Thursday, January 9, 2014

A+X #16 Spoilers

Spoilers: On his way to a grocery store, Spider-Man hears a gunfire coming from a Japanese restaurant in NY. Once inside, he finds Psylocke fighting with some men. Peter helps Betsy to take them out. Psylocke interrogates one of them, asking "where she is", but  another man tosses a grenade, which explodes. Spider-Man finds Psylocke impaled by metal debris. As Psylocke bleeds, Spider-Man decides to get help. Betsy begs him to stay. She wants him to tell her brother something, but is unable to say what. Peter comforts her as Betsy passes out, hoping she doesn't die, very much in awe of her presence. Cyclops, Gambit, Beast and Wolverine arrive, taking Psylocke with them. Scott assures Peter that they'll take care of Betsy. Spider-Man is left confused. He wipes his tears and heads to the grocery store.


FSaker said...

Thank you for the spoilers and art of this issue!

But I must admit I didn't like to know that a good part of this story involves Psylocke almost dying. A clear case of Women in Refrigerators.

Plus, does the story ever reveal who is the "she" that Betsy is looking for?

Eduardo said...

What was the point of this story?
Portraying her as careless and fragile?
Who was she seeking, and why??
How were the other X-Men aware of what had happened to her?
And the grenade was close to both of them, how come nothing happened to spiderman??

Victor Glover said...
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FSaker said...

@Eduardo - I guess his spider sense activated and he was able to avoid the bomb before it exploded. Betsy may have contacted the X-Men telepathically shortly after she was impaled by the debris. As for who she was seeking and why, that's the big question (unfortunately, it seems that the writer forgot that he should answer the questions he presents in the story).

Anyway, the curious thing is that I read some comments about this story in the X-Books forums, and almost everyone not only liked it, but considered it one of the best stories to ever appear in A+X (granted, most of the stories in A+X tend to be mediocre; still, people said this story is really good).

Maybe I should wait until this story is published in my country before I can judge it. The spoilers made it look like it was a classic case of women in refrigerators, but maybe this wasn't the case considering how people in X-Books idolize the X-Women (including Betsy) and hate when they are portrayed badly.

Paul said...

I would love to see more adventure between Spider-Man x Psylocke. Especially when they are in civilian guise, meaning that Peter and Betsy are actually close friends who were introduced to by her bother Brian Braddock.