Wednesday, October 8, 2014

X-Force #10 Spoilers

Spoilers: Forget-Me-Not from X-Men Legacy #300 is being chased around the XF base by the team but every time they lose sight of him they forget he ever existed. While hiding from X-Force, FMN comes across Psylocke sleeping with Cable, Hope and Fantomex fooling around, etc. FMN eventually gets to a teleporter to escape but finds an unconscious Dr. Nemesis and reads the plans they had for him. They wanted to use FMN to get one of the tracker bugs deployed (by temporarily depowering him so he shows up on scanners), capture it, put their own tracker on it, and then have it sent back to the bad guy's base. FMN decides to help out XF but it doesn't quite work out like he thought. The bug remembers who he was even after he gets his powers back. Fantomex appears, reveals he is immune to FMN's powers and that he was just having fun watching everyone else act like idiots. He shoots and kills FMN and then the bug and the mysterious bad guy forget FMN existed again.


FSaker said...

So Betsy slept with Cable (...well, with a clone of Cable). Well, I won't judge her; she has every right to sleep with how many men she wants. I just think she could find better men. Anyway, it's just a one night stand, so whatever.

But Fantomex killing ForgetMeNot was just... wow. What a jerk. I understand that he has some mental issues after the whole mess of his brains ending up in separate bodies, and while him killing Cable's clones was horrible, one could argue that the clones would die by the end of the day, anyway. But why would he kill an innocent man who was trying to HELP him and his teammates?

The saddest part is, due to FNM's powers, no one will acknowledge his death. No one will acknowledge he ever existed. Poor FNM... rest in peace, man. As for Fantomex, I used to like him, but now I hope sooner or later he'll get his.

FSaker said...

By the way, Psylocke also appeared in Avengers & X-Men: AXIS #1. Just a cameo, but a very prominent cameo, fighting Red Onslaught alongside the other X-Men, Avengers and guests (like Sue Storm and Medusa).

Vigmed said...

Sounds like she slept with multiple clones? Every other day. That's pretty fucking extreme. Cable doesn't seem to give a shit, really, and he is supposed to be a friend? She is so broken right now and no one really tries to help her.

Way too many enablers in the X-Men camp.

I want to blame it as bad writing, unless Spurrier is actually going somewhere with this, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

I miss Angel.

Vigmed said...
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tony kaadu said...

Betsy's a grown woman, she can do all the sex therapy she wants... if it was a male character screwing multiple clones of a female character, I'll bet there wouldn't be any sympathy comments. Also, I'm not defending Cable, but he's in no position to help. The dude gets killed everyday and swapped into a new body; pretty traumatic on its own.

FSaker said...

Well, they're all broken, like Spurrier said before. Plus, the clones are willingly sleeping with her (and that's considering she did sleep with more than one of them; her comment could be just a joke).

Anyway, something interesting: someone at the X-Books forums noted that FMN appears in the cover for the December issue of X-Force. Unfortunately I don't think he's popular enough to be resurrected, but could this mean that someone (in this case, probably Hope/MeMe) will somehow remember his existence?

I hope so. Him dying is sad enough, but him dying and the whole world forgetting he ever existed... that's too brutal.