Thursday, January 23, 2014

X-Men #9 Spoilers

Spoilers by Seriena: The team splits up: Jubilee and Karima are trying to track down Deathstrike, while Monet is out in Budapest. Storm and Psylocke are meeting Sabra and Gabriel Shepherd. Rachel is interrogating Sublime, and comments that anything between them was a terrible idea. Sublime abruptly senses Arkea becoming aware again. Jubilee and Karima find Deathstrike (and company) and tell Rachel, who updates Monet and sends her after them. Storm and Psylocke are trying to get Sabra and Gabriel to help defuse any international incidents they might cause while hunting down Arkea. Deathstrike, Enchantress, and Mary arrive at a base of operations (body shoppe) in a skyscraper in Dubai. Reiko, Deathstrike's accomplice, assures them that everything is secure/safe/etc. before taking the Arkea sample out. Things don't go as planned and Arkea promptly possesses Reiko. She then hacks the entire 'secure' network. Deathstrike offers the Sisterhood to Arkea in exchange for power. Arkea agrees. Monet arrives in style, ready to wipe out the entire seven floors the Sisterhood's body shoppe is in. Unfortunately, Arkea's managed to restore Enchantress's power, and she and Deathstrike confront Monet while Mary evacuates Arkea. On the way out, Arkea decides she wants to find two more of the X-men's enemies. Back at the school, Rachel and company are realizing that Arkea's changed targets from Sublime to the X-men. Monet puts up a fight, but can't overcome Enchantress. Arkea starts popping up all over the planet, and something is going wrong with Karima. The story ends with a number of Sentinels at the bottom of the ocean reactivating and marching off.

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FSaker said...

So, now Arkea is part of the Sisterhood. Can we consider this Reiko girl as part of the Sisterhood as well?

If so, technically we would already have five members. But if Arkea wants to recruit two other X-Men villains, the team isn't complete yet... who could the two final members be? I guess Mystique is out of the list, as she's already being extensively used by Bendis in both of his books.