Wednesday, October 1, 2014

X-Men #20 Spoilers

Spoilers: Rachel and the Shi’ar are ambushed by the same freakazoids seen in Dethbird’s mind. Psylocke and Monet arrive to help them fight the creatures. Betsy notices Rachel didn’t help D’Keth as she is still upset with him for suggesting the Grey family mass murder. Elsewhere, a Shi’ar woman named Sharada Darthri attends a reunion with representatives of alien fictions about the Deathbird situation. They are called the Providian Order and inform her that their agent on the Peak (Mr. Tyger) reported the escape of Deathbird, who’s still pregnant. It is revealed that the Order tasked Sharada to create a new species in secrecy, but now the Deathbird situation has gotten out of control so they order Sharada to clean up her mess. Meanwhile, the Shi’ar notice the sigil of the Providian Order tattooed on the freakazoids who attacked them. Back on the Peak, Dr. Reyes reveal Deathbird was pregnant to Brand and Jubilee. Sharada contacts Mr. Tyger and orders him to kill everyone on the Peak. The X-Men watch holographic surveillance of Deathbird in stasis. They discover that the scientists (working for Sharada Darthri) essentially spliced her unborn baby’s DNA with Kree, meaning it is partially Human, Sh'iar and now Kree. Vulcan is assumed as the baby’s father and that the reason it has been so long is that Deathbird was in stasis and that slowed the embryo's growth. They discover that Deathbird woke up from her stasis when the scientists injected the baby with Kree genomes. She ran away and that is when SWORD found her. On the Peak, Dr. Reyes notices Storm has been strangled and Dr. Tyger reveals it was his doing and not it was her turn to die.

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