Grant Morrison era. His superpower is one of the craziest and most unique ones I've ever seen, and while most X-Men look like Hollywood actors, it's refreshing to see a balding, slightly overweight man as an X-Man. I really hope he will join Cable's X-Force, and I really hope he will get to interact a lot with Betsy.

Speaking of people joining X-Force, Spurrier apparently forgot about Domino ever since she was captured by the mysterious villain some issues ago... but Spurrier has proved many times that he's a long-term planner, so even though I don't like Domino very much, I'm curious to find out when she will reappear and under what circumstances she will reappear.

nicce said...

Psylocke's hair's colour aside, I really can't like this art.

SoulTapestry said...

He somehow manages to make everyone's hair look greasy. Betsy's hair seems plastered to her forehead sometimes... not cute.

FSaker said...

Well, at least this time he didn't draw Psylocke looking like a balding ugly MAN, unlike her first appearance in Spurrier's X-Men Legacy...

Still, Spurrier's writing skills and ForgetMeNot's presence in the story will surely make this issue worth reading.

Xiaodave said...

I liked the Silence when they were in Doctor Who, X-Men should steal the weeping angels next.

Xiaodave said...

Honestly the first page reminds me of Liefield. Betsy is trying to do the splits and has driven her leg through the concrete up to her knee to avoid drawing the second foot. Cables metal hand is trying to retreat into his turtle shell of a wrist, while he runs after some guy in full crouch sneaking mode. The guy in the foreground has a good sized beer belly and is trying to crawl everywhere on his knees. And coming up behind them is an old man in either a Domino or Storm halloween costume leaping as high as he can in an effort to get his arm sliced off by the delivery drone.