Tuesday, October 28, 2014

X-Force Rumoured to be Cancelled

BleedingCool: Comic book creators are often a gossipy lot. Especially in the New York bars after a comic convention. And sometimes it takes a little while to filter through a variety of sources.

Such as which upcoming books are being cancelled. Some we’d heard before, but now we have issue numbers.

I understand from such sources that the current run on X-Force will be published until issues #14 or #15. The upcoming trade paperback goes until #10, so #15 feels more likely.


FSaker said...

Since issue #12 is supposed to be "part 2 of 5" according to the solicitations, yes, #15 feels more likely than #14.

Anyway, if this rumor is true, it's a shame that Marvel will cancel such a great book. Hopefully Spurrier will be able to tie all the loose ends by then. At least Betsy is settled in (Adjectiveless) X-Men, and Cable and Fantomex (assuming Fantomex isn't killed by the end of this book) will likely be moved to other books, but unfortunately Marrow, Dr. Nemesis, Domino, FMN and even Hope will most likely return to editorial limbo...

Rahsaan Chisolm said...


Will wonders ever cease? You are concerned about poor Neena's well-being????

FSaker said...

Rahsaan Chisolm,

Well, she did save Betsy's life. And I suspect Spurrier will make me (and many other readers) actually LIKE her by the time she becomes an official member of X-Force. He already made me like Hope again (I used to love her back in the Messiah Trilogy days, then she betrayed the X-Men in AvX and I hated her since then, until Spurrier made her likeable again), and many people that used to hate Fantomex said they started to consider him interesting in this current X-Force book.

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