Monday, October 20, 2014

Marvel Heroes Prepare for Battle in New "House of M" Teaser

Marvel's event teasers keep on coming, and this time they've shifted the spotlight towards the 2005 event "House of M." IGN has revealed the latest image, this one by artist Jorge Molina, featuring the "House of M" versions of Magneto, Wolverine, Psylocke, Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man and others aggressively and defiantly standing at the ready.

The teaser is the latest in a long line of mysterious callbacks to past Marvel events, kicked off by the unveiling of new "Civil War" art just prior New York Comic Con. In the week since the convention, teasers alluding to "Age of Ultron" and "Marvel Zombies," "Days of Future Past" and "Planet Hulk" have all been revealed. While not yet confirmed, these retro-facing teasers may be connected to the "Secret Wars" event by Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic announced at NYCC.


FSaker said...

Great art! And it's great to see Psylocke in it, even though she didn't participate of the main events in House of M, only in the Uncanny X-Men tie-in.

This will probably be a tie-in story to the 2015 Secret Wars event. Hopefully Betsy will really play a big role in it this time (even if it turns out to be just an alternate-Earth Betsy).

QKC said...

Yes! I hope she remains as teke-crazy powerful as she was during the original run (this would differentiate her more from the since balanced Earth 616 version). I did love reading the original House of M. Rachel & Betsy in the White Hot Room, etc.

QKC said...

Although the cover does lead me to assume she'll be a mere psychic ninja who is oft under-reliant on her powers. Would the House Of M Betsy go through the same changes as the Earth 616? Is there something that ties these together? Bla bla bla haha

FSaker said...

By changes, do you mean the body swap? Because in the Claremont-written UXM tie-in for House of M, it was strongly implied that in that reality, Betsy was born Asian (she's shown as an Asian-like little girl when she reminisces of her childhood with her brothers) and, in the same scene, Rachel psychically reconstructs the ruins of the place where the Braddocks lived to show that they had Asian ancestors (curiously, if I'm not mistaken, these ancestors were Chinese, even though Betsy's current body in Earth-616 belonged to a Japanese assassin - but I need to read this arc again to be sure of that).

Anyway, in the House of M reality, Betsy was never body-swapped, she was always a British woman with Asian features.

Now, if you're talking about her powers, I agree: she should have very powerful telekinetic powers, no telepathy at all, and a mind immune to psychic intrusion, since that's how Betsy was shown to be in House of M. Nevertheless, like you said, Marvel will likely just show her with her current powers, probably not even bothering to explain why her powers changed there (after all, except for Mike Carey, no one even bothered to acknowledge that her powers changed after she returned to Earth-616).