Wednesday, October 22, 2014

X-Force #11 Spoilers

Spoilers by CraigTheCylon: All of X-Force (minus Doc Nemesis) have followed the bug-tracer planted via ForgetMeNot's sacrifice in #10, arrive at the portal station we saw in #7, and go through into the Yellow Eye base. Much fighting ensues while a narrating voice shares Hope/MeMe's musings over her squadmates. Upon finding the monitor tech used by Yellow Eye, Cable seems to amend his mission plan from 'destroy' to 'subvert', much to MeMe's consternation. While the baddie stormtroopers fall in droves, a particular elite henchman puts up more of a fight, and Fantomex starts gibbering again when he misses his shot at them. Because of this, and because he apparently dumped her between issues, MeMe hacks into Fantomex' head mid-battle and scans his memories, confirming that he was at Alexandria in search of Cluster and Weapon XIII, hoping to be whole and perfect again. The Yellow Eye boss and elite henchman retreat behind a...flesh wall and in the downtime, Fantomex angrily calls MeMe 'Summers', revealing that he's been able to counter-hack her mind during their liaisons and knew who she was the whole time. This leads to a mental discussion wherein Fantomex goes completely off the rails, instructs E.V.A. to forcibly eject MeMe from his cortex, then pukes her up and uses her to incapacitate the rest of the team. He monologues about how sick he is of bowing to authority, how he thought to use Volga's tech to make himself better, and now intends to use Yellow Eye resources to track down his other selves AND any other super-tech he could potentially bond with to become stronger. He shoots Marrow in the head and is ready to do the same to Psylocke when he himself gets shot by Domino, previously said 'elite henchman', freed from Yellow Eye control-tech by a panicking MeMe.


FSaker said...

So this is really Fantomex, not Weapon XIII... I wonder why he became such a bastard then, since even Weapon XIII (who's supposed to be the murderous brain from the original Fantomex) was never as psychotic as this Fantomex is turning out to be. Come on, he even tried to kill Betsy (wasn't he "in love" with her in Humphries's run?)!

Nice to see Domino back, and although Marrow and Fantomex were shot in the head, I suppose both of them will be fine. But the mysteries keep increasing, from Fantomex's situation to Yellow Eye's goals and relation with Volga, to the full details of whatever happened at Alexandria with Fantomex and Marrow... can't wait for the next issues, this book keeps getting more and more interesting!

Vigmed said...

Yeah. A definite crescendo is building. Good stuff.

And can Psylocke please kill Fantomex? Please?