Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cable and X-Force #19 Spoilers

Spoilers: Nemesis warns that the tracker he had shot into Cable hasn’t pinged since the teleportation. Both teams head to a junkyard so Forge can build a telepathic amplifier to boost Psylocke’s powers and then find Cable. Meanwhile at a bunker, Spiral tries to attack Stryfe, who uses his powers to make her teleport to a fishing boat in the ocean. Cable knows he’s no match for Stryfe now. Elsewhere, at a Stark Industries junkyard, Nemesis and Forge build the makeshift Cerebro while both X-Forces members chat a bit. Forge apologizes to Ororo and explains how the Adversary had influenced his behavior when they last saw each other. They also talk about Storm’s failed marriage. Back to the bunker, Stryfe incites Hope into killing Bishop, freeing her and handing her the psimitar. Stryfe teases Cable while enjoying seeing him defeated. Hope hesitates to kill Bishop and demands an explanation for his actions. Bishop apologizes but says he’s no different than Cable, who kills innocent people based on his visions. This upsets Hope greatly. Back to the X-Forces, the amplifier is ready, and Psylocke mind tracks Cable, Hope and Bishop but is unable to pinpoint their location. She tracks Spiral instead in the middle of the ocean, and the X-Forces come to her rescue. Spiral reveals Stryfe blocked her powers, but Psylocke undoes it as long as Spiral takes them to wherever Cable is. At the bunker, Stryfe locks Cable in a cell and shows him Hope beating Bishop through a camera. Stryfe says Cables is the only one to blame for teaching Hope rage and violence.

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