Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Uncanny X-Force #16 Spoilers

Spoilers: Cable and Psylocke drop their weapons, but aren’t able to reach an agreement on how to handle de Bishop/Hope situation. Cable shoots fire, but Storm knocks him down. Cable’s X-Force comes to his rescue. Elsewhere, Bishop and Hope find themselves locked with power dampeners. Hope blames him for destroying her childhood. Bishop assures her he’s a different person now. In the meantime, Forge demands Psylocke’s X-Force to return Cable while Nemesis tags Cable with a tracker. Psylocke orders Spiral to teleport Cable away, but Domino is right at her heels. Spiral and Domino face each other. Back to Bishop and Hope, Stryfe appears before them and reveals he’s the real deal, the same Stryfe who Bishop left for dead at the hands of Apocalypse. Stryfe tells Hope that it is Cable who’s actually his clone and makes her an offer: to make all her wildest dreams come true. Meanwhile, both X-Forces head to Cable’s whereabouts. Storm summons her winds, but Forge shoots at her accidentally. Psylocke tries to argue with Colossus, but it’s useless. Puck runs a truck over Peter, while Betsy gets ahold of Cable. Boom Boom throws a bomb at her, giving enough time for Nemesis to inject adrenaline into Cable, waking him up. Cable orders Nemesis to shoot at Spiral with a mind-controlling serum. Cable makes Spiral teleport him to Hope’s whereabouts while both X-Forces are left behind. Stryfe welcomes Cable.


FSaker said...

It's nice to know that there was at least an attempt from both sides to settle the issue amicably. Still, it's idiotic to just see them ending up fighting each other for Cable. In fact, the UXF didn't need to teleport him away in first place, as they know that Cable is an ally (not the most pleasant ally, but still, an ally).

That said, I hope Psylocke eventually delivers a good kick to Boom Boom's face. That brat was the reason why Betsy was eviscerated in the 1990s, and two decades later she is still causing trouble to Betsy.

As for Stryfe, wasn't he about to become a vessel for Apocalypse's essence by the end of the Messiah War event? Did he manage to escape somehow, or is this really Apocalypse in Stryfe's body (and in this case, how does he feel about his death in the present?)?

Enny Giwa said...

Humphries is just an all round bad writer. For someone who's managed to make it this far into the comic book industry, it shouldn;' be that daunting or difficult of a task to construct and weave a logically conducive narrative with organic development and interaction between characters whilst maintaining the mandate at hand.

This entire issue came off across as forced and peripheral to just about everything. Good riddance tbh.

I always knew there was something 'Stormy' about his portrayal of Psylocke, i mean..."little brother"? No. That wasn't even funny.

Rahsaan Chisolm said...

Okay. So I wan't the only one that was wondering when Elizabeth began calling Piotr "little brother." Only Ororo and Jean called him that.