Thursday, October 23, 2014

X-Force #11 Art


FSaker said...

And unlucky he is.

Domino is far from being a favorite of mine, but she was awesome saving Betsy (plus kinda avenging FMN, even though she doesn't even know who he was or that Fantomex shot him)! And under Wood's plots, the two of them were quite a strong team; hopefully Spurrier will bring the same dynamics, with Betsy and Domino kicking asses and taking names.

But I do wonder whatever happened to Fantomex's mind. Wasn't Weapon XIII (a.k.a. "Dark Fantomex") supposed to be the evil, murderous one? In fact, I also wonder where Weapon XIII and Cluster are now in the Marvel universe...

Eric Ton said...

I totally agree. So far, if you are looking at the solicitation for marvel January 2015, it describes that Cluster aka Fantomelle will be joining the wolverine series in chapter 3.

Soule phrases her as the world's most unstoppable thief, engineered to perfection

Make you kind of wonder what is going to happen to Fatomex.